Autophagy: Molecular mechanism, physiology and pathology
Trollfjord leaves Bergen
Trollfjord, Norway
Autophagy: Molecular mechanism, physiology and pathology
EMBO Excellence In Life Science
Trollfjord leaves Bergen

Schedule of Presentations:

Sunday, May 5, 2013
16:00:00 Registration
18:00:00 Welcome - Anne Simonsen
18:10:00 Use of inhibitors and cargo assays to dissect autophagic-lysosomal pathways: An autophagobiography Per O. Seglen
19:00:00 Novel Atg proteins in yeast” Yoshinori Ohsumi
19:30:00 Dinner and Welcome reception
20:00:00 Departure Bergen
Monday, May 6, 2013
05:30:00 Autophagy and cell polarity Patrice Codogno
09:00:00 The mechanism and regulation of macroautophagy
09:30:00 Signaling pathways regulating autophagy Adi Kimchi
10:00:00 Role and function of the Atg1 kinase in autophagy Claudine Kraft
10:30:00 Coffee break
11:00:00 Links between EGFR Signaling, Beclin 1, and Lung Cancer Beth Levine
11:30:00 Short talk (from abstract)
11:50:00 Short talk (from abstract)
12:10:00 Lunch plus free time (ship in Ålesund)
15:00:00 A transcriptional link between cellular clearance and energy metabolism Andrea Ballabio
15:30:00 Control of autophagosome maturation by sphingolipids Marja Jäättelä
16:00:00 Atg proteins in cell growth and autophagy Tomas Neufeld
16:30:00 Short talk (from abstracts)
17:00:00 Coffee break
18:00:00 Short talk (from abstracts)
18:20:00 Meet the speakers/table discussions
19:15:00 Dinner
20:30:00 Poster session I: “Regulators of autophagy and autophagosome biogenesis”
Tuesday, May 7, 2013
06:00:00 Ship in Trondheim
09:00:00 Insights in to membrane dynamics in autophagy Tamotsu Yoshimori
09:30:00 Autophagosome formation and maturation Noboru Mizushima
10:00:00 Short talk (from abstracts)
10:30:00 Coffee break
11:00:00 Visualizing autophagosome biogenesis at high resolution Eeva-Liisa Eskelinen
11:30:00 Short talk (from abstracts)
11:50:00 Short talk (from abstracts)
12:10:00 Lunch and free time
15:00:00 Regulation of early steps in autophagosome biogenesis David C Rubinsztein
15:30:00 Autophagosome biogenesis in yeast
16:00:00 Coffee break
16:30:00 Autophagosome biogenesis: Insights from reconstitution
17:00:00 Autophagic lysosome reformation".Short talk (from abstracts) Li Yu
17:30:00 Short talk (from abstracts)
17:50:00 Short talk (from abstracts)
18:00:00 Meet the speakers/table discussions
19:00:00 Dinner
20:30:00 poster session II – “Vps34, PI3P and autophagosome biogenesis”
Wednesday, May 8, 2013
07:00:00 The ship passes the Artic Circle
07:45:00 The ship passes ”Rødøyløva”
09:10:00 Ship approaching Ørnes
09:30:00 The role of Vps34-independent PI3P sources in autophagy Gilbert Di Paolo
10:00:00 Regulation of autophagy by PI3P and calcium
10:30:00 Short talk (from abstracts)
10:50:00 Coffee break
11:15:00 Structural and functional characterization of PROPPINs
11:45:00 Differential functions of human WIPI proteins in phagophore formation Tassula Proikas-Cezanne
12:15:00 Lunch and free time
15:00:00 Development of specific inhibitors of selective and non-selective autophagy Ivan Dikic
15:30:00 Functional differences define the Atg8 family members Zvulun Elazar
16:00:00 Coffee break - ship passes ”Landegode fyr
16:30:00 Cargo adaptors and receptors Terje Johansen
17:00:00 Chaperone-mediated autophagy in quality control and cellular metabolism Ana Maria Cuervo
17:30:00 ship passes “Lofotveggen”
17:45:00 Poster session III - “Selective autophagy and disease”
20:00:00 Dinner
21:00:00 ship in Svolvær – “the capital of Lofoten”
23:00:00 sailing through “Raftsundet” and “Trollfjorden” (a must see)
Thursday, May 9, 2013
06:00:00 New Presentation
06:30:00 Arrival Tromsø
09:30:00 Roles of Ambra1 and autophagy in regulatory T cells differentiation Francesco Cecconi
10:00:00 Autophagy in hematopoeisis, stem cells and AML Anna Katharina Simon
10:30:00 Coffee (King Neptun)
11:00:00 Autophagy in host-pathogen interactions Felix Randow
11:30:00 Alfy and the brain Ai Yamamoto
21:00:00 A specialized lipid platform for assembly of autophagic machinery: lessons from immunity Vojo Deretic
3D Tissue Models
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