Ourense Conference on Imaging Mass Spectrometry
Laias Caldaria | Hotel Balneario
32459 Laias - Cenlle - Ourense.
Cenlle, Ourense
On behalf of the organizing committee, and COST Action BM1104, we are delighted to welcome you to Ourense, Spain, for the OurCon: Ourense Conference on Imaging Mass Spectrometry.

The conference will be held in September 2012 during days 3rd, 4th and 5th.

We cordially encourage you to attend and contribute to one of the major events of 2012 on the field of imaging mass spectrometry.

We are confident that you will appreciate the scientific program and the city of Ourense.
We look forward to seeing you in 2012 in Ourense.

Conference Subjects

    Tissue preparation

    Instrumentation and making the most of your tools

    Quantification and response normalization

    Data analysis: Turning data into knowledge

    Biomarker discovery and validation

    MS based molecular histology

    Pharmaceuticals and small molecule analysis

    New applications and technologies

    Going forward: Imaging MS resources and standardization


Schedule of Presentations:

Monday, September 3, 2012
09:00:00 Welcome
09:15:00 Imaging MS Primer – a Brief Overview
10:00:00 The Tissue: Sampling, Maintenance and Preparation Isabelle Fournier
10:00:00 Sample Preparation: the Key to Success for MALDI‐MSI
10:30:00 Coffee
11:00:00 Combining Lipidomics and Proteomics by MALDI‐MSI Anna C. Crecelius
11:20:00 MALDI Imaging Mass Spectrometry: Moving Towards High Molecular Weight Proteins Detection. Veronica Mainini
11:40:00 Visualization of Acetylcholine Distribution in Central Nervous System Tissue Sections by Tandem Imaging Mass Spectrometry. Yuki Sugiura
12:00:00 Commercial Presentation : Denator
12:20:00 Lunch and poster session
14:30:00 Instrumentation: Making the Most of Your Tools Josephine Bunch
14:30:00 Optimizing Data Acquisition and Data Handling Methods for MALDI‐MS and MALDI‐MSI of Small Molecules in Tissue. Josephine Bunch
15:00:00 Imaging lipids by FT‐ICR MS: Focus to MALDI, NALDI, DESI and DAPPI Vladimir Havlicek
15:20:00 New Approaches for Mass Spectrometry Imaging
15:40:00 Combining SIMS Imaging Mass Spectrometry and CARS Spectro Microscopy to Reveal Patterns in Developmental Biology Florian Marty
16:00:00 Coffee
16:30:00 Quantitation and Normalization Markus Stoeckli
16:30:00 Quantitation in MALDI‐MSI: What can we learn from MALDI‐SRM/MS? Gérard Hopfgartner
17:00:00 Quantification of Drugs, Small Molecules and Neuropeptides Directly in Tissue Sections Per Andrén
17:20:00 MALDI Imaging of Small Histological Tissue Applied to Ophthalmology: Qualitative and Quantitative Approach in Drug Discovery Gregory Hamm
17:40:00 Semiquantitative Imaging MS: Application to Ischemic Disease and Cancer Models Makoto Suematsu
18:00:00 Shotgun Session. Short Presentations
18:05:00 MALDI‐Imaging as a Powerful Tool for Comparing Various Human Skin States
18:10:00 New Advances for In Situ Protein Identification by MALDI In‐Source Decay FTMS Imaging
18:15:00 MALDI‐MSI and Conventional Proteomic Techniques to Compare Protein Induction in Combretastatin Resistant and Susceptible Tumours Laura M. Cole
18:20:00 Repeat MALDI Analysis of Tissue Sections Provides Additional Information.
18:25:00 MS Imaging of Small Metabolites in Fruits Yonghui Dong
18:30:00 MALDI Imaging and Top Down by MALDI ISD, New Approaches for Glioma Analysis
18:35:00 Commercial Presentation : SunChrom
Tuesday, September 4, 2012
09:00:00 Approaching MALDI Molecular Imaging for Preclinical and Clinical Research: Current State and Fields of Application.
10:00:00 Data Analysis: Turning Data into Knowledge Liam McDonnell
10:00:00 Statistical Tools for MALDI Imaging: Which Technique for Which Question?
10:30:00 Coffee
11:00:00 Imaging Mass Spectrometry Based Molecular Histology: Defining Tissues by MS Profiles Provides New Diagnostic Capabilities
11:20:00 Group Independent Component Analysis (GICA) as a Tool for Discovering Dissimilarities between Tissues in Mass Spectral Imaging
11:40:00 SCiLS Lab: Software for Analysis and Interpretation of Large MALDI‐IMS Datasets Dennis Trede
12:00:00 Commercial Presentation : Bruker Daltonics
12:20:00 Lunch and poster session
14:30:00 Biomarker Discovery and Validation Pierre Chaurand
14:30:00 Exploring the Potential of Phospholipids for Histological Classification of Clinical Samples by MALDI Imaging MS Pierre Chaurand
15:00:00 Imaging Mass Spectrometry – New Possibilities in Pathology Kristina Schwamborn
15:20:00 Protein and Lipid Profiling of Recurrent and Non‐Recurrent Renal Cell Carcinoma Tissues
15:40:00 Imaging Mass Spectrometry Provides Fingerprints for Distinguishing Hepatocellular Carcinoma From Cirrhosis
16:00:00 Coffee
16:30:00 The Cell by Cell Chemical Characterizations of the Brain via Mass Spectrometry: From Profiling to Imaging Jonathan Sweedler
16:30:00 Beyond Morphology: MS Based Molecular Histology Jonathan Sweedler
17:00:00 Molecular Subdivisions in the Mouse Brain as Revealed by Imaging Mass Spectrometry
17:20:00 Intracellular Distribution of Phosphatidylcholine Molecular Species in Neuron Revealed by Imaging Mass Spectrometry
17:40:00 Chemical Imaging of the Sphingolipid and Cholesterol Distribution in the Plasma Membranes of Fibroblast Cells
17:55:00 Shotgun Session. Short Presentations
18:00:00 Compatibility Between Histological Staining and Cluster‐TOF‐SIMS for in situ Lipidomic Studies Alain Brunelle
18:05:00 Study of Breast Cancer Adaptation to Anti‐Angiogenic Therapies by Molecular Imaging on Tissue Slides Jim Cimino
18:10:00 Analysis of Latent Fingermarks by Matrix Assisted Laser Desorption Ionisation Mass Spectrometry Imaging (MALDI‐MSI)
18:15:00 Analysis of the Biocompatibility of Different Intraocular Lens (IOL) Material Using Mass Spectrometry Tissue Imaging
18:20:00 MALDI MSI Analysis of Fingermarks Following Forensic Fingermark Enhancement Techniques (FFET's) Ralph Bradshaw
18:30:00 Commercial Presentation : AB Sciex
20:30:00 Conference Dinner, incl. prize ceremony
Wednesday, September 5, 2012
09:00:00 We Can See ‐ Mass Makes the Difference Markus Stoeckli
10:00:00 MALDI MS Imaging for Pharma: A Multi‐Platform Multi‐Assay Approach Multiplies MSI Successes
10:00:00 Pharmaceuticals and Small Molecules Per Andrén
10:30:00 Coffee
11:00:00 Observing Directly the Distribution of an Inhaled Domain Antibody in Healthy and Infected Mice by MALDI MS Imaging Peter S. Marshall
11:20:00 Mass Spectrometry Imaging Developments for Targeted Drug Treatments
11:40:00 Understanding The Fate Of Administered Drugs
12:00:00 Commercial Presentation : MTB/Horiba
12:20:00 Lunch
14:30:00 Breaking Boundaries in Imaging MS. Ron Heeren
14:30:00 New Applications and Technologies Ron Heeren
15:00:00 The "After‐Life" Experiment ‐ Mass Spectrometry Imaging Used to Demonstrate the "Cycle of Life".
15:20:00 Distribution and Identification and of Molecular Interactions Between Tomato Roots and Bacterial Biofilms.
15:40:00 Spatial Imaging of Retinoids and bis‐Retinoid Adducts in the Eye.
16:00:00 Coffee
16:30:00 Going Forward: Imaging MS Resources, Standardization and Beyond Garry Corthals
16:30:00 ProteoRed, MIAPE and HUPO‐PSI: Experiences with Omics Standardization
17:00:00 European Cooperation in Science and Technology – COST Action BM1104, Entitled “Mass Spectrometry Imaging: New Tools for Healthcare Research” Liam McDonnell
17:20:00 Clinical Testing of Rapid Evaporative Ionization Mass Spectrometry‐Based Intra‐Operative Tissue Identification
17:40:00 Integrating imaging into biomedical research Garry Corthals
18:20:00 Closing remarks
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