The 8th Annual Update Symposium Series on Clinical Neurology and Neurophysiology 2012
David Intercontinental Hotel
Tel Aviv, Israel
Tel Aviv, Israel
A commercial exhibition will be held within the framework of the symposium. Exhibitors will be provided with an unprecedented opportunity to promote innovative products, pharmaceuticals, equipment and technologies to a discerning international professional audience.

Get Together Dinner and Night Tour (Optional): Wednesday, February 22: $140

Accompanying Persons:
Fee includes get together dinner, 1 conference lunch and Tour #4 to Tel Aviv and Jaffa. Does not include entry into scientific sessions.
Fee: $260

Schedule of Presentations:

Wednesday, February 22, 2012
08:55:00 Hall B | Stroke and Cerebrovascular Diseases David Tanne
08:55:00 Hall A | Infections of the Nervous System
09:00:00 Hall B | Reperfusion therapy – current concepts and future directions Carlos A. Molina
09:00:00 Hall A | Human African trypanosomiasis (Sleeping sickness) Peter G. Kennedy
09:30:00 Hall B | Neuro-interventional approaches to acute stroke
09:45:00 Hall A | Lyme disease Andrew R. Pachner
10:00:00 Hall B | TIA as an emergency Jonathan . Y. Streifler
10:30:00 Hall A | Coffee break
10:30:00 Hall B | Coffee break
11:00:00 Hall B | Stroke prevention in atrial fibrillation: Now what? New drugs approved & how to select them for which patients Steven Levine
11:00:00 Hall A | Transmissible amyloidosis and the aging brain Robert P. Friedland
11:30:00 Hall B | Symptomatic carotid stenosis and stroke prevention Natan M. Bornstein
11:45:00 Hall A | Chorea and rheumatic fever Isabelle Korn-Lubetzki
12:00:00 Hall B | Neurological complications of cardiac procedures Ronen R. Leker
12:30:00 Hall B | Lunch
12:30:00 Hall A | Lunch
13:30:00 Hall B | Sonothrombolysis Carlos A. Molina
13:30:00 Hall A | Infectious complications of MS therapies Israel Steiner
14:00:00 Hall B | What can we learn from national stroke registries? David Tanne
14:15:00 Hall A | Update on Creuzfeldt Jakob disease
14:30:00 Hall B | Cerebrovascular pathologies and cognition in old age David A. Bennett
15:00:00 Hall B | Coffee break
15:00:00 Hall A | Coffee break
15:30:00 Hall A | Cerebral malaria Ehud Lavi
15:30:00 Hall B | Loss of motor function in older persons and cerebrovascular pathologies Aron S. Buchman
16:00:00 Hall B | Management of spasticity after stroke Sharon Hassin
16:15:00 Hall A | Hepatitis viruses and the peripheral nervous system
16:30:00 Hall B | Novel technologies & techniques in stroke rehabilitation Zeev Meiner
Thursday, February 23, 2012
08:55:00 Hall B | Epilepsy: Pathogenesis and Treatment Ilan Blatt
08:55:00 Hall A | Advanced Imaging of the Nervous System Ilan Ziv
09:00:00 Hall A | The role of molecular imaging in the crossroads of neurology and nuclear medicine
09:00:00 Hall B | Autoimmune epilepsy: Glutamate receptor antibodies are found in patients, and kill neurons, aggravate seizures and cause neurobehavioral impairments in animal models
09:45:00 Hall A | DATSCAN in the clinical work-up of the parkinsonian patient Ruth Djaldetti
09:45:00 Hall B | Thrombin and seizures: new insights into posttraumatic and post-stroke epilepsy Nicola Maggio
10:30:00 Hall B | Coffee break
10:30:00 Hall A | Coffee break
11:00:00 Hall A | Imaging of apoptosis in cerebral stroke: Experience with Annexin-V Yair Lample
11:00:00 Hall B | Early epileptic encephalopathies Bruria Ben-Zeev
11:45:00 Hall A | ML-10: The first PET probe for clinical molecular imaging of apoptosis – from bench to the clinical practice Ilan Ziv
11:45:00 Hall B | Hormonal therapy for epilepsy Michael R. Sperling
12:30:00 Hall B | Lessons learnt from AED pregnancy registries Miri Neufeld
12:30:00 Hall A | Clinical experience with ML-10, a small-molecule probe for apoptosis, for early detection of response of brain metastases to radiation therapy Aharon Allen
13:15:00 Hall A | Lunch
13:15:00 Hall B | Lunch
14:15:00 Hall B | Deep brain stimulation for epilepsy Zvi Israel
14:15:00 Hall A | Molecular imaging in neuromuscular disease; for example: muscle denervation
15:00:00 Hall A | Florbetapir for molecular imaging of Amyloid plaques in Alzheimer's disease Daniel M. Skovronsky
15:00:00 Hall B | Ion channels and beyond - the genetics of seizure disorders
15:45:00 Hall B | Coffee break
15:45:00 Hall A | Coffee break
16:15:00 Hall A | Imaging of dementia Robert P. Friedland
16:15:00 Hall B | Non-conventional treatments for epilepsy
16:20:00 Hall C | Full Day Workshop (Limited to 40 participants) | The Treatment of Headache by Myofascial Trigger Point Dry Needling
17:00:00 Hall B | Case presentations and panel discussion: Non-lesional refractory epilepsy cases Michael R. Sperling
3D Tissue Models
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