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Hyatt Regency Cambridge
Overlooking Boston 575 Memorial Dr.
Cambridge, USA
NGS Translate
Hyatt Regency Cambridge
Overlooking Boston 575 Memorial Dr.

Schedule of Presentations:

Tuesday, May 28, 2013
08:00:00 Workshop A: Increasing the Usability of Different Data Sets to Facilitate Intuitive Handling and Integration of Genomic Information Chris Dwan
12:00:00 Workshop B: Using Next Generation Sequencing as a Novel Diagnostic Modality Nazneen Aziz
15:30:00 Workshop C: Improving & Standardizing Pipelines to Facilitate Implementation of Genomic Analysis in the Clinic Gholson Lyon, Christopher Mason
Wednesday, May 29, 2013
07:15:00 Registration, Coffee & Networking
07:55:00 Chairman’s Opening Remarks: Seth Crosby
08:00:00 KEYNOTE: How do you Incorporate Clinical, Genomic and Variation Data to Make Better Clinical Diagnoses?
08:30:00 Utilizing High-Throughput Targeted Sequencing to Accelerate Clinical Development of Oncology Biomarkers and Targeted Therapy
09:00:00 How to Assess Whether to Use NGS on a Project by Project Basis
09:30:00 Morning Refreshments & Speed Networking
11:00:00 Ensuring the Generation of High Quality NGS Data Weida Tong
11:00:00 Combined Analysis of NGS data with SILAC for Target Identification
11:00:00 Next Generation Sequencing in Medical Practice: Considerations for Healthcare Providers
11:30:00 Ensuring Tissue Samples are Suitably Stabilized for NGS Analyses Shashikant Kulkarni
12:00:00 Regulatory Challenges to Implementing Lab Developed Tests (LDTs) in the Clinic
12:00:00 Whole-Genome Reference Materials for Understanding NGS Performance Marc Salit
12:00:00 The Impact of Next Generation Sequencing Panels on Personalized Medicine
12:30:00 Taking the Fight Against Cancer Personally Elda Railey
12:40:00 Whole-Genome Reference Materials for Understanding NGS Performance Marc Salit
13:10:00 Lunch & Networking
14:30:00 Optimizing Tools in NGS and Bioinformatics Data Analysis Meredith Yeager, Gholson Lyon
15:00:00 Analysis of NGS Data for Pediatric Cancer Genomes: Discoveries, Challenges and Lessons we’ve Learned Jinghui Zhang , Bhupinder Bhullar, Jonathan Pevsner
15:30:00 Exploiting NGS Data to Gain Fundamental Insights into Widespread Allele Specific Epigenetic Variations in the Human Genome Brian Dougherty
16:00:00 Afternoon Refreshments & Networking
16:30:00 Use of Next Generation Sequencing Technologies to Assess Allelic Expression Imbalance in Disease-Associated Genes
17:00:00 Targeted Re-Sequencing of Patient Samples to Identify Disease Associated Genes
17:30:00 Clinical Application of NGS for Non-invasive Cancer Diagnostics Today Anthony P. Shuber
18:00:00 Chairman’s Closing Remarks
18:05:00 Poster Session
Thursday, May 30, 2013
06:00:00 New Presentation
06:00:00 New Presentation
07:45:00 Registration, Coffee & Networking
08:25:00 Chairman’s Opening Remarks: Seth Crosby
08:30:00 Challenges and Applications for NGS in Translational Oncology
08:30:00 Application of NGS to Identify Actionable Mutations Responsible for Drug Resistance Zhongming Zhao
09:00:00 Confirmation and Clinical Validation of Disease-Associated Candidate Genes in Heterogeneous Tissues using Quantitative in situ Hybridization
09:30:00 Confirmation and clinical validation of disease-associated candidate genes in heterogeneous tissues using quantitative in situ hybridization
09:30:00 Exome Sequencing to Identify Genes Contributing to Pain Sensitivity in the Normal Population
10:00:00 Morning Refreshments & Speed Networking
10:30:00 Application of NGS Data in Early Drug Development
10:30:00 Molecular Diagnosis of Monogenic Diabetes Mellitus using NGS
11:00:00 Managing NGS Data at the Petabyte Scale: Infrastructure, Operation, and Oversight
11:00:00 Mining Genomics of Engineered Models for Translational Oncology
11:00:00 Clinical Utility of Whole Genome Sequencing in a Healthy Adult and Implications for Public Genomics
11:30:00 Experimenting with Life Sciences Data Cloud
11:30:00 Development and Testing of a Method for Pathogen Detection by NGS
11:30:00 Rapid and Sensitive Detection and Confirmation of Clinically Actionable Mutations in FFPE and FNA Tumor Biopsies using Orthogonal NGS Technologies
12:00:00 Panel Discussion: How can we Speed up the Transition from Interesting Research to Integration into the Clinic? Shashikant Kulkarni, Anthony P. Shuber
12:00:00 Successful Biomarker Discovery in Clinical Trials Elena Izmailova
12:00:00 Cloud Computing and Large Scale Computing in the Life Sciences: Opportunities for Large Scale Sequence Processing
12:30:00 Lunch & Networking
13:45:00 Using Novel Computational Algorithms to Understand Cancer Mutations and Tumor Evolution
13:45:00 The Microbiome and NGS Data: A Pharmaceutical Perspective
14:15:00 The Next Generation Hallmarks of Lung Adenocarcinoma: Identification of Novel Oncogenic Mutants with NGS Screens Marcin Imielinski
14:15:00 In Vivo Dynamics of the Microbiota: Development of Computational Models for Time Series Analyses Lynn Bry, Naomi Aronson
14:45:00 Integrating Diverse Types of Data to Search for New Therapeutic Strategies for Diseases Ernest Fraenkel, Naomi Aronson, Dirk Gevers
15:15:00 Afternoon Refreshments & Networking
15:45:00 Panel: To Outsource or not to Outsource? Working Effectively with Technology Providers James Cai
16:15:00 Challenges and Applications for NGS in Translational Oncology
3D Tissue Models
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