Georgetown University Hospital: Diabetic Limb Salvage
JW Marriott Hotel Washington, DC
1331 Pennsylvania Avenue NW
Washington, DC
Georgetown University Hospital: Diabetic Limb Salvage 
1331 Pennsylvania Avenue NW
JW Marriott Hotel Washington, DC

Schedule of Presentations:

Thursday, October 11, 2012
08:00:00 Opening Remarks
08:05:00 Defining the New Health Care Landscape
08:25:00 Accountable Care Organizations: Steven M. Lieberman
08:45:00 The Role of Subacute Care in Managing Complex Patients:
09:25:00 EMR: Helping Take Care of Patients and Evaluating Outcomes Caroline E. Fife
09:45:00 Break
10:00:00 ICD-10: How Will 125,000 New Diagnoses and Procedure Codes Influence Our Practice of Medicine
10:20:00 Compliance, Audits, and Safety: Optimizing Clinical Outcomes in the Face of Diminishing Revenue Stephen Evans
10:40:00 Expanding the Horizons of Patient and Wound Management with Telemedicine and Wound Specialists System-Wide Network Luc Téot
11:00:00 Discussion / Q&A
15:45:00 Charcot Arthropathy: Can We Alter the Course of This Disease Process? William Jeffcoate
16:05:00 Diagnosing the Charcot Foot: Pitfalls and Pearls Michael Edmonds
16:25:00 Examining the Role of Conservative Care in the Management of Charcot Foot Lee J. Sanders
16:45:00 Internal Fixation of the Charcot Foot and Ankle Dane K Wukich
17:05:00 External Fixation of the Charcot Foot and Ankle
17:25:00 Salvage vs. Amputation: When Is It Time to Come Down from the Mountain? Paul S. Cooper
17:45:00 Discussion / Q&A
20:00:00 Comedy performance of political satire by The Capitol Steps
Friday, October 12, 2012
08:00:00 MedStar Georgetown University Hospital Center for Wound Healing Tour
08:00:00 Non-Invasive Diagnosis of Vascular Disease: The Role of the Vascular Lab Alan T. Hirsch
08:20:00 DLS: Options for Revascularization: Endo and Open in Diabetics Joseph L. Mills Sr
08:40:00 Limb Salvage for Overwhelming Diabetic Vascular Disease: Making the Best of Limited Resources
09:00:00 LIVE CASE Session I: Endovascular Revascularization from the Cath Lab Jay Gibbons
09:25:00 Break / Exhibits
09:55:00 The Critical Role of Revascularization in DLS and How to Get Long Lasting Results
10:15:00 Live Case I Recap
10:30:00 Functional Limb Salvage: It's Not All about Length Peter R. Cavanagh
10:50:00 LIVE CASE Session II: Wound Care and Limb Salvage Surgery John S. Steinberg
11:10:00 Stop the Nonsense and Just Do the TMA
11:30:00 Role of Chopart/Lisfranc/Symes Amputations Michael S Pinzur
11:50:00 Live Case II Recap
12:00:00 Georgetown Distinguished Achievement Award in Diabetic Limb Salvage Andrew J.M. Boulton
12:15:00 Lunch/Exhibits
13:45:00 Diagnosis and Management of Diabetic Foot Osteomyelitis Benjamin A. Lipsky
14:05:00 LIVE CASE Session III: Open Lower Extremity Bypass
14:35:00 Regional Blocks to Facilitate the Case and the Pain after the Case… Chester Buckenmaier III
14:55:00 LIVE CASE Session IV: Wound Care and Limb Salvage Surgery Christopher E. Attinger, Karen Kim Evans
15:25:00 Break / Exhibits
15:55:00 Live Case III and IV Recaps
16:25:00 AKA vs BKA: Achieving The Best Functional Limb Michael S Pinzur
16:45:00 How to Deal with Body Image after Amputation? David B. Sarwer
17:05:00 Advocacy, Peer Support, and Technology:
17:25:00 Management of Chronic Post-Operative Pain and RSD/CRPS in the Lower Extremity Ivica Ducic
17:45:00 Patients Perspective Panel: Turning the Tables on the DLS Discussion
18:15:00 Poster Abstract Review with Authors
Saturday, October 13, 2012
07:00:00 Innovation in Single Use NPWT: Enhancing Patient Satisfaction and Economic Outcomes
08:00:00 Hands-On Workshops John S. Steinberg, Mark R. Abbruzzese, Lawrence B. Harkless
09:00:00 Putting Achilles Tendon Lengthening in Perspective Michael J. Mueller
09:20:00 Offloading in the Intact and the Amputated Foot: What Works David L. Armstrong
09:40:00 Controlling Edema: When and How
10:00:00 Discussion / Q&A
10:10:00 Break/Exhibits
10:40:00 Destroying Biofilm: What Works Priscilla Phillips
10:55:00 Is PCR Guided Antibiotic Gel a Hoax? An Update
11:00:00 Healing by Secondary Intention and Role of NPWT: Stephen J. Kovach III
11:25:00 Simple Reconstruction: Delayed Primary Closure, STSG, Neodermis Elan Colen
11:40:00 From Random to Perforator Flaps
11:55:00 Extreme Micro Surgery for Diabetic Limb Salvage Joon Pio Hong
12:20:00 Discussion / Q&A
12:30:00 Lunch/Exhibits
13:30:00 Traversing the Lesion:
13:45:00 Subintimal Angioplasty:
14:00:00 When and How to Use Stent Grafts in the SFA David H. Deaton
14:15:00 Laser Atherectomy
14:25:00 Rotational Atherectomy: No Need to Use Emolic Protection
14:35:00 Rotational Atherectomy: Which Device, What Lesion?
14:45:00 Directional Atherectomy James F. McKinsey
14:55:00 Panel Discussion / Q&A
15:20:00 Percutaneous Pedal Access: Techniques and Tips
15:40:00 Pressure Wires, IVUS, and Embolic Protection: Overkill or Vital Adjunct? When? David H. Deaton
16:00:00 Long Tibial Occlusions: When Is It Worthwhile? How? Joseph L. Mills Sr
16:20:00 Aortoiliac Occlusions: Which Devices? How to Use Them Niten Singh
16:40:00 Stents: What We've Learned, What to Use, Where We're Going Peter Schneider
17:00:00 Panel Discussion/ Q&A
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