ISAD International Society for Afferctive Disorders
The Royal College of Physicians
11 St Andrews Place Regent's Park London NW1 4LE Tel: 020 7935 1174
Regent's Park, London
Join us at the Royal College of Physicians in London for the 6th Biennial Congress of The International Society of Affective Disorders, 18th-20th April, 2012.

This major international conference aims to promote networking, exchange of ideas and experiences, and advance awareness of the consequence of mental health to global health and human development.

Although the affective disorders are not a clearly delineated group of illnesses they include unipolar and bipolar depression, generalised anxiety disorder, and more specific anxiety disorders such as agoraphobia, panic disorder and social phobia, obsessive-compulsive disorder and post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD). There is a high level of similarity and co-morbidity among these illnesses and it is sensible to consider them as
a single group.

Schedule of Presentations:

Wednesday, April 18, 2012
07:30:00 Registration opens in lobby of RCP
08:20:00 Symposium 3 | Hall C | Brain Stimulation Methods for Treating Depression – Critical Review of Latest Clinical Findings and New Technological Advances
08:25:00 Symposium 2 | Hall B | Bipolar Disorder and Substance Use Disorder Comorbidity: New Findings
08:30:00 Hall A | Early findings from the UPBEAT Cohort
08:30:00 Hall C | What's the latest with the oldest? ECT advances. Harold A. Sackeim
08:30:00 Hall B | Integrated Group Therapy for Bipolar Disorder and Substance Abuse
09:00:00 Hall B | Sleep difficulties in Bipolar Disorder and Substance Use Dependence
09:00:00 Hall A | Treatment of depression in heart disease
09:00:00 Hall C | New advances with transcranial magnetic stimulation
09:30:00 Hall B | Optimizing pharmacotherapy: Bipolar and Alcoholism
09:30:00 Hall A | Determinants of depression in cardiac patients
09:30:00 Hall C | Vagus Nerve Stimulation
10:00:00 Hall A | Final analyses of the MIND-IT study
10:00:00 Hall B | 2-Year Tx Outcome: Bipolar v. Depressed Alcoholics
10:00:00 Hall C | Deep Brain Stimulation Thomas Schlaepfer
10:30:00 Tea/Coffee Break, Exhibition and Poster Viewing
10:30:00 Symposium 1 | Hall A | Hearts and Minds: the links between co morbid depression and heart disease and best treatment
11:00:00 Plenary Session 1 | Affective Disorders - New Economic Realities Martin Knapp
12:00:00 Lunch Break, Affective Disorder Association Exhibition and Poster Viewing
13:20:00 Symposium 6 | Hall C | Psychopharmacology of Affective Disorders: Is There a Future?
13:20:00 Symposium 5 | Hall B | Diet and Nutrition: New Opportunities for the Prevention and Treatment of Moody and Anxiety Disorders Felice Jacka
13:30:00 Hall C | Generic SSRIs: The End of History?
13:30:00 Hall B | Diet and Nutrition: New opportunities for the prevention and treatment of mood and anxiety disorders across the lifecourse Felice Jacka
13:30:00 Industry Sponsored Satellite Smposium
13:35:00 Hall A | Mortality of 406 patients with mood disorders over 50 years after admission Jules Angst
13:40:00 Symposium 4 | Hall A | Mood Disorders and Somatic Comorbidity: From Associations to Mechanisms
14:00:00 Hall B | Trans-fats as risk factors to depressive illness Almudena Sánchez-Villegas
14:00:00 Hall A | Mood disorders, cardiovascular risk factors and inflammatory markers: results of a population-based survery
14:00:00 Hall C | Hormonal Therapies and Antidepressant Development
14:30:00 Hall B | Dietary patterns and depression in Japan
14:30:00 Hall C | Pharmacogenetics and Antidepressant Treatment
14:30:00 Hall A | Bone Quality in Mood Disorders
15:00:00 Hall A | Depression and Obesity Julie Pasco
15:00:00 Hall C | Neural plasticity & Novel Mood Disorder Therapies Husseini K. Manji
15:00:00 Hall B | Nutritional supplements for the treatment of mood disorders Jerome Sarris
15:30:00 Tea/Coffee Break, Affective Disorder Association Exhibition and Poster Viewing
16:00:00 Industry Sponsored Satellite Symposium
17:30:00 Poster Session
19:00:00 Welcome Reception
Thursday, April 19, 2012
08:20:00 Symposium 9 | Hall C | Constitutional Determinants of Anxiety Disorders: Physiological and Neuroimaging Characteristics
08:20:00 Symposium 7 | Hall A | Are Specialised Affective Disorder Services Useful? Chantal Henry
08:30:00 Symposium 8 | Hall B | Metabolic Depression: A Specific Depression Subtype?
08:30:00 Hall C | Exaggerated autonomic responses and vulnerability to anxiety Satoshi Umeda
08:30:00 Hall B | Inflammation, Ieptin and onset of depression Yuri J Milaneschi
08:30:00 Hall A | Canadian Programme
09:00:00 Hall B | Inflammation, metabolic syndrome, depression course Nicole Vogelzangs
09:00:00 Hall A | German Algorithm
09:00:00 Hall C | Early emotional processing and bodily arousal
09:30:00 Hall C | Interoceptive awareness and anxiety
09:30:00 Hall B | Evidence for differential underlying pathophysiology in melancholic versus atypical depression subtypes Femke Lamers
09:30:00 Hall A | French network of bipolar expert centres Bruno Etain
10:00:00 Hall C | Neurobiological pathways linking socioeconomic position and health Peter J. Gianaros
10:00:00 Hall A | ENBREC: European Network of Bipolar Expert Centres Chantal Henry
10:00:00 Hall B | Inflammation and depression symptom profile Martin Preisig
10:30:00 Tea/Coffee Break, Affective Disorder Association Exhibition and Poster Viewing
11:00:00 Plenary Session 2 | Cognitive Behaviour Therapy in the Treatment and Prevention of Depression Steve Hollon
12:00:00 Lunch Break, Exhibition and Poster Viewing
12:30:00 Industry Sponsored Satellite Smposium
13:30:00 Oral Presentations | Hall C
13:30:00 Oral Presentations | Hall B
13:30:00 Oral Presentations | Hall A
15:30:00 Tea/Coffee Break, Exhibition and Poster Viewing
16:00:00 Industry Sponsored Satellite Symposium
17:30:00 Poster Session
19:30:00 Gala Dinner
Friday, April 20, 2012
08:20:00 Plenary Session 3 | Epigenetic basis for the transgenerational transmission of individual differences in vulnerability for psychopathology Michael Meaney
09:20:00 Symposium 12 | Hall B | The early identification of risk for Affective Illness: Findings from the Orygen Adolescent Development Study
09:20:00 Symposium 11 | Hall B | Can we identify those at risk of Unipolar and Bipolar Disorders?
09:30:00 Symposium 10 | Hall A | International Society for Bipolar Disorders: Task Force Updates
09:30:00 Hall A | Women's Task Force: Physical and Endocrine Health in Women with Bipolar Disorder
09:30:00 Hall B | Neuroendocrine and other predictors of depression
09:30:00 Hall B | Brain development and adolescent onset depression Sarah Whittle
10:00:00 Hall B | Lifestyle as a risk factor for depression; A neglected opportunity for prevention?
10:00:00 Hall B | Family Processes as predictors of teen depression Orli Schwartz
10:00:00 Hall A | Clinical Trials Task Force: Challenges & new directions in clinical trials design for Bipolar Disorder
10:30:00 Tea/Coffee Break, Exhibition and Poster Viewing
11:00:00 Hall B | Depressive symptoms and C-reactive protein in adolescents: Effects of sex Michelle Byrne
11:00:00 Hall B | Genetic and neurocognitive markers for bipolarity
11:00:00 Hall A | Neuroimaging Task Force: Neural Correlates of Bipolar Disorder: What have we learned so far?
11:30:00 Hall A | Biomarkers for patients with Bipolar Disorder: ISBD Taskforce Perspective
11:30:00 Hall B | Case finding strategies to augment the early identification of bipolar disorders
11:30:00 Hall B | Affective Psychophysiology and Integration
12:00:00 Close of Meeting
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