4th ASM Conference on Enterococci
Hotel de Las Americas Resort

4th ASM Conference on Enterococci 
Hotel de Las Americas Resort 

Schedule of Presentations:

Wednesday, March 5, 2014
08:00:00 Session 1 Genomics and Evolution Michael Gilmore, Rob Willems, Willem van Schaik, George Weinstock, Dag Anders Brede
14:00:00 Enterococcal Virulence Barbara E Murray, Axel Hartke , Jean-Christophe Giard, Pascale Serror, Eric Pamer
Thursday, March 6, 2014
08:00:00 Plasmids, resistance genes and horizontal transfer Gary Dunny, Peter Christie, E. Grohmann , Yuqing Chen , Breck A. Duerkop
14:00:00 Session 2Vancomycin Resistance and Beyond Patrice Courvalin , Meziane Cherif
16:00:00 Poster Session 1
Friday, March 7, 2014
06:00:00 New Presentation
08:00:00 Session 1 Mechanisms of Resistance and Therapy Kim Kline, Cesar A. Arias , Michael McArthur , George Sakoulas, Yousif Shamoo, Johannes Huebner
12:10:00 The Evolving Epidemiology and Dynamics of Antibiotic Resistant Pathogens Marc Bonten
14:00:00 Session 2 Metabolism and Ecology Jose Lemos , Lynn Hancock, Clayton Huntley
16:30:00 Poster Session 2
3D Tissue Models
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