The 2nd International Conference on Prehypertension and CardioMetabolic Syndrome
Hotel Rey Juan Carlos
Avinguda Diagonal, 661 08028
Barcelona, Spain
Prehypertension, Nervous System, Cardio Metabolic Risk

Schedule of Presentations:

Thursday, January 31, 2013
14:00:00 Registration
18:00:00 Opening Ceremony followed by Get-Together Reception
Friday, February 1, 2013
08:00:00 Registration
08:30:00 Plenary Opening Session: Pathogenesis of PreHypertension Reuven Zimlichman, Luis M. Ruilope
08:30:00 PreHypertension – Extension of Normalcy or Genetically Different Population Stevo Julius
09:00:00 Blood Pressure Reactivity and Variability in PreHypertension Giuseppe Mancia
09:30:00 Sympathetic Activity and the Kidney Hermann Haller
10:00:00 Sympathetic Hyperactivity and the Metabolic Syndrome in Hypertension Stevo Julius
10:30:00 Coffee Break, Exhibition Visit and E-Posters Viewing
11:00:00 Plenary Opening Session: Mechanisms of Pre Disease Anthony M. Heagerty, Thomas Unger
11:00:00 Early Endothelial Dysfunction - How the Vasculature Recognizes Risk Factors and Turns them into Disease Hermann Haller
11:30:00 Is it Time to Change the Definitions of Hypertension and to Change the Risk Tables? Reuven Zimlichman
12:00:00 Perivascular Fat in Hypertension and Diabetes Anthony M. Heagerty
12:30:00 Discussion Panel
13:00:00 Lunch Break, Exhibition Visit and E-Posters Viewing
14:00:00 Plenary Session: Subclinical End Organ Damage in PreHypertension Giuseppe Mancia
14:00:00 Vascular Abnormalities Daniel A. Duprez
14:20:00 CV Risk in PreHypertension Luis M. Ruilope
14:40:00 Correlates of Volume Control in Early Hypertension Peter de Leeuw
15:00:00 Albuminuria as an Early Indicator of Organ Damage Bruno Watschinger
15:20:00 Why Subjects with PreHypertension Should be Screened for Subclinical Organ Damage
16:10:00 Plenary Session: Hemodynamics, Arteries and Humoral Factors Daniel A. Duprez
16:10:00 Role of Arterial Stiffening in the Genesis of Hypertension Ian B. Wilkinson
16:30:00 Hemodynamic Changes in PreHypertension Stevo Julius
16:50:00 Job Strain - Can it be Prevented?
17:10:00 New Guidelines of the ESC, What We Can Expect of Them
17:30:00 Controversy Discussion: Blood Pressure Reactivity in Hypertension Giuseppe Schillaci
17:30:00 Increased Sverre E. Kjeldsen
17:50:00 Decreased Stevo Julius
18:10:00 Discussion
Saturday, February 2, 2013
00:00:00 The PREVER Study Flavio D. Fuchs
00:20:00 Studies on Regression from Hypertension to PreHypertension Hiroyuki Sasamura
00:40:00 Panel Discussion: What We Have Learnt from Population Studies and Which Studies Do We Need? Stevo Julius
01:00:00 Lunch Break, Exhibition Visit and E-Posters Viewing
08:20:00 Registration
08:30:00 Satellite Symposium: Blood Pressure PWA - Novel Methodology for Early Detection and Intervention John R. Cockcroft, Luis M. Ruilope
08:30:00 Part I: Current Opportunities for Blood Pressure PWA in Clinical Research John R. Cockcroft
09:00:00 Part II: Early Detection Markers of Cardio Vascular Risk
10:00:00 Part III - Validation and Clinical Application Thomas Weber
10:30:00 Coffee Break, Exhibition Visit and E-Posters Viewing
11:00:00 Plenary Session: Lessons from Population Studies Basil S. Lewis, Sverre E. Kjeldsen
11:00:00 Population Studies in PreHypertension, Review Sverre E. Kjeldsen
11:20:00 Baseline Data of the CHINOM Study
11:40:00 The Harvest Study Paolo Palatini
14:00:00 Can an Endothelial Model Explain the Beneficial Effect of Different Carotenoids in PreHypertension Esther Paran
14:00:00 Cardiovascular Risk Factors and Cognitive Decline in Older Adults: A Population Based Cohort Study Alex Dregan
14:30:00 An I1-Imidazoline Receptor Agonist Causes Sympatho-Inhibition and Adiponectin Secretion Stimulation in Rats: A New Way To Treat Metabolic Syndrome? Nathalie Niederhoffer
14:45:00 Sodium Sensitivity, Renal and Extra-Renal Mechanisms of Fluid Control and the Micro-Circulation: Relevance to Hypertension based on Studies in Normotensive Subjects
15:00:00 Development of Ischaemic Heart Disease in People with Metabolic Syndrome (ESCARVAL Study) Domingo Orozco-Beltrán
15:15:00 Sympathetic Overactivity as an Early Manifestation of Metabolic Syndrome Pascal Bousquet
15:30:00 Coffee Break, Exhibition Visit and E-Posters Viewing
16:00:00 The Good Side of the RAS; Beneficial Effects of Direct AT2 Receptor Stimulation Thomas Unger
16:00:00 Plenary Session: PreHypertension, Diabetes and the Metabolic Syndrome Mechanisms Siddharth Jadhav
16:20:00 Mitochondrial Dysfunction in the Diabetic Endothelium
16:40:00 Statins and the Risk of Diabetes: Should We Be Afraid of That Maciej Banach
17:00:00 New Perspectives in the Management of Metabolic Syndrome
17:20:00 Pre-Diabetes, Metabolic Syndrome and Cardiovascular Risk
17:40:00 The High Risk Plaque Initiative Oliver Steinbach
20:00:00 Gala Dinner
Sunday, February 3, 2013
08:00:00 Registration
08:30:00 Plenary Session: PreHypertension - Risks and Mechanisms Charalambos Vlachopoulos
08:30:00 PreHypertension; A Risk Factor for Cardiovascular Events Raimund Erbel
08:50:00 PreHypertension and the Risk of Stroke Cetin Erol
09:10:00 Secondary Prevention Therapies in IHD: The Yentl Syndrome Raffaele Bugiardini
09:30:00 Companion Diagnostics as a Tool in Prevention of Complications of Hypertension Pavel Hamet
09:50:00 Impact of Metabolic Syndrome on Acute Coronary Events Giuseppe Ambrosio
10:10:00 Association between Pre-Hypertension, Chronic Kidney Disease and Vitamin D Alexander Rosenkranz
10:30:00 Coffee Break, Exhibition Visit and E-Posters Viewing
11:00:00 Plenary Session: Understanding and Evaluation of PreHypertension –Vascular Aspects Giuseppe Schillaci
11:00:00 Arterial Stiffness and Central Hemodynamics across the Adult Lifespan - Mechanisms Driving Hypertension
11:20:00 Arterial Stiffness and Central Blood Pressure - Any Improvement in Cardiovascular Risk Assessment? Giuseppe Schillaci
12:00:00 Debate: The Use of Beta Blockers in Hypertension/PreHypertension Ian B. Wilkinson, Giuseppe Schillaci
12:30:00 Final Conclusions: Evaluation, Diagnosis, Treatment and the Need for Guidelines Giuseppe Mancia, Luis M. Ruilope, Hermann Haller, Reuven Zimlichman, Daniel A. Duprez, Basil S. Lewis
3D Tissue Models
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