Chicago International Breast Course and The Society for the Advancement of Women's Imaging Annual Meeting

Chicago, Illinois
The Institute for Advanced Medical Education and the Society for the Advancement of Women's Imaging will join together to offer the Chicago International Breast Course and the Society for the Advancement of Women's Imaging Annual Meeting.

Schedule of Presentations:

Thursday, October 18, 2012
06:30:00 Registration and Morning Refreshments
06:35:00 Focus on BI-RADS 5th Edition Ellen Mendelson
07:20:00 Welcome and Announcements - Conference Co-Chairs Ellen Mendelson, Marcia C. Javitt
07:30:00 Changes in BI-RADS 5th and Why Edward A. Sickles
08:00:00 Analyzing and Managing Calcifications With BI-RADS with ARS Stephen Feig
08:30:00 BI-RADS for Ultrasound with ARS Ellen Mendelson
09:00:00 BI-RADS for MRI with ARS Gillian Newstead
09:30:00 BI-RADS FAQs: Panel Discussion Using ARS Edward A. Sickles
10:00:00 Coffee Break in Exhibit Area
10:25:00 Focus on Modality Integration Marcia C. Javitt
10:30:00 Anatomy and Physiology of Breast and Axilla: MR Mammography, Ultrasound and MRI
11:15:00 Multimodality Screening Stephen Feig
11:45:00 Using Appropriateness Criteria to Design Workups Lawrence W. Bassett
12:30:00 Lunch on your own
13:30:00 What BI-RADS Category 3 Lesions Are Now Category 2? Wendie Berg
14:00:00 Biopsy of MR Detected Abnormalities: MRI-Guidance, Stereotactic Guidance, or Second Look Ultrasound Gillian Newstead
14:45:00 Coffee Break in Exhibit Area
15:15:00 Breast MRI: A Difficult Childhood Werner Kaiser
15:45:00 Breast MRI: Variations in Technique and Interpretation Werner Kaiser
16:30:00 Round Table Discussion: Workups and Workflow: Too Much, Too Little, or Just Right Lawrence W. Bassett
17:00:00 Adjourn
17:10:00 Optional Evening Workshops
17:15:00 MRI Screening, Diagnostic and Interventional Cases (At Your Own Pace) Gillian Newstead
17:15:00 Automated Ultrasound: Hands On (Siemens and U-Systems) Ellen Mendelson, Stamatia Destounis, Judith A. Wolfman
18:15:00 Opening Reception in Exhibit Area
Friday, October 19, 2012
06:00:00 Optional Morning Workshops
06:05:00 MRI Screening, Diagnostic and Interventional Cases (At Your Own Pace) Gillian Newstead
06:55:00 Automated Ultrasound: Hands On (Siemens and U-Systems) Ellen Mendelson, Stephen Feig, Stamatia Destounis
07:00:00 Morning Refreshments
07:05:00 Focus On Emerging Technologies Marcia C. Javitt
07:50:00 Announcements
08:00:00 Digital Tomosynthesis: How We Can Use It In Clinical Practice Stamatia Destounis
08:30:00 Breast MRI In The Future: Current Research Gillian Newstead
09:00:00 Breast Specific Gamma-Imaging: Dose & Clinical Utilization
09:45:00 Approaches To Automated Ultrasound
10:15:00 Coffee Break in Exhibit Area
10:45:00 Supine Automated Ultrasound: Clinical Experience Ellen Mendelson
11:15:00 PEM Wendie Berg
11:45:00 Elastography (Strain and ShearWave): Necessary in Ultrasound Assessment of Masses?
12:15:00 Lunch on your own
13:10:00 Focus On Breast Cancer and High Rish Lesions Ellen Mendelson
13:15:00 Diagnosis and Management of High Risk Lesions: Mammography, Ultrasound, MRI Cecilia L. Mercado
14:00:00 Non-Calcified DCIS
14:30:00 Triple Negative Breast Cancer: Imaging Characteristics Wei Yang
15:00:00 Pathology and Molecular Biology of Familial Breast Cancer Kalliopi Siziopikou
15:30:00 Coffee Break in Exhibit Area
16:00:00 Inflammatory Breast Lesions Wei Yang
16:30:00 Breast Conservation 2012: What Has Changed Since NSABP B-06 Kevin P. Bethke
17:15:00 Panel Discussion: Controversies in Managing High Risk Lesions with ARS Wei Yang
18:00:00 Adjourn
18:05:00 Optional Evening Workshops
18:10:00 Navigating the Workstation for Automated Ultrasound Ellen Mendelson
18:15:00 MRI Screening Diagnostic and Interventional Cases (At Your Own Pace) Gillian Newstead
Saturday, October 20, 2012
06:45:00 Morning Refreshments
06:55:00 Optional Morning Workshop
07:00:00 Navigating the Workstation for Automated Ultrasound Ellen Mendelson
07:25:00 Focus On Management and Communication Marcia C. Javitt
07:30:00 Review of MRI Workshop Cases with ARS Gillian Newstead
08:30:00 Literacy in Epidemiology and Statistics Pari Pandharipande
09:00:00 Benchmarks and Pay-for-Performance Stephen Feig
09:30:00 Coffee Break in Exhibit Area
09:45:00 ACR: Excellence, Accreditation and Compliance Pamela Wilcox
10:15:00 Economics of Women's Imaging Ruth C. , Carlos
10:45:00 Appropriateness Criteria and Decision Support Tools Susanna Lee
11:15:00 Women's Imaging: High Ticket Lawsuits Robert A. Schmidt
12:00:00 Pearls and Pitfalls in Characterization of Pelvic Masses Amy Thomas Thurmond
12:30:00 Lunch on your own
13:25:00 SAWI: Focus in Gynecologic Imaging Marcia C. Javitt
13:30:00 SAWI Keynote Introduction Marcia C. Javitt
13:35:00 Advances in Gynecologic Imaging: Combining Morphology and Function Evis Sala
14:15:00 Update on Ovarian Cancer Screening Pari Pandharipande
14:45:00 Coffee Break in Exhibit Area
15:00:00 Revised FIGO Staging of Uterine Malignancies: Implications for MR Imaging Evis Sala
15:30:00 Update on PET CT and Gynecologic Imaging Susanna Lee
16:00:00 New Techniques In Radiation Oncology for Gynecologic Malignancy Nina A. Mayr
16:30:00 Update on Uterine Artery Embolization Susan M. Ascher
17:00:00 Osteoporosis Evaluation And Treatment Donald M. Bachman
17:45:00 Adjourn
Sunday, October 21, 2012
07:00:00 Morning Refreshments
07:55:00 SAWI: Focus on Inferttility, Fertility, and Pregnancy Ellen Mendelson
08:00:00 Sonohysterography: Technical Pointers and Practical Value Anna S. Lev-Toaff
08:30:00 Fallopian Tube Recanalization and Permanent Tubal Sterilization Amy Thomas Thurmond
09:00:00 Imaging of Contraceptive Devices Anna S. Lev-Toaff
09:30:00 Imaging Appropriateness in Pregnancy Phyllis Glanc
10:00:00 Infertility Marcia C. Javitt
10:30:00 Coffee Break
10:45:00 Vaginal Bleeding in Early Pregnancy Jade Wong-You-Cheong
11:15:00 Postpartum Complications Including RPOC
11:45:00 Imaging Obese Patients in Pregnancy: Problems and Solutions Phyllis Glanc
12:15:00 Fetal Therapy (Including Exit Procedure) Manjiri Dighe
12:45:00 Lumch on your own
13:45:00 Imaging of Abnormal Placentation Manjiri Dighe
14:15:00 Transperineal Sonography of the Pelvic Floor Arthur , C. Fleischer
14:45:00 Imaging Evaluation Before and After Gastric Bypass Jade Wong-You-Cheong
15:15:00 Adjourn
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