Advances in Biodefense Technology
Av. Diagonal
Barcelona, ESPAÑA

Schedule of Presentations:

Wednesday, May 7, 2008
08:00:00 Registration
09:00:00 PCR and Non PCR-based Detection Techniques Thanos Mitrelias
09:05:00 Development of a Real-Time One-Step Reverse Transcriptase PCR for quantitation of Chandipura Virus RNA and comparison with in-vivo in-ovo and in-vitro quantitation assays Satyendra Kumar
09:35:00 Rapid Biosensing using Magnetic Nanoparticles Andre Immink
10:05:00 Coffee & Networking in the Exhibition Hall
10:50:00 Encoding High Throughput Suspension-based Biotechnology Assays Using Digital Planar Magnetic Microtags Thanos Mitrelias
11:20:00 Liquid Crystal-Mediated Bioassay for Small Peptide and Protein Detection Kun-Lin Yang
11:50:00 On-the-flow pathogen characterization based on native fluorescence detection Peter Kiesel
12:20:00 Lunch & Poster Viewing
14:00:00 Combining Microfluidics, Microlables, and Magnetoelectronics for Attomolar Biosensing Cy Tamanaha
14:30:00 Advanced Applications of xMAP Technology for Pathogen Detection Using a Chip-Scale Implementation of Bead-Based Flow Cytometry John C. Carrano
15:00:00 Coffee & Networking in Exhibition Hall
15:45:00 Generation and Use of Mammalian Cell-based Detection Methods Bart van der Burg
16:15:00 International Biorisk Management Standard Strengthening a Global Biosafety/Biosecurity Framework Ursula Jenal
16:45:00 TIRF-EC Biosensors - Dynamic DNA and Protein Microarrays for Accurate and Rapid Detection of Pathogens Alexander Asanov
17:45:00 Drinks Reception
Thursday, May 8, 2008
08:55:00 Point of Care Pathogen Detection
09:00:00 Development of Point of Care Test for Accurate, Rapid Diagnosis of Active TB Robyn Lindner
09:30:00 Emerging Pathogens and Pathogen Biomarkers - Anthrax Amit Banerjee
10:00:00 Sequence-Enabled Reassembly (SEER) for the detection of genetic information David Segal
10:30:00 Coffee & Networking in the Exhibition Hall
11:25:00 A rapid high-throughput method for the detection of K-ras gene single-nucleotide polymorphism based on tag-array
11:55:00 Genomic Barcoding for Biothreat Countermeasure Implementation Willy Valdivia
12:25:00 Lunch & Poster Viewing
14:00:00 Effects of the Complex Backgrounds on the Quality of Pathogen Detection Yuriy Fofanov
15:00:00 Coffee & Networking in the Exibition Hall
16:45:00 Close of Conference
3D Tissue Models
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