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Let's get serious" is the refrain for the 2012 Contraceptive Technology conferences. How long have we been hearing the following: that half of all pregnancies are unintended, that too many women use contraception inconsistently or incorrectly, that clinicians "must" perform a list of screening measures at specific intervals, and that the best guidance we have on contraceptives for women with medical conditions is the WHO criteria written for global audiences? The speakers at this year's conferences will bring cut-to-the-chase information that may just shake up the way you've been practicing.

Dr. Robert Hatcher is getting serious, very serious, about what we as clinicians need to do to really make an impact on the 3 million unintended pregnancies that occur annually in the U.S. Dr. Jeffrey Jensen and Dr. Bimla Schwarz take an unfiltered look at why women don't use their contraceptives. Dr. Michael Policar is sifting through the evidence – noting which is weak and which is strong – to cull the preventive medical measures that have proven themselves from those that arise primarily from strong opinion and high hopes. And Dr. Emily Godfrey, one of the scientists who helped develop the U.S. Selected Practice Recommendations for contraceptive management, tells you how to bring your practice up to par with the best evidence available.

All our other speakers are on the "Let's Get Serious" bandwagon, too. What is riskier for STI/HIV – unintended pregnancy or hormonal contraception? Dr. Ward Cates tackles that more recent debate. Does emergency contraception live up to its promise? Dr. James Trussell makes the objective judgment. And Dr. Anita Nelson addresses some surprising new findings about oral contraceptives. Of course, as usual, you'll hear the pearls and data, share your war stories and ask your burning questions at your choices of the 30 concurrent sessions. And don't miss the Preconferences, additional opportunities to gain new knowledge and earn additional CE credit.

The authors of Contraceptive Technology and the staff at Contemporary Forums welcome you to our most exciting agenda yet. We've gotten serious. Will you? See you there!

Schedule of Presentations:

Wednesday, March 7, 2012
06:55:00 PRECONFERENCE A | Sexually Transmitted Infections: Clinical Update
06:55:00 PRECONFERENCE B | Contraception for Women with Chronic Medical Conditions
07:00:00 Preconference A Registration
07:00:00 Preconference B Registration
08:00:00 Preconference B | Program Overview and Objectives
08:00:00 Preconference A Registration | Multi-Drug Resistant Gonorrhea: The Challenge of Limited Treatment Choices Gail Bolan
08:05:00 Preconference B | U.S. Adaptation of the Medical Eligibility Criteria for Contraceptive Use Norma Jo Waxman
08:30:00 Preconference B | Long-Acting Reversible Contraception: Optimizing Usage in Women with Chronic Conditions Alison Edelman
08:50:00 Preconference A Registration | HPV Testing: Controversies and Inconsistencies in the National Recommendations Heidi Bauer
08:55:00 PRECONFERENCE D | Clinical Training For NEXPLANON
09:00:00 Preconference D | Registration Check-In
09:05:00 Preconference D | 1st Training Session
09:10:00 Preconference B | Improve Selected Chronic Conditions
09:30:00 Preconference A Registration | Genital Herpes: Clinical and Counseling Imperatives Kim S. Erlich
09:50:00 Preconference B | Refreshment Break
10:05:00 Preconference B | What's the Best Choice for Women with Vascular Conditions? Migraines, Hypertension, DVT, and Coagulopathies Norma JoWaxman
10:15:00 Preconference A Registration | Refreshment Break
10:30:00 Preconference A Registration | Preventing Chlamydia Re-Infection: Practical Strategies for Partner Management and for Re-Testing Ina Park
10:50:00 Preconference B | Metabolic and Infectious Conditions? Obesity, Diabetes, Liver Disease and HIV Alison Edelman
11:15:00 Preconference A Registration | Genital Manifestations of STIs: You Make the Diagnosis! Michael S. Policar
11:30:00 Preconference B | Challenge Your Critical Thinking Skills: Contraceptive Case Dilemmas/Questions and Discussion
12:00:00 Preconference A Registration | Questions and Discussion
12:15:00 Adjourn
12:30:00 Preconference A Registration | Lunch Break
12:50:00 PRECONFERENCE C | Pearls for Effective CPT and ICD Coding
13:00:00 Preconference C Registration
13:30:00 Preconference D | Registration Check-In
13:30:00 Preconference C | Fundamentals of coding
13:40:00 Preconference C | Coding for contraceptive visits
13:45:00 Preconference A Registration | Skill-Building and Clinical Pearls: Challenging Cases in STD Diagnosis and Treatment Gail Bolan, Ina Park
13:50:00 Preconference C | Coding for problem-oriented visits
14:00:00 Preconference D | 2nd Training Session
14:00:00 Preconference C | Coding for office procedures
14:10:00 Preconference C | Special considerations when coding for services provided by advanced practice
14:20:00 Preconference C | clinicians
14:30:00 Preconference C | coding dilemmas: Case studies
14:45:00 Preconference A Registration | Evolutions and Revolutions in the Diagnosis and Management of Vaginitis
15:30:00 Preconference A Registration | Refreshment Break
15:45:00 Preconference A Registration | When the Screen Door Opens: Common Dilemmas When Testing the "Well" Patient Linda Creegan
16:30:00 Preconference A Registration | Questions and Discussion
17:00:00 Preconference A Registration | Adjourn
17:15:00 Preconference C | Adjourn
Thursday, March 8, 2012
07:00:00 Main Conference Registration | Exhibits
08:00:00 Program Overview and Objectives
08:10:00 "Hidden Treasures" in the New 20th Edition of Contraceptive Technology Deborah Kowal
08:45:00 Let's Get Serious About Preventing Unintended Pregnancy
09:20:00 High Hopes, Harsh Reality: An Update on Emergency Contraception James Trussell
09:50:00 Refreshment Break | Exhibits
10:30:00 National STI Prevention Strategies: What Do They Mean for Reproductive Health? Gail Bolan
11:10:00 LARC: Managing the Side Effects to Improve Patient Acceptance Alison Edelman
11:50:00 Questions and Discussion
12:30:00 Health Care Reform: How Will It Impact Family Planning Services? Julie Rabinovitz
14:00:00 The New U.S. Selected Practice Recommendations: Practical Applications for Contraceptive Management
14:40:00 Focused Contraceptive Counseling for Teens: What Works?
15:15:00 Refreshment Break | Exhibits
16:00:00 Preventive Health Screening in Family Planning: Separating the "Musts" from the "Shoulds" Michael S. Policar
16:45:00 Questions and Discussion
17:15:00 Adjourn
Friday, March 9, 2012
07:00:00 Exhibits
08:05:00 Drug Interactions with Contraceptives: Evidence-Based Medicine or Urban Legend? Michael S. Policar
08:10:00 Reproductive Physiology and the Pharmacology of Hormonal Contraception
08:15:00 Male Patients in the Family Planning Clinic: Clinical Cases
08:20:00 Progestin-Only Pills: The Forgotten Option
08:25:00 Hot Off the Press: The Top 10 "Must Read" Women's Health Articles of 2011 Deborah Kowal
08:30:00 Advanced Pelvic Exam Skills for Challenging Patient Situations
09:00:00 Refreshment Break | Exhibits
09:35:00 Between a Clot and a Hard Place: Contraception, VTE and Bleeding Disorders Alison Edelman
09:40:00 Incorporating the 2010 STD Treatment Guidelines: Case Studies Gail Bolan, Willard Cates
09:45:00 Managing Abnormal Paps: Update on Cervical Screening and Follow-Up Patty Cason
09:50:00 Urogynecology Update: New Options for Treating Stress and Urge Incontinence Janis Luft
09:55:00 Communicating Contraceptive Risk to Patients: Interpreting and Explaining the Data James Trussell
10:00:00 Challenging Contraceptive Dilemmas: Case Studies
10:30:00 Session Change
10:50:00 Managing the Side Effects of Contraception Melanie Deal
10:55:00 Contraceptive Management for Women with Breast Conditions Michael S. Policar
11:00:00 Adolescent GYN: Challenging Cases
11:05:00 Osteoporosis Update: Prevention, Fracture Risk Assessment, and New Products and Treatment Guidelines Patrick Geraghty
11:10:00 Oh No, Not Another Period! Managing Unscheduled Bleeding on Hormonal Alison Edelman
11:15:00 Introduction to Pessary Fitting Janis Luft
11:45:00 Lunch Break
13:05:00 Contemporary Approaches for Abnormal Vaginal Bleeding
13:10:00 Which One When? Understanding Pill Formulations to Individualize Management Mitchell D. Creinin
13:15:00 Family PACT Clinical and Benefits Update: Your Questions Answered (SF Only) Michael S. Policar
13:20:00 Managing IUC Complications: Interesting Cases
13:25:00 Managing Menopause Symptoms: Case Dilemmas
13:30:00 Obesity and Contraception: Implications for Clinical Care Patty Cason
14:00:00 Refreshment Break | Exhibits
14:35:00 Contraceptive Options for the Perimenopause Patrick Geraghty
14:40:00 Vulvar Pain Syndromes: Evaluation and Management SF Only
14:50:00 Cholestasis in Pregnancy: Evidence-Based Management (SF Only) Rebekah Kaplan
14:55:00 Female Sexuality Update: Trends, Treatments and Toys!
15:00:00 Managing Chronic Pelvic Pain
15:10:00 Intrauterine Contraception Placement Training Patty Cason, Norma Jo Waxman
15:30:00 Adjourn
Saturday, March 10, 2012
08:00:00 Late Breakers: Innovations in Reproductive Health James Trussell
09:00:00 Combined Oral Contraceptives: Update 2012
09:40:00 Hormonal Contraception or Unintended Pregnancy: What's Riskier for STI/HIV? Willard Cates
10:20:00 Refreshment Break
10:40:00 Why Don't Women Use Contraception?
11:15:00 Future Contraception: What's in the Pipeline? Mitchell D. Creinin
12:00:00 Questions and Discussion
12:30:00 Conference Summary | Evaluation
12:50:00 Adjourn
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