Targeting Cyclic AMP Signalling to Combat Cardiovascular Diseases
Charles Darwin House

London, UK
Targeting Cyclic AMP Signalling to Combat Cardiovascular Diseases
Biochemical Society
Charles Darwin House

Schedule of Presentations:

Monday, December 9, 2013
08:30:00 Registration with tea and coffee
09:50:00 Session 1: Cyclic AMP and Cardiovascular Disease - Classical Signalling Stephen Yarwood, Tim Palmer
10:00:00 Targeting Mitochondria to Restore Impaired Metabolic Adaptation to Exercise Jane Reusch
10:35:00 Activation of both protein kinase A and Epac is necessary for cardioprotective effect induced by a cell-permeable cyclic AMP Igor Khaliulin
10:50:00 Persistent PKA signalling at the outer mitochondrial membrane of cardiac myocytes. Konstantinos Lefkimmiatis
11:05:00 Coffee/tea break
11:30:00 Dynamics of receptor mediated cAMP signalling revealed by FRET microscopy Moritz Bünemann
12:00:00 TGR5 signaling inhibits macrophage activation and atherosclerosis Thijs Pols
12:40:00 Disruption of HSP20-PDE4D5 interaction protects against cardiac hypertrophy Tamara Martin
12:55:00 EPAC1 signalling induces morphological change and cytoskeletal reorganisation
13:10:00 cAMP signalling modulates platelet contractile machinery by targeting the RhoA-Rho Kinase-MLC phosphatase signalling pathway
13:35:00 Lunch and informal discussions
14:30:00 PDEs as Signalling Gatekeepers in Multiple Vascular Endothelial Cell Compartments Don Maurice
15:00:00 Cavin-1: A new SOCS3-interacting regulator of cytokine signalling?
15:20:00 Phosphodiesterases regulate cAMP pools at individual macromolecular complexes in cardiac myocytes
15:35:00 Inhibition of platelets by cAMP requires lipid raft targeting of protein kinase A type I by the A-kinase anchoring protein Moesin
15:50:00 Coffee and tea break
16:20:00 Cyclic AMP Signalling during Cardiac Remodelling
16:55:00 The cAMP-binding Popdc proteins have a redundant function in the heart Thomas Brand
17:10:00 Tapping the Translation Potential of cAMP-Signaling: Molecular Basis for Selectivity in cAMP Agonism and Antagonism as Revealed by NMR Giuseppe Melacini
17:25:00 Poster session and drinks reception
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