China 2008 Pharmaceutical R&D Summit
Grand Hyatt Shanghai
Jin Mao Tower, 88 Century Boulevard
Pudong, Shanghai

Schedule of Presentations:

Monday, March 31, 2008
08:30:00 Welcome Address by IBC Conferences
08:35:00 Opening Address by Zhangjiang Group
08:45:00 Chairperson’s Opening Remarks Li Chen
08:50:00 Keynote Presentations A New Model for Health Care Innovation: Collaborating for Success Barbara Yanni
09:15:00 Pfizer’s Asia R&D Strategy Rod McKenzie
09:40:00 The Old and the New: Can Established Medicines be Re-Invented? Patrick Crowley
10:05:00 Leveraging Traditional Chinese Medical Knowledge for Modern Medicine: Collaborating with the Shanghai Institute of Materia Medica Paul Herrling
10:35:00 Opening of Exhibit & Poster Hall and Meet the Keynotes
11:30:00 Global Pharma Exchange Roundtable En Li, Allan (Riting) Liu, Li Chen, Shingo Makino, Zhang Xiaolin, Zhang JingWu, Samantha Ying Du
12:15:00 Panel Discussion: Intellectual Property Rights – Protecting & Defending Your Patents Yang Xu, David Cheng
12:45:00 Networking Luncheon
14:00:00 China’s Top 5 – Recognizing the Leaders in Advancement of Science & Technology and their Achievements/Contributions in China Chairperson’s Afternoon Remarks Li Chen
14:05:00 Development of Novel Anti-ischemic Stroke Agents from Chinese Medicine Wang Xiao-Liang
14:35:00 Structural Proteomics of the SARS Coronavirus: Structure, Function and Interaction of the Replicase Proteins
15:05:00 Boc5 and Beyond - Our Quest in Discovering Small Molecule GLP-1R Agonists
15:35:00 Dedicated Poster Viewing Session in Exhibit & Poster Hall
16:00:00 Networking Refreshment Break in Exhibit & Poster Hall
16:45:00 Building an Integrated Biomedical Institute for Innovative Medicine in China Chen Ling
17:15:00 Global Expression Profiling of Immune Response Genes to Bacterial Infection By Pyrosequencing Xu An-Long
17:15:00 Cocktail Reception in Exhibit & Poster Hall
Tuesday, April 1, 2008
08:30:00 Track I Discovery to PreClinical Development –Case studies of Licensing & Partnering in China Chairperson’s Opening Remarks Dr. Bharatt M. Chowrira
08:30:00 Track II Clinical Research Development in China – Experiences, Improvements and Changes Chairperson’s Opening Remarks Paul Dai
08:35:00 Track II Embarking on a Long March for Early Drug Development in China James Cai
08:35:00 Track I Featured Presentation The AAALAC International Accreditation Program in China Kathryn bayne
09:00:00 Track II: Clinical Track Developing Talents and Building Capabilities in China Lingshi Tan
09:00:00 Track I Improving the Speed and Impact of a Parallel Medicinal Chemistry Sourcing Collaboration via a Joint Effort to Optimize the Value Stream of the Supply Chain Ge Li, Richard Connell
09:25:00 Track II: Clinical Track Sustain Competitiveness of Conducting Clinical Trials in China in the Context of Global Drug Development Ling Su
09:25:00 Track I Doing R&D in China through Partnership
09:50:00 Track II: Clinical Track Global Clinical Trials, Select China? Frank Jiang
09:50:00 Track I Managing a Dis-aggregated Drug Discovery Value Chain Michael Schroter
10:15:00 Breakfast Reception in Exhibit & Poster Hall
11:00:00 Track II: Clinical Track China - The Center for Asian Clinical Research Joan Millsaps, Cezary Statuch, Mark Engel
11:00:00 Track I Business Strategy in Discovery and Development Partnership for a China-based Life Sciences Company Xian-Ping Lu
11:25:00 Track I Australia - China Partnerships in Antiviral Drug Discovery and Development David Rhodes
11:35:00 Track II: Clinical Track Otsuka’s Global Clinical Trial Experience in Asia Margaretta Nyilas
11:50:00 Track I Panel Discussion: PreClinical Development Services in China – Past, Present, Future Kewen Jin, David Danong Chen
12:00:00 Track II: Clinical Track Fast to Clinics: A Multi-faceted Approach to Accelerating Development and Delivery of Biological Products Ran Zheng
12:15:00 Dedicated Poster Viewing Session in Exhibit & Poster Hall
12:45:00 Networking Luncheon
14:00:00 Chairperson’s Opening Remarks Ying Luo
14:05:00 Shanghai Zhangjiang Biotech-Pharmaceutical Cluster
14:30:00 Reaping What You Have Sown: Finding a Meaningful Exit from Your Investment in China Brian Doyle
14:55:00 VC/Investment Roundtable – Valuations, ROIs and Exit Strategies Leon (Yilin) Chen, Kevin Li, Stephen Knight, David Wang
15:20:00 Afternoon Refreshment Break in Exhibit & Poster Hall
16:00:00 Developing Novel Therapeutics from Chinese Herb Medicine Qiang YU
16:00:00 Expand Your Pipeline through a Strategic Partnership with Global Botech Companies David Danong Chen
16:00:00 Developing Biopharmaceutical Delivery System in China: Controlled Release? William F. Lee
16:00:00 MicuRx: Discovery of Next Generation Antibiotics Zhengyu Yuan
16:00:00 From DNA to NDA –Building an Integrated Service for Oncology Drug Discovery and Development
16:00:00 Providing Advanced Solutions for Drug Discovery of Innovative, Effective and Safe Drug Candidates Xuehai Tan
16:00:00 China Will Become The Main Place For Early Drug Development Dongxu (Don) Qiu
16:00:00 Innovation Showcase Start-up and Emerging Companies in Discovery, Development, Delivery and Commercialization of Biotechnology
16:00:00 Capital-effi cient and Expert Drug Discovery Leveraging the Best of the US and China Sofie Qiao
16:00:00 Molecules to Commercialization Bill Guo
18:00:00 Close of Day Two
Wednesday, April 2, 2008
08:45:00 Biologics (Proprietary Proteins/Biogenerics/Bio-Improvements/RNAi) Chairperson’s Opening Remarks Glenn Rice
08:50:00 RNAi-based Therapeutics: Promises and Challenges
09:15:00 Development of Novel Therapeutic Antibodies for Treatment of Autoimmune Diseases and Cancers Yajun Guo
09:40:00 A Joint Effort to Develop a Novel Antibody Drug in China Yingfei Wei, Weimin Zhu
10:05:00 Networking Refreshment Break
10:30:00 Hengrui’s Strategies for Biologics & Biogenerics
11:00:00 Factors to Increase Expression Level in CHO Cells Feng Gao
11:25:00 Developing Protein Therapeutics in China (tentative)
11:50:00 Networking Luncheon
13:20:00 TCM-based Drug Discovery Chairperson’s Remarks
13:30:00 Traditional Chinese Medicine-based Drug Discovery in China
13:55:00 Phytoneering – Research of Plant-Based Medicines: From the Seed, to Cultivation to Clinical Effi Michael Popp
14:20:00 Promoting Chinese Medicine into the International Market
14:25:00 From Nature to Health, A Multiple Target in Treatment of Asthma Min-Chang Huang
15:10:00 Close of Conference
3D Tissue Models
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