Probiotics, Prebiotics, and the Host Microbiome: The Science of Translation

New York, New York
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Schedule of Presentations:

Wednesday, June 12, 2013
07:45:00 Registration, Poster Set-up, and Continental Breakfast
08:30:00 Opening Remarks Brooke Grindlinger, Mandana Arabi, Patricia L. Hibberd, Colin Hill
08:45:00 Economic Assessment of Disease Reduction and Prevention — Challenges & Perspectives for Probiotics and Prebiotics John Hutton
09:15:00 Impact of Antibiotic Exposures on the Developing Microbiota Martin J. Blaser
09:45:00 Networking Coffee Break
10:15:00 Microbiome Assembly in Early Childhood David A. Relman
10:45:00 When the Programming Goes Awry: Diabetes, Obesity, and Beyond Patrice D. Cani
11:15:00 Translating Research into Public Policy Harry Burns
11:40:00 Open Discussion Gregor Reid, Harry Burns, David A. Mills
12:30:00 Luncheon
13:30:00 How Bacteria Can Influence Brain Development, Circuitry, and Behavior Jane A. Foster
14:00:00 Prebiotic Supplementation Alters Hypothalamic Neuronal Activity and Protects Against the Obesogenic Environment Gary Frost
14:30:00 Early Career Investigator Presentation
14:45:00 Beneficial Effects of Prebiotics and Probiotics on the Gut-Brain Axis and Regulation of Body Weight Helen E. Raybould
15:00:00 Early Career Investigator Presentation
15:15:00 Impact of a Short Chain Galactooligosaccharide on the Human Microbiome and Symptoms of Lactose-Intolerant Individuals Todd Klaenhammer
15:30:00 Networking Coffee Break
16:00:00 Getting Serious: Defining a Critical Path for Microbiome Products
16:20:00 From Yoghurt to Vaccine for the Developing World Gregor Reid, Patricia L. Hibberd
16:40:00 Fecal Transplantation for Obesity and Type 2 Diabetes Mellitus Max Nieuwdorp
17:00:00 Faecalibacterium prausnitzii and other Bioactive Commensals for Immune-Mediated Diseases
17:20:00 Overcoming the Regulatory Roadblocks to Non-Drug Applications of Microbiome-Based Health Interventions Fred H. Degnan
17:40:00 Closing Remarks Mary Ellen Sanders
18:00:00 Networking Reception and Poster Session
19:30:00 Conference Adjourns
3D Tissue Models
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