Arteriosclerosis, Thrombosis and Vascular Biology 2012
Hilton Chicago
720 South Michigan Avenue
Chicago, Illinois, USA
This 2½-day meeting is sponsored by the
Council on Arteriosclerosis, Thrombosis and
Vascular Biology, and co-sponsored by the
Council on Peripheral Vascular Disease, with
the participation of the Council on Functional
Genomics and Translational Biology and the
Society for Vascular Surgery. The meeting
includes diverse disciplines within the
arteriosclerosis, thrombosis, vascular biology,
functional genomics, peripheral vascular
disease, and vascular surgery research
communities that allow investigators to
explore areas of cross-disciplinary interests.
Special lectures, discussions and oral and
poster presentations are planned. The meeting
format is designed to provide opportunities
for intense interaction among participants
during sessions and breaks. We expect a
broad representation from many disciplines
and encourage young scientists to attend.
At the conclusion of the conference,
participants will be able to:
1. Discuss recent research related to
HDL mechanisms in CVD, including
HDL assessment and the results of
clinical trials of therapies designed to
improve HDL metabolism, including
implications for the prevention and
treatment of atherosclerosis.
2. Discuss the latest research into the
signaling and genetic pathways involved
in abnormal clotting and vascular
dysfunction, and the implications of such
biochemical evidence for new therapeutic
options and management.

Who Attends
• 92% are physicians and/or
research scientists
• 26% of the attendees are international:
Canada (22%), Germany (10%), France
(8%), the Netherlands (8%), Japan (7%),
United Kingdom (6%), and Australia (5%).
• Specialties include Biochemistry,
Cardiology, Cell Biology, Diabetes and
Metabolism, Genetics, Hematology, Internal
Medicine, Molecular Biology, Nutrition,
Pathology, Pharmacology, Physiology,
Vascular Surgery, Vascular Medicine and
many others.

Schedule of Presentations:

Wednesday, April 18, 2012
07:55:00 Plenary Session I | Metabolic Influences on Vascular Disease
08:00:00 Plenary Session I | Conference Opening/Welcome
08:15:00 Plenary Session I | ATVB Keynote Lecture : Targeting Endothelial Metabolism Peter Carmeliet
08:45:00 Plenary Session I | Metabolic Control by MicroRNAs
09:15:00 Plenary Session I | The Role of Obesity and Inflammation in Platelet Function Jane E. Freedman
10:10:00 Concurrent Session I C | Vascular Development, Differentiation, Regeneration and Angiogenesis
10:10:00 Concurrent Session I B | Blood Coagulation and Fibrinolysis
10:10:00 Concurrent Session I D | Clinical Lipidology: Diagnosis and Theraputics
10:10:00 Concurrent Session I A | Apolipoproteins: Structure and Function
10:15:00 Concurrent Session I D | Novel Therapies for Dyslipidemia Michael Davidson
10:15:00 Concurrent Session I B | Tissue Factor Pathway Inhibitor and Thrombosis Alan E. Mast
10:15:00 Concurrent Session I A | Autophagy in Multiple Guises Regulates Hepatic ApoB Production Edward Fisher
10:15:00 Concurrent Session I C | Building Rapidly Perfused Vascular Networks Using Human Endothelial and Mesenchymal Progenator Cells Joyce Bischoff
10:45:00 Concurrent Session I B | Oral Abstract Presentations
10:45:00 Concurrent Session I D | Oral Abstract Presentations
10:45:00 Concurrent Session I A | Oral Abstract Presentations
10:45:00 Concurrent Session I C | Oral Abstract Presentations
13:00:00 Meet the Professor Luncheon (ticket required) or lunch on your own
13:25:00 Plenary Session II | Genomics of ATVB Disorders
13:30:00 Plenary Session II | A Rare View of Coding Variation and Risk for Myocardial Infarction
14:00:00 Plenary Session II | Genomics of Platelet Function and Thrombosis Willem Ouwehand
14:30:00 Plenary Session II | 9p21 Variants and CVD Kelly A. Frazer
15:25:00 Concurrent Session II B | Joint Thrombosis/ PVD Session on Venous Thromboembolism, Mechanisms, Biomarkers and Therapy
15:25:00 Concurrent Session II D | Clinical Lipidology: Clinical Aspects of Diabetes, Obesity and Insulin Resistance
15:25:00 Concurrent Session II C | Molecular and Cellular Biology of the Vessel Wall
15:30:00 Concurrent Session II B | Roles of Factor VIII and Fibrinogen in Venous Thrombosis Alisa Wolberg
15:30:00 Concurrent Session II C | Reactive Oxygen Species in the Vasculature: Good? Bad? Good and Bad? William M. Chilian
15:30:00 Concurrent Session II A | Cellular Lipid Metabolism
15:30:00 Concurrent Session II A | Mir33 Regulation of Sterol Mobilization and Bile Secretion Angel Baldan
15:30:00 Concurrent Session II D | Why is HDL Cholesterol Low in People with Insulin Resistance and Type 2 Diabetes Mellitus? Henry Ginsberg
16:00:00 Concurrent Session II B | The Interface of Sterile Inflammation Mechanisms and Venous Thrombosis Resolution Peter Henke
16:00:00 Concurrent Session II A | Oral Abstract Presentations
16:00:00 Concurrent Session II C | Oral Abstract Presentations
16:00:00 Concurrent Session II D | Oral Abstract Presentations
16:30:00 Concurrent Session II B | Oral Abstract Presentations
17:30:00 Poster Session and Reception I
Thursday, April 19, 2012
07:55:00 Plenary Session III | Young Investigator Award Competition
08:00:00 Plenary Session III | Young Investigator Prize in Thrombosis Competition
09:00:00 Plenary Session III | Young Investigator Research Award Competition
10:25:00 Concurrent Session III B | Platelet Production, Signaling and Function
10:25:00 Concurrent Session III D | Aortic Aneurysm Disease
10:25:00 Concurrent Session III C | Diabetes, Obesity and Metabolic Disorders
10:25:00 Concurrent Session III A | Mechanisms of Atherosclerosis
10:30:00 Concurrent Session III C | Role of Epigenetics and MicroRNAs in Diabetic Complications Rama Natarajan
10:30:00 Concurrent Session III A | Role of Inflammation in the Initiation and Progression of Atherosclerosis Klaus Ley
10:30:00 Concurrent Session III D | Pathophysiology and Medical Management of Abdominal Aortic Aneurysms Robert W. Thompson
10:30:00 Concurrent Session III B | Role of Platelets in Neovascularization Tatiana V. Byzova
11:00:00 Concurrent Session III B | Oral Abstract Presentations
11:00:00 Concurrent Session III A | Oral Abstract Presentations
11:00:00 Concurrent Session III C | Oral Abstract Presentations
11:00:00 Concurrent Session III D | Oral Abstract Presentations
12:15:00 The Mentor of Women Award Luncheon (ticket required), PVD Luncheon (ticket required) or lunch on your own
13:25:00 Plenary Session IV | Inflammasome Regulation of Metabolic Disease
13:30:00 Plenary Session IV | Linking Lipid Metabolism and Innate Immunity via SREBP-1 Timothy Osborn
14:00:00 Plenary Session IV | Nanoparticale-mediated siRNA Targeting of Macrophages in Cardiovascular Disease
14:30:00 Plenary Session IV | Inflammasome Activation in Type 2 Diabetes Luke O’Neill
15:25:00 Concurrent Session IV D | Carotid Artery Disease
15:25:00 Concurrent Session IV A | Lipoprotein Metabolism and Therapeutic Targets
15:25:00 Concurrent Session IV B | Vascular Cells, Inflammation and Thrombosis
15:25:00 Concurrent Session IV C | Immunity and Inflammation in Vascular Biology and Atherosclerosis
15:30:00 Concurrent Session IV B | Complement Coagulation Crosstalk Edward Conway
15:30:00 Concurrent Session IV D | Revascularization for Carotid Disease: What Does the Data Support? Joshua A. Beckman
15:30:00 Concurrent Session IV A | Genetic Links with Triglyceride Metabolism Robert A. Hegele
15:30:00 Concurrent Session IV C | Nuclear Receptors, Monocyte Subsets and Atherosclerosis Catherine C Hedrick
16:00:00 Concurrent Session IV C | Oral Abstract Presentations
16:00:00 Concurrent Session IV A | Oral Abstract Presentations
16:00:00 Concurrent Session IV B | Oral Abstract Presentations
16:00:00 Concurrent Session IV D | Oral Abstract Presentations
17:30:00 Poster Session and Reception II
19:30:00 ATVB and PVD Joint Council Dinner (ticket required) or dinner on your own
Friday, April 20, 2012
08:00:00 Poster Session III and Continental Breakfast
09:55:00 Plenary Session V | Invited Lecture Series
10:00:00 Hoeg Award Lecture
10:05:00 Jeffrey M. Hoeg Arteriosclerosis, Thrombosis and Vascular Biology Award for Basic Science and Clinical Research Lecture
10:40:00 ATVB Distinguished Lecture
10:45:00 Vascular Biology at the Crossroads: Future Opportunities for Science and Medicine Elizabeth G. Nabel
11:30:00 Closing Remarks/Conference Adjourns
3D Tissue Models
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