3D Tissue Models
3rd International Meeting on Antimicrobial Peptides (IMAP 2013)
The Chemistry Centre
Burlington House
3rd International Meeting on Antimicrobial Peptides (IMAP 2013) 
Peptide Conferences
The Chemistry Centre
Burlington House

Schedule of Presentations:

Monday, September 23, 2013
09:00:00 Session 1: Structure, Function & Design of AMPs
09:30:00 Title TBA HÃ¥vard Jenssen
10:00:00 Mechanism-specific antimicrobial tuning: from sequence to cell. Max Ryadnov
10:30:00 Antibiotic activities of mammalian defensins.
11:00:00 Coffee & Tea / Exhibition / Posters
11:30:00 Identifying novel antimicrobial peptides with therapeutic potential against multidrug-resistant bacteria by using SPOT synthesis. Kai Hilpert
12:00:00 De-novo sequencing, identification of bacterial target proteins, development of bioactive compounds for the treatment of Gram-negative bacteria, interaction with membranes. Ralf Hoffmann
12:30:00 Bioinformatic analysis of AMP libraries.
13:00:00 Lunch / Exhibition / Posters
14:00:00 OP-145, a synthetic membrane-active peptide derived from the human cathelicidin LL-37, as a potential therapeutic agent in orthopaedics. Karl Lohner
14:30:00 Title TBA Jayachandran N Kizhakkedathu
15:00:00 Submitted oral communication
15:30:00 Submitted oral communication
15:45:00 Coffee & Tea / Exhibition / Posters
17:00:00 Close of Day 1
Tuesday, September 24, 2013
09:00:00 Session 3: Therapeutic Application of AMPs A novel class of anti-Pseudomonas antibiotics targeting outer-membrane biogenesis.
09:30:00 Human defensins for the taming of drug-resistant Mycobacterium tuberculosis.
10:00:00 Development of antimicrobial peptides as drugs. Mike Dawson
10:30:00 Coffee & Tea / Exhibition / Posters
11:00:00 Antimicrobial activity of peptide hydrogels. Joel Schneider
11:30:00 Innate Immunity Host Defense Antimicrobial and Antifungal Peptides and Lipopeptides. Yechiel Shai
12:00:00 Antimicrobial and Antibiofilm Activities of Ultrashort Antimicrobial Lipopeptides Brendan Gilmore
12:30:00 Submitted oral communication
13:00:00 Lunch / Exhibition / Posters
14:00:00 efensin regulated innate immune responses Kim Brogden
14:30:00 Insights into the antimicrobial and immunomodulatory properties of alpha helical peptides. Fionnuala Lundy
15:00:00 Submitted oral communication
16:00:00 Close of Meeting
17:15:00 Submitted oral communication
17:30:00 Submitted oral communication
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