Molecular Diagnostics for Cancer Drug Development

Boston , Massachusetts
The 5th annual Molecular Dx: Cancer Drug Development will teach you how to apply the game changing techniques that are accelerating the development of personalized cancer treatment. Up to date clinical results and real-world case studies from your peers give you the clearest route to success in personalized cancer drug development.

Schedule of Presentations:

Wednesday, June 19, 2013
06:00:00 New Presentation
06:00:00 New Presentation
07:45:00 Registration and breakfast
08:30:00 Chairman’s opening remarks
08:45:00 Navigating the commercial landscape of personalized oncology drug development
09:15:00 Companion diagnostic success: Biomarker discovery to global commercialization
09:45:00 Big Data + analytics = precision diagnoses and better outcomes Mark S Boguski
10:15:00 Speed networking
11:15:00 Morning Refreshments
11:45:00 Molecular Dx in cancer drug development: Why it’s challenging Abdel Halim
11:45:00 Harnessing signalling pathways for biomarker discovery Joerg Heyer
12:15:00 The importance of building a technology infrastructure andworkflow for the optimization of MDx development
12:15:00 Biomarker selection in the development of two novel compound combinations
12:45:00 Networking lunch Richard Buller
12:45:00 Networking lunch
13:45:00 Examining the effects of optimized validation strategies on clinical development study size and timeframes
14:15:00 Molecular imaging in oncology: Will it deliver the goods? Peter Choyke
14:15:00 Tackling the verification and validation bottlenecks: Why are we still facing challenges?
14:45:00 Best practice in integration of state-of-the-art biomarker strategies
14:45:00 Incorporating biomarker strategies early on in oncology programs Tammie Yeh
15:15:00 Panel session: Mass spectrometry technique advancement & what this means for biomarker validation Carol Berry, Michael Hodsdon
15:45:00 Afternoon refreshments and networking
15:45:00 New approaches & technologies in assay development & qualification for oncology
16:15:00 Sponsored Session
16:45:00 Afternoon refreshments and networking
16:45:00 Examining routes and options for regulatory approval success in personalized medicine
17:15:00 Charting the true effects of recent healthcare legislation on personalized medicine Mark Kass
17:45:00 Ensuring product quality standards across FDA/CLIA labs for MDx tests and IVD systems
18:15:00 Chairman’s closing remarks and end of day one
18:30:00 Networking drinks reception
Thursday, June 20, 2013
06:00:00 New Presentation
06:00:00 New Presentation
06:00:00 New Presentation
06:00:00 New Presentation
07:30:00 Registration and breakfast
08:00:00 Chairman’s opening remarks
08:15:00 Clinical trial design in the age of personalized medicine
08:45:00 CDx – and evolving value proposition Cyrus Arman
09:15:00 Current trends and challenges facing innovation and commercialization of personalized medicine Katherine Bonter
09:45:00 Regulatory and partnering considerations in companion diagnostics
10:15:00 Panel session: Allaying fears and ending uncertainties regarding reimbursement - What does the industry need in terms of knowledge and support?
10:45:00 Morning refreshments and networking
11:15:00 Bridging genomics and cancer diagnostic development: What gaps still remain?
11:15:00 Phospho flow pharmacodynamic assays for clinical trials Shidong Jia
11:45:00 Applying novel genomic techniques and methodologies in development of novel diagnostics for breast cancer Alexander Miron
11:45:00 A roadmap for ensuring the highest standards of performance in MDx clinical trials
12:15:00 Networking Lunch
12:15:00 Networking Lunch
13:15:00 Winning the genomic technology arms race: A technical and commercial perspective
13:15:00 Designing and conducting trials using predictive diagnostic PET-imaging agents
13:45:00 I-SPY-2 & the role of imaging biomarkers in the clinical setting
13:45:00 Developing multi-gene molecular panels using next generation sequencing platforms Marina Nikiforova
14:15:00 Supporting personalized cancer patient care in and behind the trenches
14:15:00 Using DNA methylation of specific genes as molecular diagnostics David Shames
14:45:00 Afternoon refreshments and networking
14:45:00 Afternoon refreshments and networking
15:15:00 The vital importance of increasing patient access to personalized therapies: A physician’s roadmap Timothy J. Yeatman
15:45:00 Adapting patient care to the personalized medicine environment
16:15:00 Chairman’s closing remarks and close of conference
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