38th Annual Northwestern Vascular Symposium
InterContinental Chicago
Illinois, USA
38th Annual Northwestern Vascular Symposium
InterContinental Chicago

Schedule of Presentations:

Thursday, December 12, 2013
07:00:00 Registration and Continental Breakfast
07:40:00 Welcome and Introduction Mark K. Eskandari
07:45:00 Interviews with Pioneers of Vascular Surgery:Observations and Lessons Learned James S.T. Yao
08:00:00 Cervical Carotid Dissections— Treatment and Outcomes Rabih A. Chaer
08:15:00 Anatomic Risk Factors For Carotid Stenting Melina R. Kibbe
08:30:00 Restenosis Rates After CEA v CAS: Analysis Of The CREST Data Brajesh K. Lal
08:45:00 Revisiting Treatment Options For Asymptomatic Carotid Disease
09:00:00 Complex Supra-Aortic Trunk Revascularization: Surgical Tips Thomas C. Bower
09:15:00 Panel Discussion
09:45:00 Refreshment Break and Exhibits
10:00:00 Future Challenges For Vascular Surgeons Julie Ann Freischlag
10:15:00 Emotional Intelligence: Can It Enhance Your Personal and Professional Life? Bruce L. Gewertz
10:30:00 Top 10 Coding Tips Sean P. Roddy
10:45:00 Legal Implications of Off-Label Device Usage
11:00:00 Multiple Roles of The Surgeon: Informed Consent, Advanced Directives, Withdrawal Of Support Peter Angelos
11:15:00 Panel Discussion
11:45:00 Refreshment Break and Exhibits
12:00:00 Fellows, Residents, and Junior Faculty Networking Luncheon (Ticketed)
12:15:00 Contemporary Management of Access-Related Aneurysms George H. Meier
13:30:00 Is Pre-Emptive Vascular Access Warranted? Mark R. Nehler
13:45:00 Nuts And Bolts” of Basilic Vein Transposition Anton Skaro
14:00:00 Alternative Conduits For Hemodialysis Access William Frank Oppat
14:30:00 Management of Infected AV Grafts Audra A. Duncan
15:15:00 Refreshment Break and Exhibits
15:30:00 Early Thrombus Removal For Acute Iliofemoral DVT Mark H. Meissner
15:45:00 Iliofemoral Thrombolysis Without IVC Interruption
16:00:00 Practice Guidelines For Varicose Veins Robert B. McLafferty
16:15:00 Tips and Tricks For Successful Endovenous Ablation
16:30:00 Treatment of Popliteal Venous Aneurysms Heron E. Rodriguez
16:45:00 Panel Discussion
17:15:00 Adjourn
Friday, December 13, 2013
06:00:00 New Presentation
07:00:00 Case Presentations and Continental Breakfast
08:00:00 Negative Impact of Failed SFA Interventions Ross Milner
08:15:00 Tibial Artery Bypass: Heparin- Bonded PTFE vs Saphenous Vein Graft Richard F. Neville
08:30:00 Outcomes of Endovascular Repair For Popliteal Artery Aneurysms
08:45:00 Will Drug-Eluting SFA Stents Replace All Other Interventions?
09:00:00 Reconstructive Options For Complex Groin Wounds Robert D. Galiano
09:15:00 Panel Discussion
09:45:00 Refreshment Break and Exhibits
10:00:00 Technical Details For Retrograde Mesenteric Stenting Andrew W. Hoel
10:15:00 Endovascular Approaches To GDA Aneurysms Scott A. Resnick
10:30:00 Mesenteric Ischemia Among Children And Young Adults: Etiology And Treatment Michael C. Dalsing
10:45:00 Current Data on Radiofrequency Renal Artery Denervation Nicholas J. Morrissey
11:00:00 Renal Artery Reconstruction Techniques For Aneurysms and Occlusive Disease: Approach and Conduits
11:15:00 Panel Discussion
11:45:00 Refreshment Break and Exhibits
12:00:00 Case Presentations and Luncheon
13:30:00 Axillary-Subclavian Arterial Injuries: Endovascular v Open W. Darrin Clouse
13:45:00 Uncommon Upper Extremity Disorders Thom W. Rooke
14:00:00 Hand Ischemia After Radial Artery Cannulation R. James Valentine
14:15:00 Treatment Strategies For Access- Related Hand Ischemia Thomas Huber
14:30:00 Innovative Techniques To Improve Digital Hand Ischemia Gregory Dumanian
14:45:00 Panel Discussion
15:15:00 Refreshment Break and Exhibits
15:30:00 Endovascular Treatment of the Aorta Among Marfan’s Patients Adam W. Beck
15:45:00 Distribution and Mortality of Arterial War Injuries Todd E. Rasmussen
16:00:00 Management of Vascular Malformations Robert L. Vogelzang
16:15:00 Advanced IVC Filter Retrieval Techniques Brian G. DeRubertis
16:30:00 Vena Cava Anomalies And Treatment Options William H. Pearce
16:45:00 Panel Discussion
17:15:00 Adjourn
Saturday, December 14, 2013
06:00:00 New Presentation
06:00:00 New Presentation
08:00:00 Long-Term Comparison of Open and Endovascular AAA Repair Frank A. Lederle
08:15:00 Outcomes of Percutaneous Treatment of Type II Endoleaks Patrick Geraghty
08:30:00 Predictors of AAA Sac Enlargement After EVAR Andres Schanzer
08:45:00 Inflammatory Aortic Aneurysm— Open or EVAR William Stone
09:00:00 Blunt Abdominal Aortic Injury Sherene Shalhub
09:15:00 Panel Discussion
09:45:00 Refreshment Break and Exhibits
10:00:00 Chronic Thoracic Dissection: Outcomes of Open Repair Mark F. Conrad
10:15:00 Debakey Type III Chronic Dissecting Aneurysms: Outcomes of TEVAR vs Open TAAA Solutions Joseph Bavaria
10:30:00 TEVAR Complicated By Acute Retrograde Dissection G. Chad Hughes
10:45:00 Ascending Repair Combined With TEVAR For Acute Dissections S. CHRIS MALAISRIE
11:00:00 Management of Acute and Chronic Thoracic Stent Graft Collapse
11:15:00 Panel Discussion
12:00:00 Closing Comments Mark K. Eskandari
3D Tissue Models
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