ISA 2012 - XVI International Symposium on Atherosclerosis
Sydney Convention and Exhibition Centre
Darling Dr Darling Harbour NSW 2000, Australia (02)9282 5000
Sydney, Australia
On behalf of the Organising Committee, I take great pleasure in inviting you to attend the XVI International Symposium on Atherosclerosis (ISA2012) which will be held at the Sydney Convention and Exhibition Centre, Darling Harbour, 25 – 29 March 2012.

In 2012, the ISA Committee plans to have an exciting scientific program including a comprehensive, state-of-the-art overview of the current understanding of the origins, progression and prevention of atherosclerosis.

The program consists of Plenary Sessions, Sponsored Clinical Symposia, Masters Lectures, Workshops, Late Breaking/Hot Topic Sessions and Poster Sessions focusing on updates of recent advances in key and emerging areas, and recent advances in key and emerging areas in clinical and basic science.

Highlights will include genetics of cardiovascular disease, identification of cardiovascular risk factors, therapeutic advances, epidemiology, imaging, biomarker identification, dyslipidaemias, abdominal obesity, diabetes, lipoprotein metabolism and vascular biology.

An impressive social program has been developed that will offer networking opportunities for you and your colleagues in stunning venues showcasing the best Sydney has to offer.

The Sydney Convention and Exhibition Centre Darling Harbour is a superb venue, ideally designed for combining the scientific sessions, trade exhibition and social events of our Symposium. Located in the heart of Australia's largest and most exciting city, Sydney Convention and Exhibition Centre provides delegates with easy access to the city's many tourist attractions, making it the perfect location for ISA2012.

We look forward to welcoming you to Sydney in March 2012!

Schedule of Presentations:

Sunday, March 25, 2012
17:30:00 Welcome Reception
Monday, March 26, 2012
08:25:00 Plenary Session 1 | New and Emerging Approaches for Identifying and Treating Cardiovascular Disease | Bayside Auditorium B Jean-Charles Fruchart
08:30:00 Genetic Approaches for Understanding Cardiovascular Diseases Sekar Kathiresan
09:00:00 Chemokines and their Receptors as Therapeutic Targets Christian Weber
09:30:00 HDL Raising Agents John Kastelein
10:00:00 Coronary Artery Disease, Genetics and Genomics
10:30:00 Break and Poster Viewing
11:00:00 Concurrent Workshop 1 | New Insights into Lipid-lowering Strategies | Bayside Auditorium B Nabil Seidah, Gilles Lambert
11:00:00 Concurrent Workshop 2 | HDL Therapies in Cardiovascular Disease | Bayside Auditorium A Bryan Brewer, Bronwyn Kingwell
11:00:00 Concurrent Workshop 3 | Macrophages and Atherosclerosis | Bayside Gallery B Martha Cathcart, Heather Medbury
11:30:00 Concurrent Workshop 4 | Management of Abdominal Aortic Aneurysms and Atherosclerosis | Bayside 103 Alan Daugherty, Jonathan Golledge
11:30:00 Concurrent Workshop 5 | Angiogenesis and Endothelial Progenitor Cells | Bayside 102 Martin Ng
11:30:00 Concurrent Workshop 6 | Cholesterol Metabolism: An update | Bayside Gallery A Peter Meikle
13:00:00 Lunch and Poster Viewing
13:20:00 IAS-EAS Joint Symposium: The Vulnerable Plaque | Bayside Auditorium B
13:30:00 Asia Pacific Regional Guidelines | Bayside 102
13:30:00 Abbott Symposium – Going beyond current standards of care in patients with type 2 diabetes | Bayside Gallery A
13:30:00 A South American Showcase | Bayside 103
13:30:00 Roche Sponsored Symposium | Bayside Gallery B
15:00:00 Break and Poster Viewing
15:30:00 Concurrent Workshop 9 | Cardiovascular Disease Prevention: An Update Alan Remaley, Alberico Catapano
15:30:00 Concurrent Workshop 7 | Recent Progress in Lipid-Lowering Strategies/ Atherosclerosis and Ageing | Bayside Auditorium B Leon Simons
15:30:00 Concurrent Workshop 8 | Immune Aspects of Cardiovascular Disease | Bayside Gallery A Petri T Kovanen
16:30:00 Concurrent Workshop 10 | Atherosclerosis and Vascular Function | Bayside Auditorium A David Celermajer
16:30:00 Concurrent Workshop 12 | Genetics of Diabetes and Cardiovascular Disease | Bayside 102 Juliana Chan, Sam El-Osta
16:30:00 Concurrent Workshop 11 | Biology of Lipoproteins and Plasma Factors | Bayside 103 Cheryl Wellington, Hugh Barrett
Tuesday, March 27, 2012
08:25:00 Plenary Session 2 | Population Studies and Clinical Trials in Atherosclerosis | Bayside Auditorium B
08:30:00 Biochemical and Lifestyle Determinants of Cardiovascular Disease John Danesh
09:00:00 Management of Cardiovascular Disease in Developing Countries
09:30:00 Lipids in Cardiovascular Epidemiology Jane Armitage
10:00:00 Biomarkers and CVD Risk Peter Libby
10:30:00 Break and Poster Viewing
11:00:00 Concurrent Workshop 14 | Cholesterol Transport | Bayside Auditorium A Laura Calabresi
11:00:00 Concurrent Workshop 15 | Treatment Targets for Atherosclerosis Prevention/Familial Hypercholesterolemia | Bayside Auditorium B Trevor Mori
11:00:00 Concurrent Workshop 13 | Insights into Apolipoprotein Functionality | Bayside 103 Theodore Mazzone, Len Kritharides
12:00:00 Concurrent Workshop 18 | Regulation of LDL Levels and Atherosclerosis Prevention | Bayside Gallery A Andrew Tonkin, Gerald F Watts
12:00:00 Concurrent Workshop 17 | Biology of ABC Transporters | Bayside 102 Wendy Jessup
12:00:00 Concurrent Workshop 16 | Oxidative Stress in Atherosclerosis | Bayside Gallery B Tony Kettle-Christchurch
13:00:00 FH Australasia Network and International FH Foundation Workshop on Models of Care for FH | Bayside Gallery A
13:00:00 Lunch and Poster Viewing
13:00:00 Kowa Symposium: Novel Strategies for Raising HDL-C: Pitavastatin in Clinical Practice | Bayside Gallery B
13:30:00 Symposium: Controversies in the Management of Small AAA | Bayside 103
13:30:00 Young Investigator Session | Bayside 102
15:00:00 Break and Poster Viewing
15:30:00 Concurrent Workshop 21 | Pathophysiological Aspects of Dyslipidemias | Bayside Auditorium B Zemin Yao
15:30:00 Concurrent Workshop 19 | Micro RNAs - A New Insight into Atherosclerosis | Bayside Auditorium A Kasey Vickers
15:30:00 Concurrent Workshop 20 | Genetics of Obesity and Atherosclerosis | Bayside 102 Fredrik Karpe
16:30:00 Concurrent Workshop 22 | Recent Advances in CVD Assessment | Bayside Gallery A John Chapman
16:30:00 Concurrent Workshop 23 | HDL and Reverse Cholesterol Transport | Bayside Gallery B Mike Phillips
16:30:00 Concurrent Workshop 24 | Mechanistic Aspects of Diabetes and Cardiovascular Disease | Bayside 103 Bart Staels
18:30:00 Young Investigators Networking Evening
Wednesday, March 28, 2012
08:25:00 Plenary Session 3 | Infection, Immunity and Atherosclerosis | Bayside Auditorium B
08:30:00 T-Cells and Atherosclerosis Göran K Hansson
09:00:00 B cell-mediated Immunity and Atherosclerosis Ziad MALLAT
09:30:00 ABC transporters and APOE regulate hematopoietic stem cell proliferation, leukocytosis and atherosclerosis Alan Tall
10:00:00 Role of Inflammasomes in Atherosclerosis Eicke Latz
10:30:00 Young Investigator Awards
10:45:00 Break and Poster Viewing
11:00:00 Concurrent Workshop 25 | Insights into HDL Functionality | Bayside Gallery B Sean Davidson, Christina Bursill
11:00:00 Concurrent Workshop 26 | Mechanistic Insights into the Origins of Atherosclerosis | Bayside Gallery A Stanley L. Hazen
11:00:00 Concurrent Workshop 27 | Diabetes and Atherosclerosis | Bayside Auditorium B Alan Chait, Merlin Thomas
12:00:00 Concurrent Workshop 28 | Insulin Resistance, Obesity, Metabolic Factors and Cardiovascular Disease | Bayside Auditorium A Sam Gidding, Louise Baur
12:00:00 Concurrent Workshop 29 | Predictors of CVD | Bayside 103 Richard Hobbs
12:00:00 Concurrent Workshop 30 | Obesity in CVD | Bayside 102 Luc van Gaal, Ian Caterson
13:00:00 Familial Hypercholesterolemia: Pediatric Aspects | Bayside Auditorium A
13:00:00 Lunch and Poster Viewing
13:30:00 Merck – CKD Symposium | Bayside Auditorium B
13:30:00 Asia Pacific Society of Atherosclerosis and Vascular Diseases – PAD | Bayside 103
13:30:00 Nutrition Guidelines Debate – NLA/AAS | Bayside 102
13:30:00 EBAC accredited educational program supported by an unrestricted grant provided by AstraZeneca | Bayside Gallery B
14:00:00 Abbott Symposium – Prescription Omega 3s: Why, where, and how to use them in clinical practice | Bayside Gallery A
15:00:00 Break and Poster Viewing
15:30:00 Concurrent Workshop 31 | Atherosclerosis and Atherosclerotic Lesion Development | Bayside Auditorium A
15:30:00 Concurrent Workshop 32 | A Cell Biology Approach to Atheroma Development | Bayside Gallery B Miranda van Eck, Dmitri Sviridov
15:30:00 Concurrent Workshop 33 | IAS General Assembly | Bayside 102
16:30:00 Concurrent Workshop 34 | Diabetes and Cardiovascular Disease | Bayside Auditorium B Henry Ginsberg
16:30:00 Concurrent Workshop 35 | Pathophysiological Aspects of Macrophage Biology and Oxidative Stress | Bayside 103 Jay W Heinecke, Kevin Croft
16:30:00 Concurrent Workshop 36 | Adipocyte Biology/Familial Hypercholesterolemia | Bayside Gallery A Linda Curtiss, Mark A. Febbraio
19:00:00 Symposium Gala Party | Doltone House
Thursday, March 29, 2012
08:25:00 Plenary Session 4 (in association with the International Chair on Cardiometabolic Risk) – Visceral/Ectopic Fat: The Next Target For CVD Prevention | Bayside Auditorium B
08:30:00 Visceral Obesity / Ectopic Fat: INSPIRE-ME IAA Study Jean-Pierre Després
09:00:00 Visceral Obesity and Cardiometabolic Risk: The Japanese Perspective Iichiro Shimomura
09:30:00 Liver Fat as a Key Feature of Ectopic Fat and the Atherogenic Dyslipidemia Marja-Riitta Taskinen
10:00:00 Healthy Drinking an Important Component of Healthy Eating Frank B. Hu
10:30:00 Break and Poster Viewing
11:00:00 Concurrent Workshop 37 | Adipose tissue, adipokines and cardiovascular disease | Bayside Gallery B Yuji Matsuzawa, Mayumi Prins
11:00:00 Concurrent Workshop 38 | Triglyceride-rich Lipoproteins/Risk Factors | Bayside Auditorium A Borge Nordestgaard
11:00:00 Concurrent Workshop 39 | Cell Biology of Atherosclerosis | Bayside Gallery A
12:00:00 Concurrent Workshop 40 | Dietary Interventions and Atherosclerosis: Where do we stand? | Bayside 103 Richard Deckelbaum, Peter Clifton
12:00:00 Concurrent Workshop 41 | New Therapeutic Targets for Preventing Cardiovascular Disease | Bayside Auditorium B Elliott Chaikof
12:00:00 Concurrent Workshop 42 | A systems biology approach to atherosclerosis | Bayside 102 Andrew Brown
13:00:00 Symposium Close
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