AC.CES 2013
RWTH Super-C building
Templergraben 57
Aachen, Germany
AC.CES 2013 
Aachen Institute for Advanced Study in Computational Engineering Science
RWTH Super-C building
Templergraben 57

Schedule of Presentations:

Monday, September 9, 2013
09:15:00 Stochastic Model Reduction with Basis and Measure Adaptation Roger G. Ghanem
10:05:00 Coffee Break
10:35:00 Sparse Adaptive Smolyak Quadrature Approach to Bayesian Inverse Problems Christoph Schwab
11:25:00 Scalable Gaussian Process Analysis for Uncertainty Quantification Mihai Anitescu
12:15:00 On-Site Luncheon / Social
14:00:00 On the control of 1-D hyperbolic systems Jean Michel Coron
14:40:00 Coffee Break
15:20:00 Preconditioning for PDE-Constrained Optimization Ekkehard Sachs
16:10:00 Adjoint-based solution approaches for large-scale inverse electromagnetic scattering problems Andrea Walther
17:30:00 City Tour (registration till August 01, 2013)
20:00:00 On-Site Registration open
20:45:00 Welcome / Introduction
Tuesday, September 10, 2013
09:00:00 A Computational Framework for Tracking Boundary Layers with Embedded Boundary Methods for Fluid-Structure Interaction Charbel Farhat
09:50:00 Coffee Break
10:20:00 A-Posteriori Error Analysis for PDE-Constrained Optimization Stefan Volkwein
11:10:00 Hybrid Fourier-WENO Methods for Conservation Laws Jan S. Hesthaven
12:00:00 Poster Session / Social
15:00:00 Data-based Simulations of Organogenesis: Computational Challenges & Perspectives Dagmar Iber
15:50:00 Modelling Coordinated Cell Invasive Processes in Biology Philip Maini
16:40:00 Coffee Break
17:10:00 Computational challenges in statistical genomics - a biologist's perspective Yurii Aulchenko
19:30:00 Conference Dinner
Wednesday, September 11, 2013
09:00:00 Optical Flow on Evolving Surfaces Otmar Scherzer
09:50:00 Coffee Break
10:20:00 Nonsmooth Cahn-Hilliard Problems: Integrated Adaptive Finite Elements, Moreau-Yosida Regularization, And Optimal Control Michael Hintermüller
11:10:00 Variational Methods in 3+D Biomedical Imaging Martin Burger
12:00:00 On-Site Luncheon / Social
13:30:00 In silico design of hierarchical bioinspired materials: Integrating theory and experiment Markus J. Bühler
14:20:00 Nonequilibrium Thermodynamics as a Guide for Modeling and Simulation Hans Christian Öttinger
15:15:00 Coffee Break
15:40:00 Developing Coarse-Grained Models for the Molecular Simulation of the Self Assembly of Lipids Clare McCabe
16:30:00 Closing Remarks / Farewell Session
3D Tissue Models
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