14th International Conference on Alzheimer's Drug Discovery
Hyatt Regency Jersey City
2 Exchange Place
Jersey City, USA
14th International Conference on Alzheimer's Drug Discovery 
Alzheimer's Drug Discovery Foundation's
Hyatt Regency Jersey City
2 Exchange Place
Jersey City

Schedule of Presentations:

Sunday, September 8, 2013
06:00:00 New Presentation
06:00:00 New Presentation
06:00:00 New Presentation
06:00:00 New Presentation
06:00:00 New Presentation
17:00:00 On-Site Pre-Registration
Monday, September 9, 2013
06:00:00 New Presentation
06:00:00 New Presentation
08:00:00 Registration & continental breakfast
08:30:00 Welcome & Opening Remarks Howard Fillit
08:50:00 The Biology of Aging: How Risk Factors for Alzheimer’s Disease Inform Drug Discovery Nir Barzilai
09:30:00 Session Overview Penny Dacks
09:35:00 Validation of a Novel Target Mechanism to Counter Progression of Alzheimer’s disease Lawrence Wennogle
09:55:00 Q&A
10:05:00 Rescue of Neuronal Plasticity and Cognitive Impairment in Aged Rats Khalid Iqbal
10:25:00 Q&A
10:35:00 BREAK
11:05:00 Development of Small Molecule Hepatocyte Growth Factor Mimetic for the Treatment of Dementia
11:25:00 Q&A
11:35:00 Preclinical Development of “Painless” Human Nerve Growth Factor Antonino Cattaneo
11:55:00 Q&A
12:05:00 LSD1/MAOB Inhibitors as Disease Modifying Drugs for Alzheimer’s Disease Tamara Maes
12:25:00 Q&A
13:30:00 Session Overview Diana Shineman
13:35:00 Lead Discovery of Novel Small Molecule Compounds Effective in Restoration of Mitochondrial Function Eugenia Trushina
13:55:00 Q&A
14:05:00 ETB Receptor Agonist, IRL-1620, for the Treatment of Alzheimer's Disease
14:25:00 Q&A
14:35:00 Optimization of P2X7 Antagonists for Alzheimer’s Disease Treatment
14:55:00 Q&A
15:05:00 Target-based Discovery of Druggable Regulators of Peroxynitrite-Induced Nitration as a Novel Treatment Strategy for Alzheimer's Disease John Schetz
15:25:00 Q&A
15:35:00 BREAK
15:45:00 Characterizing the Mitophenotypes of Alzheimer’s Disease: Peripheral Cell Biomarkers for Patient Selection and Measurement of Drug Response Marcie Glicksman
16:05:00 Q&A
16:15:00 Pilot Trial of Metformin in the Prevention of Alzheimer’s Disease José A. Luchsinger
16:35:00 Q&A
16:45:00 Evaluation of an mTOT Modulator Insulin Sensitizer as a Treatment for Alzheimer’s Disease Jerry Colca
17:05:00 Q&A
17:15:00 Closing Remarks and Announcement of Young Investigator Awards Diana Shineman
Tuesday, September 10, 2013
06:00:00 New Presentation
08:00:00 Continental Breakfast
08:30:00 Plenary: Challenges and Opportunities in Repurposing FDA-Approved Drugs for Neurodegenerative Diseases Jeff Cummings
09:10:00 Session Overview Howard Fillit
09:15:00 Glutamatergic Dysfunction in Cognitive Aging Disorders and a Therapeutic Target Ana Pereira
09:35:00 Q&A
09:45:00 Sartans to Slow Alzheimer’s Disease
10:05:00 Q&A
10:15:00 Effect of Novel GLP1 analogue, Liraglutide on Microglial Activation and Cerebral Glucose Metabolism in Mild Alzheimer’s Disease Paul Edison
10:35:00 Q&A
10:45:00 BREAK
11:10:00 A Phase IIa, Double Blind, Placebo-Controlled, Biomarker Study of Atomoxetine in Subjects with Mild Cognitive Impairment Allan Levey
11:30:00 Q&A
11:40:00 Blood Based Biomarkers of Neuronal and Microvascular Injury Michelle Mielke
12:00:00 Q&A
12:10:00 Development of Synaptic Biomarkers Related to AMPA-Receptor Trafficking in Alzheimer’s Disease
12:30:00 Q&A
13:25:00 Session Overview Rachel Lane
13:30:00 Modulation of Human apoE Isoform Levels as a Therapeutic Target Mary Jo LaDu
13:50:00 Q&A
14:00:00 Gene Delivery of Apolipoprotein E2 as a Treatment for Alzheimer’s Disease
14:20:00 Q&A
14:30:00 Translating Genetics into Biomarkers and Therapies: ApoE/Ab and ApoJ/Ab Complex Levels and Lipidation State as AD Biomarkers Modulated by VPA Steven Estus
14:50:00 Q&A
15:00:00 BREAK
15:20:00 NDevelopment of Screening Assays for Tauopathy in Stem Cell Derived Neurons Tae-Wan Kim
15:40:00 Q&A
15:50:00 Proteasome Activators as Drug Candidates for Alzheimer’s Disease Li Huang
16:10:00 Q&A
16:20:00 Development of Small Molecule Enhancers of Autophagy for the Clearance of Protein Aggregates and Treatment of FTD
16:40:00 Q&A
16:50:00 Closing Remarks Howard Fillit
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