11th Cytokines and Inflammation
The Westin Gaslamp Quarter San Diego
910 Broadway Circle
San Diego, CA
11th Cytokines and Inflammation
Global Technology Community 
San Diego

Schedule of Presentations:

Thursday, January 31, 2013
06:00:00 Targeting the BAFF Axis in Systemic Autoimmune Diseases William Stohl
07:00:00 Continental Breakfast & Registration
07:55:00 Welcome & Opening Remarks
08:00:00 Development of Peginterferon Lambda for the Treatment of Chronic Hepatitis C and Hepatitis B Juan Carlos Lopez-Talavera
08:35:00 Differential Responsiveness of Human Hepatocytes and Blood Leukocytes to Interferon-alpha and -lambda Raymond Donnelly
09:25:00 Targeting the Common Gamma Chain Receptor (CD132) as an Anti-inflammatory Therapeutic
09:50:00 Morning Networking Break
10:30:00 Potential Role of IL-20 in the Pathogenesis of Rheumatoid Arthritis Ian Ahnfelt-Ronne
10:55:00 Targeting SCF in Chronic Pulmonary Disease Nicholas W. Lukacs
11:20:00 Therapeutic Targeting of the Chemokine System Amanda E.I. Proudfoot Fichard
11:45:00 Mucosal Delivery of IL-27 Attenuates Murine Enterocolitis via T Cell-derived IL-10 Scott K. Durum
12:10:00 Lunch on Your Own
13:45:00 Modeling the Distinct Roles for IL-23 and IL-17 in Inflammatory Bowel Disease Using mdr1a-/- Mice Jennifer Towne
14:10:00 Formylpeptide Receptor2 Contributes to Colon Epithelial Homeostasis, Inflammation, and Tumorigenesis Ji Ming Wang
14:35:00 CD8 T Cell Derived IFN-g – nipping Respiratory Viral Replication in the Epithelial Bud Shahram Salek-Ardakani
15:00:00 Lung Fibrosis and iBALT Formation: A Connection Through gp130 Cytokines? Carl D. Richards
15:25:00 Afternoon Networking Break
15:55:00 PRESENTATION Robert Umek
16:20:00 IL-17 Signaling in Autoimmunity Xiaoxia Li
16:45:00 Alternative Splicing in the Human IL-23 Receptor Modifies the Development of Functional Th17 cells Grant Gallagher
17:10:00 Coordinate Regulation of Lipid Metabolism and Inflammation by the Liver X Receptors Steven Bensinger
17:35:00 Novel Therapeutics to Target Cancer Inflammation Hua Yu
18:00:00 Networking Reception and Poster Session
Friday, February 1, 2013
06:00:00 New Presentation
07:30:00 Continental Breakfast
08:00:00 Mast Cell-derived Cytokines Induce Tolerogenic Properties in Dendritic Cells Arthur A. Hurwitz
08:25:00 Emerging Biology of TWEAK/Fn14 Pathway in Neuromuscular Diseases Timothy S. Zheng
08:50:00 BAFF-R Signaling in Normal and Malignant B Cells Robert C. Rickert
09:15:00 New Solutions for Comparative Biomarker Analysis: Luminex Technology and Flow Cytometry
09:40:00 Anti-tumor Effects of Alarmins Joost J. Oppenheim
10:15:00 Morning Networking Break
10:45:00 Th2 Mediators and Innate Immune Cells in Particulate-induced Inflammation Christopher T. Migliaccio
11:10:00 Host Response to Chronic Interferon-gamma Expression: Lessons Being Learned from Mouse Models Howard A. Young
11:35:00 Ubiquitination Regulates TNF Family Signaling Domagoj Vucic
12:00:00 Oral Presentations from Exemplary Submitted Abstracts
12:30:00 Lunch Provided by GTC
13:30:00 Targeting Cytokines in the Appropriate Patient Subsets
13:55:00 Killing from within, PEG-IL-10 Activates Tumor Resident CD8 T Cells Martin Oft
14:45:00 A microRNA-directed Program of Effector CD8+ T Cell Differentiation Sara Trifari
15:35:00 Oral Presentations from Exemplary Submitted Abstracts
16:00:00 Conference Concludes
3D Tissue Models
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