53rd Annual Short Course on Medical and Experimental Mammalian Genetics
Bar Harbor Regency Hotel
Stone House, 123 Eden Street
Maine, United States
This two-week course includes daily lectures in the mornings and evenings supplemented by afternoon mini-symposia, workshops, tutorials, poster session, and demonstrations. There is special emphasis on student-faculty interaction. The faculty is diverse in terms of disciplines and the students in terms of stage of career and fields of concentration. This diversity makes for an exciting experience for all. Although the course schedule is quite full, there is time set aside to enjoy the natural beauties of Mt. Desert Island.

The content of the annual Short Course focuses on (1) an up-to-date presentation of genetics in experimental animals and humans, (2) the relationship of heredity to disease in experimental animals and humans, and (3) the importance of molecular genetics in the diagnosis and treatment of inherited disorders. The development and uses of modern techniques in bioinformatics, mathematical genetics, genome manipulation, mutagenesis and phenotyping are taught in lectures and in afternoon workshop sessions. The Short Course includes an implicit focus on translational biology and clinical applications.

There will be a poster session at which presentations by attendees are strongly encouraged. If you are interested in presenting a poster, please prepare a one page abstract to be compiled with others in booklet form for the course. Abstracts must fit on one side of an 8 1/2 x 11" page with 1" margins. It should have a title and author line.  The attending author's name must be underlined. Abstracts of your poster presentation should be submitted in a pdf file or Word document as an E-mail attachment. Abstract sbmission deadline is June 1, 2012


Schedule of Presentations:

Sunday, July 15, 2012
16:00:00 Registration
Monday, July 16, 2012
07:30:00 Late Registration and Continental Breakfast
08:00:00 Overview of Course Evaluations
08:20:00 Welcome
08:30:00 History of Human Genetics David Valle
09:25:00 The Evolution of Mouse Genetics: Past, Present and Future Ken Paigen
10:15:00 Break
10:45:00 Chromosomes in Gametogenesis and in Cell Division Charles Lees
11:40:00 Chromosome Structure and Function Lindsay S. Shopland
12:30:00 Lunch
13:30:00 Molecular Genetics John A. Phillips
14:30:00 Introduction to Bioinformatics Carol Bult, Ada Hamosh
19:30:00 Evening Lecture | Title TBD David Altshuler
Tuesday, July 17, 2012
07:30:00 Evening Lecture | Nature and Consequences of Mutations Stylianos E. Antonarakis
07:45:00 Continental Breakfast
08:30:00 Massively Parallel Sequencing: Technologies and Applications Elaine Mardis
09:25:00 Transcriptional Regulation of Gene Expression Andrew McCallion
10:15:00 Break
10:45:00 Post‐transcriptional Control of Gene Expression Harry C. Dietz
11:40:00 MicroRNAs in Normal Physiology and Disease Joshua Mendell
12:30:00 Lunch
13:30:00 Mendelian Inheritance in Humans
14:30:00 Mice as Models for Human Diseases Greg Cox
Wednesday, July 18, 2012
07:45:00 Continental Breakfast
08:30:00 Genetics of Obesity and Type II Diabetes Jurgen Naggert
09:25:00 From Galton to GWAS: what have we learned about the genetics of complex traits? Peter Visscher
10:15:00 Break
10:45:00 Epigenetics Andrew Feinberg
11:40:00 Transcriptional Responses to Hypoxia and Ischemia Gregg L. Semenza
12:30:00 Lunch
17:30:00 Poster Session
19:30:00 Evening Lecture | Title TBD Douglas Coleman
Thursday, July 19, 2012
07:45:00 Continental Breakfast
08:30:00 Population Genetics Genomics Aravinda Chakravarti
09:25:00 The 1000 Genomes Project Aravinda Chakravarti
10:15:00 Break
10:45:00 Methods for Linkage & Association Studies Dan Arking
11:40:00 Genes for common Cardiovascular Disease Dan Arking
12:30:00 Lunch
13:30:00 Genetic Analysis of Complex Traits I Aravinda Chakravarti
19:30:00 Evening Lecture | Mouse Models of Cancer Predisposition Allan Balmain
Friday, July 20, 2012
07:45:00 Continental Breakfast
08:30:00 Genetic Epidemiology of Breast and Ovarian Cancer
09:25:00 CNVs in Mice Charles Lees
10:15:00 Break
10:45:00 Title TBD Paul Ridker
10:45:00 Proteomics Steve Gygi
12:30:00 Lunch
13:30:00 Bioinformatics Carol Bult
19:30:00 Evening Lecture | Chen K. Chai Lecture Harold Varmus
Saturday, July 21, 2012
07:45:00 Continental Breakfast
08:30:00 Complex Traits in Mice Gary Churchill
09:25:00 Influence of Selection on Populations Andrew Clark
10:45:00 African Genomics: Implications for Studies of Human Evolution and Disease Sarah A. Tishkoff
11:40:00 Pecking at the Origin of Natural Variation: Insights from Darwin’s Finches and Other Birds Arkhat Abzhanov
12:30:00 BBQ
3D Tissue Models
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