Biomarkers World Europe 2012
The Business Design Centre
52 Upper Street, Islington, London, N1 0QH
Islington, London
The Biomarkers World Europe Conference will be held at the Business Design Centre, Islington. The workshop will take place next door at the Hilton London Islington.

Situated in fashionable Islington, the Business Design Centre is London’s most stylish exhibition venue, playing host to over 80 exhibitions and 250 conferences every year. We are also the permanent home to over 100 businesses who occupy the offices & showrooms. Today the BDC Conference Centre London attracts in excess of half a million visitors each year. The choice for an exhibition or conference venue in London.

Biomarker professionals will gather together to answer the all important question- how can we get biomarkers to add value? How do you develop new medicines which demonstrate real value through predictable outcomes in targeted patient groups?

The event is a two day strategic conference tackling these questions and providing participants with a thorough review of the use of biomarkers, their effectiveness and their potential to transform R & D.

Schedule of Presentations:

Wednesday, May 23, 2012
07:30:00 Registration
08:20:00 New approaches in de-risking candidate selection
08:20:00 Opening remarks from the chair
08:55:00 Molecular biomarkers for Bevacizumab Stefan Scherer
09:20:00 Stimulating open innovation and collaborations in pharma Andreas Wallnoefer
09:45:00 Grants for Targets - a novel open innovation initiative in drug discovery Khusru Asadullah
10:10:00 Design strategies for success in early phase trials Nigel Dallow
10:35:00 Networking and morning refreshments
11:10:00 stream two | Opening remarks from the chair
11:10:00 Opening remarks from the chair
11:15:00 stream two | Appropriate use of animal models and human disease linkage in COPD for biologics
11:15:00 Integrating technologies in targeted medicine biomarker strategies Michael Burczynski
11:45:00 stream two | Quantitative prediction of reliability of gene expression based biomarkers for translational medicine Andreas Schuppert
11:45:00 Using receptor occupancy in the drug discovery process John Atack
12:15:00 stream two | Why invest in biomarkers in early development
12:15:00 Bioanalytical applications for biomarker discovery and validation Chris Roberts
12:45:00 stream two | Lunch
12:45:00 Lunch
13:45:00 stream two | Integration of biomarkers in early drug development Georg Wensing
13:45:00 Critical decisions in candidate selection - which compounds to take forward?
14:15:00 Preclinical predictive biomarker discovery for MEK inhibitor in oncology Yan Degenhardt
14:15:00 stream two | Faster and more reliable Go/No Go decision making through Biomarker-Driven Population Enrichment
14:45:00 Keeping the promise: Pathway-based identification of patient stratification and proof of mechanisms for targeted kinase therapeutics Cloud Paweletz
14:45:00 stream two | Biomarker driven novel designs for early clinical trials Richard Buller
15:15:00 stream two | The use of safety biomarkers for risk assessment of investigative drugs entering first-in-human studies
15:15:00 Managing intra-subject variability of human CSF Biomarker levels in clinical studies Jinhe Li
15:45:00 Afternoon refreshments
15:45:00 stream two | Afternoon refreshments
16:15:00 stream two | Application of emerging safety biomarkers in drug development: a path from preclinical safety assessment to clinical translation Jiri Aubrecht
16:15:00 Validation of immunoassay for protein biomarkers to support pre-clinical and clinical studies Marie-Anne Valentin
16:45:00 stream two | Technology integration in biomarking validation for early drug development Anthony Gee
16:45:00 What are we measuring, how much of it is there and why does it matter?
17:15:00 Panel: Discovering biomarkers of clinical utility Maria Hernandez Fuentes, Sterghios Moschos
17:15:00 stream two | Biomarkers in early stage CNS clinical development Mary Savage
17:45:00 Closing remarks by the chair
17:45:00 stream two | Closing remarks from the chair
17:50:00 Networking drinks reception
17:50:00 Networking drinks reception
Thursday, May 24, 2012
08:00:00 Registration
08:50:00 Opening remarks from the chair
09:00:00 Valuation of Biomarkers
09:30:00 Renal Safety Biomarkers: from the Bench to the Bedside and over the Bumps along the way John Burkhardt
10:00:00 Accelerating In Vitro and In Vivo Biomarker Research: From Biomarker Discovery to Late Stage Clinical Projects Yoshiya Oda
10:30:00 Clinical aspects of pharmacogenomic considerations during early drug development Timi Edeki
11:00:00 Morning refreshments
11:30:00 Employing biomarkers for effective clinical development
12:00:00 Biomarkers as surrogate endpoints in clinical studies: potential utilities and pitfalls Abdel Halim
12:30:00 qEEG and ERP as translational biomarkers in drug development for the symptomatic treatment of Alzheimer’s Disease Märta Segerdahl
13:00:00 Lunch
14:00:00 Patient stratification in metabolic disease investigations
14:30:00 Making clear treatment-response evaluations using markers Yihong Yao
15:00:00 Developing technologies to demonstrate correlation between biomarker and disease/therapeutic intervention
15:30:00 Afternoon refreshments
16:00:00 Challenges in oncology personalised medicine Rajesh Chopra
16:30:00 Utility of point of care diagnostics in infectious diseases drug development and clinical practice Jorge Villacian
17:00:00 Panel: Developing stratified medicine through partnerships James Peach, John Whittaker, Elizabeth Foot, Patrik Kolar, Graham Bell
17:50:00 Closing remarks from the chair
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