Neurotrauma 2012
Arizona Biltmore Resort & Spa
2400 East Missouri Avenue Phoenix, AZ 85016, United States (602) 955-6600
Phoenix, Arizona
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Schedule of Presentations:

Monday, July 23, 2012
07:00:00 Continental Breakfast
08:00:00 Neurotrauma Biomarkers Frank Tortella, RONALD L. HAYES
08:05:00 Severe TBI Biomarkers
08:10:00 A Protein Biomarker Panel for Acute Brain Damage: Progress and Pitfalls
08:15:00 Biomarkers for Mild/Moderate TBI
09:15:00 Poster Session A  Ross Bullock
10:30:00 Coffee Break
11:00:00 Translational Overlap Between TBI and SCI
11:00:00 Bioengineering in Neurotrauma
11:05:00 Autoantibodies and CNS Injury
11:05:00 Autoantibodies and CNS Injury
11:10:00 Printing a 3D Model of the Blood-Brain-Barrier
11:10:00 Blood CNS Barrier after TBI and SCI: Fact or Fiction?
11:15:00 Translational SCI Research Update Michael G Fehlings
11:15:00 OBI Modeling
12:15:00 Negotiating Fundamentals for People Who Don't Like to Negotiate Mayumi Prins
12:15:00 Grab & Go Lunch
13:15:00 Poster Session B 
14:30:00 Preclinical Therapy Development Andrew Maas, Edward Hall
14:30:00 Reconnecting Circulatory Axonal Regeneration / Plasticity after SCI
14:35:00 Operation Brain Trauma Therapy (OBTT) Program Patrick M. Kochanek
14:35:00 Axonal Regeneration Mediated by Transplantation of Myelin-Forming Glial Cells after Spinal Cord Injury
14:40:00 Activity Dependent Plasticity and Axon Regeneration in the Injured Spinal Cord
14:40:00 Cellular Pathology after Brain Trauma in the Immature Rat
14:45:00 Stem Cells as Therapy for Neurotrauma - How They Might Produce Beneficial Effects
14:45:00 Functional Role of Growth Factors in Modulating Axonal Regeneration and Plasticity Following Spinal Cord Injury
15:45:00 Coffee Break
16:05:00 The Effects of Repetitive Low Level Blast Exposure
16:10:00 Blast Brain Injury Models
16:15:00 TBI in Military Operations Kenneth Curley
16:15:00 Clinical Data Collection and Clinical Trials Geoffrey Manley, Donald Steiner
16:15:00 TBI in Military Operations Kenneth Curley
16:15:00 Advance MRI Detection of Blast-Related Traumatic Brain Injury in US Military Personnel
16:20:00 Looking for Answers in All the Right Places - FITBIR Database
16:25:00 Progress in Building a TBI Biomedical Informatics System
16:30:00 NeuroProtection in Plain Sight: The ProTECT Trial and the Hope of Progesterone
16:35:00 The SyNAPSe Trial: Phase III randomized prospective study of Progesterone in TBI
17:30:00 WINTR Mentoring Program
Tuesday, July 24, 2012
07:00:00 Continental Breakfast
08:00:00 Translational Investigation in Pediatric TBI | Kids Aren't Just Little Adults David P. Adelson
08:00:00 Cutting-Edge Research in Neurotrauma | New Insights & Ideas John Povlishock
08:05:00 Oxidative Stress - A Special Therapeutic Target in the Developing Brain
08:05:00 Neuregulin-1 and Neurovascular Protection in Stroke and Trauma
08:10:00 Outcome Monitoring in Pediatric Brain Injury James E Hutchison
08:10:00 Brigham and Womens Hospital: Blood and CSF Biomarkers in Human Subarachnoid Hemorrhage
08:15:00 New Technology in Neuroimaging of Diffuse Axonal Injury
08:15:00 The Specific Rationale for Decompressive Craniectomy in Pediatric Severe TBI David P. Adelson
08:20:00 Contiguous EEG Monitoring in Pediatric Brain Injury is Overdue
09:15:00 Poster Session C Bruce Lyeth
10:30:00 Coffee Break
11:00:00 Functional Deficits after SCI Helen M Bramlett
11:00:00 Pediatric TBI Session II
11:05:00 Secondary Insults Following Pediatric TBI
11:05:00 Mechanisms Underlying Functional Deficits after SCI: Role of Post-Injury Inflammation on Excitotoxic Cell Death
11:10:00 Molecular & Physiological Responses to Juvenile TBI Mayumi Prins
11:10:00 Modulating Intraspinal Plasticity Associated with Pathophysiology of Autonomic Dysreflexia after Spinal Cord Injury
11:15:00 Acute and Chronic Systemic Deficits in Spinal Cord Injury
11:15:00 Serum Biomarkers in Pediatric TBI
12:15:00 Society Business Meeting
12:15:00 Grab & Go Lunch
13:15:00 Strategic Plan Committee Meeting
14:00:00 Nursing Session
14:00:00 PUBLIC EVENT (at Phoenix Children's Hospital) David P. Adelson
14:05:00 Trials & Tribulations of Clinical Trials – How to Run Your Study Effectively
14:10:00 Mild TBI – Who They Are and How to Recruit Them for your Study
14:15:00 Severe Brain Injury/Acute Management
14:20:00 Panel Discussion: Strategies for Taking Knowledge to the Bedside
14:30:00 INTS 2014 Planning Committee Meeting
19:00:00 Awards Ceremony Gala
Wednesday, July 25, 2012
07:00:00 Continental Breakfast
08:00:00 Patient/Caregiver Keynote: "My LIfe, Deleted" Amy K. Wagner, David P. Adelson
08:05:00 Caregiver Perspective
08:10:00 Patient Perspective
09:15:00 Poster Session D  Firas H. Kobeissy
10:30:00 Coffee Break
11:00:00 Open Communications: Clinical / SCI / TBI
12:15:00 Grab & Go Lunch
13:15:00 Cutting-Edge Research in Neurotrauma II Coleen Atkins
13:15:00 Next Generation Imaging Zhifeng Kou
13:20:00 Susceptibility-Weighted Imaging and Mapping (SWIN) on MTBI Zhifeng Kou
13:20:00 MicroRNA Alteration in Neurotrauma
13:25:00 Diffusion Spectrum Imaging
13:25:00 Contrasting Pathological Pathways in Traumatic, Ischemic and Hemorragic Brain Injuries Eng H. Lo
13:30:00 Detection of Altered Tissue Metabolism Following TBI by Volumetric MR Spectroscopic Imaging
13:30:00 Cell Cycle Proteins and TBI
14:30:00 Post-Neurotrauma NeuroRehabilitation Among Civilians and US Veterans Amy K. Wagner, Ross Zafonte
14:30:00 Global TBI Management Practices
14:35:00 TBI in Hungary - Is Outcome Predictable?
14:35:00 Rehabilomics: A Frame Work to Study Neurotrauma Outcome Amy K. Wagner
14:40:00 Chronic Outcome of TBI and Blast Brain Injury Subjects
14:40:00 Neurotrauma in Hong Kong
14:45:00 Severe TBI Patient Mangement in the Acute Setting in China
14:45:00 Use of Neurotechnology in Motor Re-education of Gait Disturbances after Brain Injury Nathan Zasler
14:50:00 Pre- Hospital Challenges in Neurosurgical Emergencies in Developing Countries
15:45:00 Coffee Break
16:15:00 Neurodegeneration after TBI Mayumi Prins
16:20:00 CTE Pathology Overview
16:25:00 CTE Among Athletes and Beyond
16:30:00 Modeling Post-TBI Tauopathy
17:30:00 Closing Remarks 
3D Tissue Models
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