3D Tissue Models
11th International Conference on Biology and Synchrotron Radiation (BSR)
Grand Elysée Hotel

Hamburg, Germany
11th International Conference on Biology and Synchrotron Radiation (BSR) 
Grand Elysée Hotel 

Schedule of Presentations:

Sunday, September 8, 2013
06:30:00 Automation and robotics at ESRF Structural Biology beamlines
14:00:00 Registration/snacks
16:00:00 Opening words
16:15:00 Keynote Lecture Jochen R. Schneider
17:00:00 Session 1 - Synchrotron Instrumentation Robert F. Fischetti
17:00:00 Diamond Light Source Ltd, United Kingdom Gwyndaf Evans
17:30:00 Time-resolved Small-Angle Scattering Experiments in Sub-millisecond Range Naoto Yagi
18:00:00 The Single Particles, Clusters and Biomolecules (SPB) Instrument of the European XFEL Adrian Mancuso
18:15:00 Selected Talk
19:10:00 Selected Talk
19:30:00 Get together
Monday, September 9, 2013
06:00:00 New Presentation
06:20:00 Macromolecular Crystallography Beamlines at SSRF
06:40:00 Free evening
08:30:00 Complexomics - Expanding the research tool-box for multiprotein complexes Imre Berger
08:30:00 Session 2 - Biological sample preparation and characterization Yvonne Jones
09:00:00 Production of human proteins for structural genomics and generation of affinity reagents
09:30:00 An in-line biophysical characterization and purification set-up at the P12 SAXS beamline of the EMBL-Hamburg
09:30:00 An in-line biophysical characterization and purification set-up at the P12 SAXS beamline of the EMBL-Hamburg
09:50:00 Development of the Nanodisc for Small-angle Scattering Based Structural Studies of Membrane Proteins
10:10:00 SAXS-CD a microfluidic high throughput screening platform for solution scattering
10:30:00 Coffee Break
11:00:00 Session 3 - Biological small angle X-ray scattering Jill Trewhella, Dmitri Svergun
11:30:00 SAXS and nucleic acids: stories of structural dynamics, ion association and condensation Lois Pollack
12:00:00 Myelin abundance and orientation in a non-stained slice of human brain
12:20:00 Conformation in solution of Smac/DIABLO and of its complex with XIAP-BIR2BIR3
13:00:00 Lunch and sponsor workshops
14:30:00 Poster Session I
16:30:00 Session 4 - Macromolecular X-ray crystallography Sean McSweeney, Thomas R. Schneider
16:30:00 Complex formation and conformational changes in the complement system Piet Gros
17:00:00 Synchrotron SOLEIL, France Andrew Thompson
17:30:00 MX at MAX IV Marjolein Thunnissen
18:00:00 The upgrade project of the high flux macromolecular crystallography beamline BL41XU at SPring-8
Tuesday, September 10, 2013
06:00:00 New Presentation
06:00:00 New Presentation
06:00:00 New Presentation
08:30:00 Session 5 - Biological X-ray imaging, and absorption Britt Hedman, Carolyn Larabell
08:30:00 Cryo transmission and coherent diffraction x-ray imaging of the malaria parasite, Plasmodium falciparum Leann Tilley
09:00:00 Using X-ray Spectroscopic Microscopy to Image Metal Ions and their Role in Alzheimer’s Disease Pathology and Diagnosis
09:30:00 Cryo-imaging of frozen hydrated cells with hard x-ray nanotomography
09:50:00 Measurement of density map in fresh biological sample using X-ray phase contrast tomography
10:10:00 Selected talk
10:30:00 Coffee Break
11:00:00 From fragment to candidate: the advantages of structural certainty Pamela Williams
11:00:00 Session 6 - Applications to medically relevant objects Jean Doucet, Stephen. K Burley
11:30:00 NE-CAT, USA
12:00:00 Selected talk
12:20:00 Selected talk
12:40:00 Selected talk
13:00:00 Lunch and sponsor workshops
14:30:00 Session 7 - Sources and methods development James Holton
15:00:00 European Synchrotron Radiation Facility, France
15:30:00 Predicting the Folding State of Proteins in Solution from Small Angle X-Ray Scattering Data
15:50:00 Diffract from many get one –X-ray cross correlation analysis of SAXS coherent diffraction patterns
16:10:00 Proteopedia - a Scientific 'Wiki' Bridging the Rift Between 3D Structure and Function of Biomacromolecules
16:30:00 University of California, Berkeley, USA James Holton
16:30:00 Visit to DESY
20:30:00 BBQ Party – DESY campus
Wednesday, September 11, 2013
08:30:00 Session 8- Structural biology hybrid applications Matthias Wilmanns, Soichi Wakatsuki
08:30:00 Selected talk
08:50:00 Selected talk
09:10:00 Analyzing higher-order architecture of synaptic adhesion machinery: correlation technologies to fill the gap between different imaging methods Junichi Takagi
09:40:00 Selected talk
10:00:00 Selected talk
10:20:00 Selected talk
10:40:00 Coffee Break
11:10:00 Poster Session II
13:10:00 Lunch
14:40:00 Sweden and The European XFEL, Hamburg, Germany Janos Hajdu
14:40:00 Session 9 - Free Electron Laser applications in biology Victor Lamzin, Keith O. Hodgson
15:10:00 CFEL DESY, Germany Henry Chapman
15:40:00 Recent Developments at SLAC and Stanford in Biocrystallography Using LCLS Keith O. Hodgson
16:10:00 Selected talk
16:30:00 Selected talk
16:50:00 Selected talk
17:10:00 Closing remarks and poster prize
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