Biomarker Europe Summit 2013
Kempinski Hotel Bristol Berlin
Kurfürstendamm 27
Berlin, Germany
Biomarker Europe Summit 2013 
Kempinski Hotel Bristol Berlin
Kurfürstendamm 27

Schedule of Presentations:

Wednesday, October 9, 2013
06:00:00 New Presentation
07:00:00 Continental Breakfast & Registration
07:55:00 Welcome & Opening Remarks
08:00:00 Right Target, Right Drug……Right Patients? Personalized Medicine in the Non-Oncology World Scott Kennedy
08:45:00 Drugs, Biomarkers and Diagnostics - Well Traveled Roads in Drug Development, but Which Way is Success and How do You Know You Have Reached Your Destination? Richard Buller
09:30:00 Morning Networking Break and Refreshments
10:00:00 Clinical Proteomics in Target Discovery and Validation Pierluigi Mauri
10:25:00 Targeting the Tumor-Microenvironment: Early Biomarker Strategy Development in pRED Oncology
10:50:00 Biomarker Identification and Development for Respiratory Disease
11:15:00 Metabolic Biomarkers for Clinical Research and Diagnostics
11:40:00 The Potency of Metabolomics in Diabetes Research - Key to Personalized Medicine? Rainer Lehmann
12:05:00 Lunch on Your Own
13:35:00 Michael Herschel, Director, Clinical Research, GlaxoSmithKline Michael Herschel
14:00:00 A Picture Paints a 1000 Words; Timely Imaging Can Save a Thousand Blushes – A New Approach to Imaging Biomarker Development for Risk Reduction in Drug Development Kevin Cox
14:25:00 How to Select Imaging Biomarkers for Clinical Development?
14:50:00 The Evolving Paradigm of Precision Diagnostics: Linking Molecular Diagnostics and Functional Imaging
15:15:00 Afternoon Networking Break and Refreshments
15:45:00 When One Plus One is More than Two: Identification of Effective Drug Combinations through Screening
16:10:00 Immunological Biomarkers for Monitoring Safety, Efficacy, and Pk/Pd in Immunomodulatory Drug Development Hans-Dieter Volk
16:35:00 Fit-for-Purpose Biomarkers: Concepts and Case Studies Stephan Schwers
17:00:00 Oral Presentations from Exemplary Submitted Abstracts
17:30:00 Networking Reception and Poster Session
Thursday, October 10, 2013
06:00:00 New Presentation
06:00:00 New Presentation
07:30:00 Continental Breakfast & Registration
08:00:00 Big Data Medicine and Drug Development Hans Lehrach
08:00:00 EndoPredict – Decentralized mRNA Based Assessment of Prognosis and Prediction for Breast Cancer Christoph Petry
08:25:00 Systems Biology Modeling for the Development of New Approaches in Cancer Research, Treatment and Biomarker Identification Alexander Kühn
08:25:00 Diagnostic and Prognostic Tests for CJD Graham S Jackson
08:50:00 Reticulocycte Hemoglobin (Ret-He/CHr) as a Biomarker of Erythropoiesis and Anemia Assessment
08:50:00 Using System Biology Biomarkers to Combat Mechanisms of Disease Alain van Gool
09:15:00 Olli Kallioniemi, Institute for Molecular Medicine Finland Olli Kallioniemi
09:15:00 Winfried März Profeesor Synlab Akademie, Mannheim Institute of Public Health Winfried März
09:40:00 Epigenetic Immune Cell Markers – Robust Immune Monitoring in Clinical Trials without Flow Cytometry Ulrich Hoffmueller
09:40:00 Predictive Molecular Pathology and the Role of Biomarker Detection Manfred Dietel
10:05:00 Morning Networking Break & Refreshments
10:05:00 Morning Networking Break & Refreshments
10:35:00 Health Economic Studies on Biomarker - Necessary for Reimbursement or Scientific Playground Franz Hessel
11:25:00 Personalized’ Partnering Strategy for Companion Diagnostics
11:50:00 Towards Effective Drug-Diagnostic Co-Development and Commercialization
12:15:00 Lunch Provided by GTC
14:00:00 Conference Concludes
3D Tissue Models
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