The Houston Aortic Symposium
The Westin Oaks Hotel
The Westin Oaks Hotel, Houston, Texas
Houston, Texas
This two-and-a-half day continuing medical
education symposium has been designed to impact
worldwide patient care by fulfilling the educational
needs and practice gaps of the physician attendees
and incorporating multiple desired physician
attributes. The needs of the attendees were assessed
through an extensive review process of previous
course evaluations, online needs assessment and a
six month follow-up survey. The resulting scientific
program represents a worldwide overview and
hybrid approach to important issues facing practicing
physicians who are involved with the care and
treatment of patients with cardiovascular disease.
After attending the symposium, participants should:
u Understand the anatomy, pathology and genetics
of aortic disease
u Identify the methodologies for accurate and timely
assessment of patients with aortic conditions
u Learn the options for endovascular vs. open
treatment of aortic disease
u Discuss the current state-of-the-art treatment
options for aortic conditions, ultimately improving
outcomes for patients in this disease state
u Learn the latest advances in management
of peripheral arterial disease
u Compare treatment options for management
of atherosclerotic carotid disease
u Learn the possible complications associated
with each form of treatment and take effective
measures for avoiding complications

Schedule of Presentations:

Wednesday, March 21, 2012
18:00:00 Welcome Reception and Registration
Thursday, March 22, 2012
06:45:00 Continental Breakfast, Registration, and View Exhibits
07:45:00 Introduction Hazim J. Safi, David D. McPherson
07:50:00 Opening Remarks
07:55:00 SESSION I | PERI PHERAL David D. McPherson, Hazim J. Safi
08:00:00 Experience with Re-Entry Devices for Occluded SFA | Limited Success Enrico Ascher
08:15:00 Peripheral Artery Angioplasty and Stenting Evan C. Lipsitz
08:30:00 Role of Atherectomy in Infrainguinal Revascularization
08:45:00 Current Management of Venous TOS Robert W. Thompson
09:00:00 Endovascular Aortic Repair | Next Generation Systems and Procedures Michael L. Marin
09:15:00 Panel Discussion
09:45:00 Break | View Posters and Exhibits
10:15:00 CEA vs. CAS: CEA Still Wins in Analysis of CREST Trial Wesley Moore
10:30:00 Panel Discussion
10:30:00 Expectations from Nanotechnology and Tissue Engineering in Cardio-Vascular Medicine George Hamilton
10:45:00 Impact of Registries on Management of Carotid Disease Gregorio A. Sicard
11:00:00 Distinguished Guest Lecture | Misinterpretation of PRCT in Leading Journals
11:20:00 Introduction Enrico Ascher
11:45:00 Lunch | Change is the Rule
12:45:00 Diagnosis of Acute Aortic Dissection
13:00:00 Acute Aortic Dissection Ramon Berguer
13:15:00 Management of Complicated Type B Aortic Dissection Edward Y. Woo
13:30:00 Acute Type B Aortic Dissection Peter R. Taylor
13:45:00 Panel Discussion
14:15:00 Break | View Posters and Exhibits
14:45:00 Genetics of Aortic Disease
15:00:00 Selective Spinal Cord Drainage for TEVAR
15:15:00 Renal Artery Protection in TAAA
15:30:00 Update on the Pathobiology of Diseases of the Aorta and Cardiac Valves and Therapeutic Interventions
15:45:00 Multidisciplinary Treatment of Thoracic Aortic Disease in the UK
16:00:00 Hemodynamics of Aneurysms Krishnan B. Chandran
16:15:00 Panel Discussion
16:45:00 Adjourn
Friday, March 23, 2012
07:00:00 Continental Breakfast and View Exhibits
07:50:00 Opening Remarks Hazim J. Safi
07:55:00 SESSION V | AAA Peter F. Lawrence
08:00:00 Evolution of AAA Repair at UCLA: 20 Year Experience Peter F. Lawrence
08:15:00 Pharmacological Methods to Reduce Aneurysm Growth
08:30:00 EVAR for Complex Anatomy Luis A. Sanchez
08:45:00 Management of Endoleaks after EVAR Michel S. Makaroun
09:00:00 Endovascular Ruptured AAA Repair
09:15:00 The Effect of EVAR on Outcome of AAA Repairs at Mayo Clinic
09:30:00 Panel Discussion
10:00:00 Break | View Posters and Exhibits
10:10:00 SESSION VI | DTAA Anthony L. Estrera, Peter Schneider
10:30:00 Update on TEVAR R. Scott Mitchell
10:45:00 TEVAR vs. Open Thoracic Aortic Surgery | Complimentary or Adversarial? Frank J. Criado
11:00:00 Management of Delayed TEVAR Complications and Failures Mark K. Eskandari
11:15:00 Management of Penetrating Aortic Ulcers
11:30:00 Tips for Dealing with Difficult Iliac Access During EVAR and TEVAR? Peter Schneider
11:45:00 Management of Traumatic Aortic Injury
12:00:00 Panel Discussion
12:30:00 Lunch | Introduction
13:20:00 SESSION VII | TAAA Nicholas J.W. Cheshire, Hazim J. Safi
13:30:00 What I Have Learned from Endovascular Repair of TAAA Tara Mastracci
13:45:00 What I Have Learned from Open Repair of TAAA Anthony L. Estrera
14:00:00 TAAA Using Multilayered Uncovered Stents Sherif Sultan
14:15:00 Hybrid TAAA Repair | Debranching Nicholas J.W. Cheshire
14:30:00 Open TAAA Repair Hazim J. Safi
14:45:00 Panel Discussion
15:15:00 Break | View Posters and Exhibits
15:20:00 SESSION VIII | CONTROVERSIES Cynthia Shortell
15:45:00 Predicting AAA Sac Enlargement after EVAR Andres Schanzer
16:00:00 Management of Unusual Aortic Pathology Cynthia Shortell
16:15:00 Advances in Vascular Imaging Alan Lumsden
16:30:00 Management of Aortic Graft Infections
16:45:00 Panel Discussion
17:15:00 Adjourn
Saturday, March 24, 2012
07:30:00 Continental Breakfast
08:25:00 Opening Remarks Hazim J. Safi
08:30:00 SESSION ix | ABSTRACTS Anthony L. Estrera
08:30:00 Abstract Presentations
10:00:00 Break | View Posters and Exhibits
10:30:00 Abstract Presentations
11:30:00 Closing Remarks Hazim J. Safi, David D. McPherson
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