3D Tissue Models
6th CNS Partnering and Deal Making Conference
Taj Boston
15 Arlington Street
Boston, MA
6th CNS Partnering and Deal Making Conference 
Taj Boston
15 Arlington Street

Schedule of Presentations:

Monday, September 9, 2013
07:00:00 Continental Breakfast & Registration
07:55:00 Welcome & Opening Remarks
08:00:00 Plenary Keynote Session - Part I Jeffrey Nye
08:40:00 Recovery of Cognitive Function Through the Promotion of Chromatin Remodeling in Alzheimer’s Disease Models Li Huei Tsai
09:20:00 NINDS Accelerates Therapeutic and Device Discovery & Development Rajesh Ranganathan
10:00:00 Morning Networking & Coffee Break
10:30:00 Licensing & Partnering: Big Pharma & Biotech Perspectives
11:00:00 Early Stage CNS Partnering from the Biotech Perspective Kevin Skol
11:30:00 Merck Research Laboratories
12:00:00 From Doom to Boom: CNS Partnering in the Second Decade of the Brain
12:30:00 Lunch On Your Own
14:00:00 EnVivo Pharmaceuticals
14:30:00 Go to Market or Build for Pharma? A Biotech Perspective on Neuroscience Daniel Grau
15:00:00 Panel Discussion: Partnering in AD, PD and Other Cognitive Disorders. How Have Things Changed? Bob Bagdorf, Beth Fordham Meier, Michael Levy
15:45:00 Afternoon Networking & Coffee Break
16:15:00 Session: Licensing & Partnering: Multi-Stakeholder Perspectives Michael G. Fox
16:45:00 CIRM – Funding and Partnering Programs to De-Risk Investment in Regenerative Medicine Elona Baum
17:15:00 Panel Discussion: Investment Opportunities with Venture Capital Daniel Grau, Ankit Mahadevia, Jeff Karan
18:00:00 Evening Networking Reception & Poster Session
Tuesday, September 10, 2013
06:00:00 New Presentation
06:00:00 New Presentation
08:00:00 Partnering in MS and Rare Diseases with CNS Involvement
08:30:00 Session: Licensing & Partnering: Big Pharma & Biotech Perspectives, Part II
09:00:00 Oral Presentation from Exemplary Submitted Abstracts
10:00:00 Detecting Cognition Enhancement in Clinical Trials: Exciting New Opportunities for Cognitive Test Systems That Work
10:15:00 High-throughput in vitro and in vivo Technologies for Neuroscience Mehmet F. Yanik
10:25:00 Automated 3D-Electron Microscopy Presents New Opportunities for Neuroscience Research and Drug Development Satish Medicetty
10:30:00 Morning Networking & Coffee Break
11:15:00 The Taube-Koret Center: A Catalyst for Developing Therapies for Neurodegenerative Diseases Steven Finkbeiner
11:40:00 Lunch Provided by GTC
12:45:00 Joint Session with 7th Neurodegenerative Conditions Research and Development: Recent Developments in Neuroscience Research Carrie Jones
13:10:00 Panel Discussion: The Role of Foundations and Patient Groups in Research
13:55:00 Panel Discussion: Current and Future Trends in CNS Development Randall E Marcus, Mary Martinson
14:40:00 Conference Concludes
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