Jagelman/Turnbull International Colorectal Disease Symposium
Marriott Harbor Beach
3030 Holiday Drive
Fort Lauderdale, Florida USA
Jagelman/Turnbull International Colorectal Disease Symposium
Cleveland Clinic Digestive Disease Institute
Marriott Harbor Beach
3030 Holiday Drive
Fort Lauderdale
Florida  USA

Schedule of Presentations:

Tuesday, February 11, 2014
15:00:00 Registration opens (Marriott, Grand Ballroom Foyer)
Wednesday, February 12, 2014
01:45:00 Anorectal Crohn's disease
06:00:00 New Presentation
06:30:00 Registration (Grand Ballroom Foyer)
07:15:00 Welcome & Introduction Steven D. Wexner
07:30:00 Integrating patient reported outcomes into clinical care
07:45:00 Improving patient safety using reported data Fabio Potenti
08:00:00 Improving physician patient communication James Merlino
08:15:00 Quality care is related to volume E. Rullier
08:30:00 Centers of excellence in rectal cancer – the European and UK evidence and logic John R.T. Monson
08:45:00 Mental conditioning in surgical education R. Scott Rosenthal
09:00:00 Panel discussion / Q&A
09:30:00 Break (exhibits not open)
09:45:00 Presacral bleeding: prevention and management
10:00:00 Perineal complications following abdominoperineal excision Torbjörn Holm
10:15:00 Nutrition therapy in enterocutaneous fistulae
10:30:00 Surgical site infection
10:45:00 Minimizing postoperative pain
11:00:00 Enhanced recovery and laparosocpy improve patient outcomes
11:15:00 Panel discussion / Q&A
12:30:00 Lunch (exhibits not open) Feza H. Remzi
13:15:00 Postoperative recurrence: Can it be delayed, avoided or prevented? Steven WEXNER, Roger Charles
13:30:00 IBD and biologics: Complications and timing of surgery Zane Cohen
14:00:00 Lavage or resection for perforated diverticulitis
14:15:00 The role of endoscopic intraluminal stents in colorectal surgery David Maron
14:30:00 When, why and how to operate on diverticulitis
14:45:00 Panel discussion / Q&A
15:15:00 Break (exhibits not open)
16:00:00 What are the real results after treatment of anal carcinoma?
16:15:00 The influence of hysterectomy on pelvic floor function Ayhan Kuzu
16:30:00 (Lack of?) Quality following transperineal mesh repairs
17:00:00 Functional outcomes after robotic rectal cancer surgery LILIANA BORDEIANOU LILIANA BORDEIANOU
17:15:00 Urogenital dysfunction after treatment of rectal cancer E. Rullier
17:30:00 Sacral neuromodulation for constipation Klaus Matzel
17:45:00 Panel discussion / Q&A
18:20:00 Adjourn
Thursday, February 13, 2014
07:00:00 Registration opens (Grand Ballroom Foyer)
07:00:00 Breakfast (Caribbean Ballroom Foyer)
07:30:00 The evidence to support laparoscopic TME
07:45:00 To drain or not to drain after TME – that is the question E. Rullier
08:00:00 Changing concepts in abdominoperineal excision Torbjörn Holm
08:15:00 The synoptic pathology report: partnership with your pathologist in predicting patient prognosis Mariana Berho
08:30:00 Improving the efficacy of adjuvant therapy using molecular markers and genetic signatures Matthew F. Kalady
08:45:00 The OsTrich Initiative David W. Dietz
09:00:00 Panel discussion / Q&A
09:00:00 Exhibits open (Caribbean Ballroom)
09:35:00 Break (Exhibit Hall)
10:15:00 Defining, managing, avoiding and treating low anterior Soren Laurberg
10:30:00 Extending resection of locally advanced disease
10:45:00 Local excision of rectal carcinoma: When and how LILIANA BORDEIANOU LILIANA BORDEIANOU
11:00:00 Redo surgery for failed low anterior and coloanal anastomosis Yves Panis
11:15:00 Mastering laparoscopic pelvic dissection
11:30:00 (When) Is adjuvant therapy needed for stage II rectal carcinoma - After neoadjuvant chemoradiation? Matthew F. Kalady
11:45:00 Panel discussion / Q&A
12:15:00 Introduction of Dr. Frederick Greene st. D. Wexner
12:20:00 Quality benchmarks in colorectal cancer surgery
13:00:00 Lunch (Oceanview Terrace)
14:00:00 The diagnosis of dysplasia
14:15:00 Management of dysplasia in mucosal ulcerative colitis R Phillips
14:30:00 The fate of pouches in patients with Crohn's disease Yves Panis
14:45:00 Fertility after pouch surgery
15:00:00 Reoperative pouch surgery Feza H. Remzi
15:15:00 The effect of volume on results Soren Laurberg
15:30:00 Severity of disease at the distal resection margin: A new risk Zane Cohen
15:45:00 Panel discussion / Q&A
16:30:00 Break (Exhibit Hall-Caribbean Ballroom)
17:15:00 Exhibits close
17:15:00 Single port robotic colectomy Susan Cera
17:25:00 High ligation and D3 lymph node dissection
17:35:00 Endoluminal surgery James G. Marks
17:45:00 Entralevator abdominoperineal excision with mesh Ayhan Kuzu
17:55:00 Continent ileostomy David W. Dietz
18:05:00 Single port pouch surgery
18:15:00 Mastering the difficult colonoscopy Anthony Vernava
18:25:00 TREMMS procedure for the treatment of rectocele
18:35:00 Panel discussion / Q&A
19:15:00 Welcome Cocktail Reception
19:15:00 Adjourn
Friday, February 14, 2014
06:00:00 New Presentation
06:00:00 New Presentation
06:00:00 New Presentation
07:00:00 Breakfast (Caribbean Foyer)
07:00:00 Registration opens (Grand Ballroom Foyer)
07:30:00 The molecular pathogenesis of polyposis syndromes Eric Huang
07:45:00 Twenty year follow-up of familial adenomatous polyposis Zane Cohen
08:00:00 Biologic and molecular markers for staging colon carcinoma Mariana Berho
08:15:00 Serrated polyps Matthew F. Kalady
08:30:00 Laparoscopy and colon cancer
08:45:00 Complete mesocolic excision: The Erlangen experience Klaus Matzel
09:00:00 Does complete mesocolic excision influence survival? Tara L. Holm
09:00:00 Exhibits open (Exhibit Hall)
09:15:00 Panel Discussion
09:45:00 Break (Exhibit Hall)
10:15:00 Results of a randomized controlled trial on hybrid NOTES
10:30:00 Full-thickness colonic excision Robin Kennedy
10:45:00 Transvaginal specimen extraction
11:00:00 Transanal TME
11:15:00 Natural orifice specimen extraction (NOSE) John R.T. Monson
11:30:00 Panel discussion / Q&A
12:00:00 Introduction of Dr. James Church Feza H. Remzi
12:05:00 TURNBULL ORATION J Church
12:45:00 Lunch (Oceanview Terrace)
13:45:00 is underutilized Josh Bleier
13:55:00 is overrated H. Abcarian
14:05:00 DEBATE: The robot in colorectal surgery… is a miracle
14:15:00 DEBATE: The robot in colorectal surgery… is a debacle
14:25:00 DEBATE: Perineal surgical approaches to rectal prolapse… are preferred LILIANA BORDEIANOU LILIANA BORDEIANOU
14:35:00 DEBATE : Perineal surgical approaches to rectal prolapse are abhorred Paul Lehur
14:55:00 DEBATE: The best option after a complete response to neoadjuvant therapy is… operation Barbara C. Sorkin
15:05:00 Panel discussion / Q&A
15:55:00 Break (Exhibit Hall)
16:30:00 Technical tricks to ensure a successful LIFT procedure Josh Bleier
16:30:00 Exhibits close
16:40:00 Magnetic and sphincter Paul Lehur
16:50:00 Ligasure hemorrhoidectomy Weijie Chen
17:00:00 Endoscopic submucosal dissection
17:10:00 Laparoscopic splenic flexure mobilization Robin Kennedy
17:20:00 Anatomic details of complete mesocolic excision
17:30:00 3-D anorectal ultrasound
17:40:00 Panel discussion / Q&A
18:15:00 Adjourn
Saturday, February 15, 2014
07:00:00 Breakfast (Caribbean Ballroom)
07:00:00 Registration opens(Grand Ballroom Foyer)
07:30:00 Avoiding anastomotic leak and stricture Mike Stamos
07:45:00 Endosponge treatment of anastomotic leaks
08:00:00 Spectrum of anastomotic leaks after low anterior resection Sergio Nahas, Mark Hyman
08:15:00 Managing obstructing colonic lesions
08:30:00 Extended colorectal resections for advanced cancer
08:45:00 Colonic volvulus Juan J. Nogueras
09:00:00 Anal stenosis
09:00:00 Exhibits open (Caribbean Ballroom)
09:15:00 Panel discussion / Q&A
09:45:00 Break (Exhibit Hall)
10:15:00 Rectal prolapse surgery in the elderly Tracy L. Hull
10:15:00 Exhibits close
10:30:00 Robotic rectopexy
10:45:00 Long-term outcomes of sacral neuromodulation Klaus Matzel
11:00:00 Magnetic anal sphincter: Is it the future? Paul Lehur
11:15:00 Injectable bulking agents and radiofrequency collagen remodeling George Silvay
11:30:00 Does sphincteroplasty still have a role? Danny Sands
11:45:00 Panel discussion / Q&A
12:15:00 Lunch (Oceanview Terrace)
13:05:00 Award Presentation (Scientific Papers) David Maron
13:15:00 Surgical outcomes of hyperthermic intraperitoneal chemotherapy (HIPEC) Mike Stamos
13:30:00 Limits of liver resection for metastatic disease Jakob Izbicki
13:45:00 Small bowel transplant – rationale and results Andreas Tzakis
14:00:00 Complex stoma care James D Marks
14:15:00 Abdominal wall reconstruction
14:30:00 Segmental reversal of the small bowel to treat short bowel syndrome Yves Panis
14:45:00 Colonic lymphomas - lessons learned Luca Stocchi
15:00:00 Panel discussion / Q&A
15:45:00 Refreshments available (Grand Ballroom Foyer)
15:45:00 Rare benign rectal diseases
16:00:00 Energy devices in hemorrhoid surgery
16:15:00 Reoperative anorectal surgery
16:30:00 Outcomes after fistulotomy Neil Hyman
16:45:00 Gynecologic proctology
17:00:00 Perineal reconstructive techniques
17:15:00 Complications after stapled hemorrhoidectomy: Prevention and treatment H. Abcarian
17:30:00 Resection of presacral cysts and tumors
17:45:00 Panel discussion / Q&A
18:20:00 Adjourn
Sunday, February 16, 2014
07:00:00 Breakfast and Registration
08:00:00 Welcome and Opening Remarks Danny Sands
08:10:00 History of TEM Theodore J. Saclarides
08:25:00 Patient Evaluation/Positioning
08:40:00 TEM for Benign Disease PATRICIA SYLLA
08:55:00 TEM for Cancer
09:10:00 Break
09:30:00 Whiteford Danny Sands
09:30:00 Group 1 TEM Lab (Richard Wolf) Danny Sands
10:30:00 Group 1 TAMIS Lab (Applied) Theodore J. Saclarides
11:30:00 TEO Lab (Karl Storz)
12:30:00 Lunch
13:30:00 TAMIS Lab (Covidien)
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