EMBO Conference Series: Visualizing Biological Data (VizBi)
Heidelberg campus
Meyerhofstraße 1, 69117
Heidelberg, Germany
EMBO Conference Series: Visualizing Biological Data (VizBi) 
Heidelberg campus 
Meyerhofstraße 1, 69117

Schedule of Presentations:

Tuesday, March 4, 2014
02:00:00 Exploring biological networks by means of visualization: Use R and NetBioV (Shailesh Tripathi & Frank Emmert-Streib)
06:00:00 New Presentation
06:00:00 New Presentation
09:00:00 Registration
09:30:00 Reuse, Develop and Share Biological Visualisation with BioJS (Manuel Corpas & Rafael Jiménez & José Villaveces & Guy Yachdav & Anil Thanki) José Villaveces, Anil S. Thanki
09:30:00 Data hierarchies and 'omics data - How to use treemaps and related tools for data visualization (Jörg Bernhardt & Julia Schüler) Julia Schüler
09:30:00 CELLmicrocosmos Workshop: Molecular Modeling (Björn Sommer)
09:30:00 Decorated, interactive multiple sequence alignments with HTML5 without Java (Christoph Gille) Christoph Gille
09:30:00 Evaluating User Experience: Making Better Data Visualisation Tools (Francis Rowland)
09:30:00 Great images and movies with Chimera (Max Maletta)
09:30:00 Visualisation, Segmentation and Quantitation of 3D Images using Amira (Suzanne Duce)
12:30:00 Lunch break
14:00:00 Visualization and analysis of multi-dimensional images using Vaa3D (Hanchuan Peng) Hanchuan Peng
14:00:00 A Sampling of Open Source Visualization, Analytics, and Informatics Tools (Wesley Turner & Marcus Hanwell)
14:00:00 Gitools: data visualization and analysis using interactive heat-maps (Nuria Lopez-Bigas & Michael P Schroeder) Nuria Lopez-Bigas
14:00:00 UCSC Genome Browser (Robert Kuhn) Robert Kuhn
14:00:00 Compute, visualize and explore the folding landscape of your favorite RNA molecule with Assemble2. (Fabrice Jossinet) Fabrice Jossinet
14:00:00 Network visualisation and analysis of high dimensional data using BioLayout Express3D (Tom Freeman) Tom Freeman
Wednesday, March 5, 2014
06:00:00 Lightning Talks for Poster Session 'B'
08:30:00 Registration
09:15:00 Opening Remarks (Sean O'Donoghue)
09:30:00 Data Visualization Principles (Jeffrey Heer) Jeffrey Heer
10:30:00 Coffee Break
11:00:00 Visualizing Genomic Variation (Jan ) Jan Aerts
11:30:00 Genome Visualization & User Needs (Justin Paschall) Justin Paschall
12:00:00 Biomedical Genomics Data (Nuria Lopez-Bigas) Nuria Lopez-Bigas
12:30:00 BioVis Best Paper
12:40:00 Lightning Talks for Poster Session 'A'
13:00:00 Lunch Break + Poster Session 'A'
14:30:00 Visualizing Splicing Changes & their Causes (Yoseph Barash) Yoseph Barash
15:00:00 RNA Regulation in Splicing and Cancer (Eduardo Eyras) Eduardo Eyras
15:30:00 Dynamics of miRNA-mediated Gene Regulation (Mihaela Zavolan) Mihaela Zavolan
16:00:00 Coffee Break
16:30:00 Breakout Session 1
18:30:00 Dinner + Poster Session 'B'
Thursday, March 6, 2014
09:15:00 Announcements (Organizers)
09:30:00 Structure of Chromatin & Whole Chromosomes (Marc A. Marti-Renom)
10:00:00 Multiscale Visualization of Protein Assemblies (Andreas Prlić)
10:30:00 Coffee Break
11:00:00 Protein Domains & Assemblies (Christine Orengo) Christine Orengo
11:30:00 BioVis Honorable Mention
11:35:00 Lightning Talks for Poster Session 'C'
12:00:00 Lunch Break + Poster Session 'C' Tom Freeman
13:30:00 Language of Pathways (Tom Freeman) Tom Freeman
14:00:00 Cellular Image Data (Robert F. Murphy) Robert F Murphy
14:30:00 Cell Modelling & Executable Biology (Jasmin Fisher) Jasmin Fisher
15:00:00 Coffee Break
15:30:00 Breakout Session 2
17:00:00 Pre-dinner drinks
17:30:00 Presentation of Art & Biology Posters
18:00:00 Communicating Science Visually (Bang Wong) Bang Wong
19:00:00 Dinner
Friday, March 7, 2014
09:15:00 Announcements (Organizers)
09:30:00 Usability & Computer Interfaces (Sheelagh Carpendale) Sheelagh Carpendale
10:30:00 Coffee Break
11:00:00 Development (Jan Huisken) Jan Huisken
11:30:00 Neural Anatomy (David Shattuck) David Shattuck
12:00:00 Human Anatomy (Nadia Magnenat-Thalmann) Nadia Magnenat-Thalmann
12:30:00 BioVis Honorable Mention
12:35:00 Lightning Talks for Poster Session 'D'
13:00:00 Lunch Break and Poster Session 'D'
14:30:00 Comparative Genomics (Inna Dubchak)
15:00:00 Alignment & Phylogenetic Data (Maria Anisimova)
15:30:00 Comparison of Metagenomic Systems (Serdar Turkarslan)
16:00:00 Poster Awards Ceremony & Closing Remarks (VIZBI Chairs)
3D Tissue Models
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