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AUA 59th Annual Meeting
InterContinental Cleveland
Cleveland, Ohio
Cleveland, Ohio
We are extremely pleased to host the 2012 Association of
University Anesthesiologists’ Annual Meeting in Cleveland.
The Anesthesiology Institute at Cleveland Clinic is proud to
host this meeting for the fi rst time, and we look forward to
an exciting program.
We welcome all the AUA members to Cleveland, a city with
a great tradition for clinical medicine, research and medical
education. Cleveland Clinic sponsors the Cleveland Clinic
Lerner College of Medicine, a 5 year program designed to
create the physician investigators of the future, and one
of the newest medical schools in the country. The Clinic
sponsors GME training for more than 900 physicians
in residency and fellowship programs. The Cleveland
Clinic campus is just minutes from University Circle,
with Severance Hall (home of the Cleveland Symphony
Orchestra), the Museum of Art, the Botanical Gardens,
the Museum of Natural History, and historic Cleveland
Auto Museum. A few blocks further is the campus of Case
Western Reserve University, which includes the Case
School of Medicine and University Hospitals of Cleveland.
As you can see, medicine is a major part of the life-blood
of Cleveland.
The AUA leadership has again created an exciting
program, assembling elements of healthcare dynamics,
anesthesiology education, and basic science. The EAB will
present a panel describing international anesthesiology
education, and a panel on performance assessment during
anesthesiology residency. The President’s Panel will
explore the basic science on consciousness, including the
controversial topic of intraoperative awareness. The SAB
offers oral presentations and poster discussion sessions,
where junior faculty and residents mix with senior faculty
presenting a wide array of scientifi c work. The Host
Program is entitled “When Music Sings, the Brain Listens
and the Heart Modulates: A Concert-Lecture” and will
explore the science of how music stimulates the brain, is
created, and can be used therapeutically. The science will
be complemented by a performance by a virtuoso pianist,
Prisca Benoit. The meeting reception will be Friday night, to
allow early departure from Cleveland on Saturday for those
who wish to do so. This reception will be held in the world
famous Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, where cocktails and
a buffet dinner will complement free access to all exhibits
in the Rock Hall. There is no better way to come in touch
with the origins of rock and roll than a gently stroll through
the Rock Hall, and even better- only the AUA guests will be
present, promising uncrowded access to all the exhibits.
Great meetings do not just happen. Christine Dionne
and her team from the AUA headquarters in Park Ridge,
Illinois have made a major commitment to making this a
great meeting, handling logistics, challenging scheduling
issues and the innumerable critical issues involved in
creating a running a meeting of this size. The EAB and
SAB have done their usual stellar job of assembling a
cutting edge program. The Cleveland Clinic CME offi ce
has made positive suggestions, and the leadership of the
InterContinental Hotel has planned a warm, comfortable
welcome for all AUA attendees. The planning committee
gratefully acknowledges the hard work and expertise of all
who have contributed to creating this program. We look
forward to seeing you in May.


Schedule of Presentations:

Thursday, May 17, 2012
10:00:00 Registration
13:00:00 Introduction and Welcome to the 59th Annual Meeting David L. Brown
13:15:00 SAB Program Introduction Marie E. Csete
13:20:00 From Discovery to Product
13:25:00 The Academic Perspective: Finding Partners Needed to Bring a Discovery into the Development Pipeline Douglas E. Raines
13:35:00 The Pharma Perspective: Evaluating the Commercial Potential of a Novel Therapy From an Academic Lab Paula Bokesch
13:45:00 The Founder’s Perspective: Maintaining the Ethical Divide Between Academic and Industry Labs Dan E. Berkowitz
13:55:00 Funding Opportunities for Start-Ups Marie E. Csete
14:10:00 The VC Perspective: Evaluating New Products and Expected Returns on Venture Capital Investment
14:25:00 ASA President’s Update
14:55:00 Break with Poster Viewing and Discussion
15:10:00 FAER Update Denham S. Ward
15:20:00 AUA President’s Panel – The Emergence of Consciousness George Mashour
15:25:00 Intraoperative Awareness Michael S. Avidan
15:35:00 Neural Inertia Max B. Kelz
16:10:00 Inducing Emergence
17:00:00 AUA Business Meeting
18:00:00 Resident Meet and Greet Reception – InterContinental Hotel
18:30:00 Welcome Reception – InterContinental Hotel
Friday, May 18, 2012
06:30:00 Registration
07:00:00 Continental Breakfast
08:15:00 EAB Program (Part 1)
08:25:00 High Stakes Performance Assessment: During Residency and for Certifi cation
08:45:00 Performance Assessment: Assuring the Measures are Meaningful David J. Murray
08:55:00 Resident Evaluation: What to Measure and How to Use the Measures Keith H. Baker
09:05:00 Anesthesiology Certifi cation: Beyond the Multiple Choice Examination Cynthia A. Lien
09:45:00 Moderated Poster Discussion Session
10:10:00 EAB Program (Part 2)
10:15:00 Anesthesia Education: Impact on Global Health Robert R. Gaiser
10:25:00 Obstetric Anesthesia: The Kybele Experience Medge D. Owen
10:35:00 Establishing Trauma Care Training for Developing Countries Maureen McCunn
10:45:00 EAB, SAB and Presidents’ Luncheon
10:45:00 Resident Participation in Global Health: Importance, Challenges, and Opportunities Marcel E. Durieux
11:45:00 Luncheon
13:00:00 SAB Program Introduction Marie E. Csete
13:05:00 SAB Oral Session (Part 1)
14:40:00 Moderated Poster Discussion Session
16:15:00 Adjournment
18:15:00 Evening Social Event at the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame
Saturday, May 19, 2012
06:30:00 Registration
07:00:00 Continental Breakfast
08:00:00 Host Program Introductions John E. Tetzlaff
08:15:00 Music and the Ear Neil Cherian
09:05:00 Question and Answer Session
09:15:00 Music Therapy: Where Music and Medicine Meet
10:05:00 Question and Answer Session
10:15:00 Break/Poster Viewing and Discussion
10:40:00 When Music Sings the Brain Listens and the Heart Modulates: A Conference-Concert
13:30:00 Luncheon
13:30:00 Resident Luncheon
13:35:00 SAB Session (Part 2) Introduction Marie E. Csete
13:40:00 SAB Oral Session (Part 2)
15:00:00 Moderated Poster Discussion Session
16:00:00 SAB Plenary Session Roger A. Johns
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