The International Congress on Oncological Perspectives of Fertility Preservation: Gynecological & Breast Cancer (OP/FP)
Andel's Hotel Berlin
Landsberger Allee 106
Berlin, Germany
The International Congress on Oncological Perspectives of Fertility Preservation: Gynecological & Breast Cancer (OP/FP)
Comtec Med Medical Congresses
Andel's Hotel Berlin
Landsberger Allee 106

Schedule of Presentations:

Thursday, March 21, 2013
15:30:00 Opening Session Amir Arav, A Schneider, Zeev Shoham
15:30:00 Why is fertility preservation not yet available to all suitable survivors?
16:00:00 Cryotechnology – What is next? Amir Arav
16:30:00 Fertility preservation - What options do we really have? Sherman Silber
17:00:00 Coffee Break
17:30:00 Opening Session (Continued) Amir Arav, A Schneider, Zeev Shoham
17:30:00 Science fiction or future reality? Producing gametes from stem cells and somatic cells
17:50:00 How to select the patient for fertility preservation?
18:10:00 Reimplantation of cryopreserved ovarian tissue taken from patients with various malignant diseases: Is it safe?! Marie-Madeleine Dolmans
18:30:00 Welcome Reception
Friday, March 22, 2013
06:00:00 F.P for BRCA carriers Rachel Michaelson‐Cohen
08:30:00 The possibility to vitrify egg, embryo and creating the suitable bank Ana Cobo
08:30:00 The Techniques Available Today for Cryopreservation
08:50:00 Fresh and frozen ovary transplant results Sherman Silber
09:10:00 Can we transplant ovarian tissue from cancer patients?
09:30:00 Pregnancy from frozen pieces of ovary Jacques DONNEZ
09:50:00 Questions and Answers
10:00:00 Coffee Break
10:30:00 Evaluating and Protecting Ovarian Reserve
10:30:00 Evaluation of Ovarian Reserve: Application to clinical practice
11:00:00 GnRH Treatment before chemotherapy as an ovarian protection Zeev Blumenfeld
11:30:00 Function of ovaries following transposition and pelvic irradiation
12:00:00 The role of IVM in cancer patients
12:30:00 Lunch Break
13:30:00 F.P. in Endometrial Cancer and Ovarian Cancer
13:30:00 Early endometrial cancer
13:50:00 Epithlial ovarian cancer
14:10:00 Borderline tumor and none epithelial cancer Philippe MORICE
14:30:00 Case presentation
14:50:00 Questions and Answers
15:00:00 Coffee Break
15:30:00 The context of fertility preservation in breast cancer patients
15:30:00 F.P. in Breast Cancer
16:00:00 Diminished ovarian reserve in breast cancer patients with BRACA1 mutation
17:00:00 Stimulation for egg retrieval (IVF) in cancer patients before starting treatment
Saturday, March 23, 2013
08:30:00 HPV Infection and Fertility Preservation
08:30:00 Vaccination
09:00:00 Tissue sparing surgery
09:30:00 Photodynamic therapy Peter Hillemanns
10:00:00 Therapeutic vaccination
10:30:00 Coffee Break
11:00:00 Cervix Cancer: Principles, Patient Selection, Surgical Techniques and Pregnancy Outcome Nadeem Abu-Rustum
11:00:00 Radical Vaginal Trachelectomy
11:30:00 Radical Abdominal Trachelectomy Nadeem Abu-Rustum
12:00:00 Radical Abdominal Trachelectomy for stage 1B2
12:30:00 Case presentation
3D Tissue Models
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