32nd Annual Emergencies in Medicine Conference
Hyatt Escala Lodge
3551 North Escala Court
Utah, USA
32nd Annual Emergencies in Medicine Conference
Emergencies in Medicine 
Hyatt Escala Lodge 
3551 North Escala Court

Schedule of Presentations:

Sunday, March 2, 2014
06:00:00 New Presentation
08:00:00 Ultrasound Course (Basic)* Leonard Bunting
12:00:00 Ultrasound Course (Advanced)* *additional cost Robert Goitz , J. Antonio Bouffard
15:00:00 Doubling Down on Cardiac Arrest Survival
15:30:00 Why Should I Care About Sepsis Care Plans? Robert Sherwin
16:00:00 L-carni what? New Treatments for Sepsis
16:30:00 Hot Topics for Hot Patients - The Year in Infectious Disease
17:00:00 I Dried It, I Wet It, Now What? Dealing With Difficult Rashes David Robinson
17:30:00 Evidence-Based Evaluation of Trauma Field Triage Criteria Robert O'Connor
18:00:00 EpiThen, EpiNow? - Treatment of Anaphylaxis
18:30:00 A Rational Approach to Undifferentiated Abdominal Pain
19:00:00 Anticoagulation and the Devil You Don't Know vs the Devil You Do: Safety of NOACs vs Warfarin
19:45:00 Opening Reception
Monday, March 3, 2014
06:00:00 New Presentation
06:00:00 New Presentation
06:00:00 Workshop
07:00:00 ACLS - Saving Lives or Prolonging Death? Steve Hollenberg
07:00:00 Trauma Resuscitation - Different Systems, Different Outcomes Tobias Lindner
07:30:00 Arthropod Assault! Update on Tick and Mosquito Borne Illnesses
08:00:00 Those Dang Monkey Bars! Approach to Common Injuries of the Upper Extremity Robert Goitz
08:30:00 XaBans - Good For What Ails Ya?
16:00:00 Femoral Acetabular Impingement Syndrome and Other Sports Medicine Injuries You've Never Heard Of
16:30:00 My Heart Failure Patient Has a Positive Troponin!!! Now What?? Peter Pang
17:00:00 40,000 Boys With One Thing On Their Mind...Jamboree 2014! - Part I
17:30:00 40,000 Boys With One Thing On Their Mind...Jamboree 2014! - Part II James Kyle
18:00:00 The Future of EMS - From Reactive to Proactive Jenny Atas
18:30:00 Jeopardy - EIM Style Adam Rosh
Tuesday, March 4, 2014
06:00:00 Who's Running My Department: Useful IT in the ED
06:30:00 Who's Running My Department: No So Useful IT in the ED
06:30:00 Workshop
07:00:00 Use of Procalcitonin in Acute Heart Failure Martin Moeckel
07:00:00 PE in 2014 - Who Goes to the Unit, Who Gets Lytics, Who Dies, and Why Mark Courtney
07:30:00 Bad Patient, Bad Patient. Whatcha Gonna Do? Candace McNaughton
08:00:00 Acute Heart Failure - Who Stays and Who Goes? Sean Collins
08:30:00 New Treatments for Angioedema - Finally Drugs That Work!
16:00:00 Read the Non-Traumatic Head CT Like a Radiologist!
16:30:00 The Chest Pain Drive-By Judd Hollander
17:00:00 Transitions of Care in HF, From the ED Onward Ileana L. Piña
17:30:00 Interrogation and Donuts - Problem Solving on the (Heart) Beat Jim Neuenschwander
Wednesday, March 5, 2014
06:00:00 Early Goal Directed Therapy...For Stroke!
06:30:00 Workshop
06:30:00 Calming Presents for the Agitated Patient Judy Tintinalli
07:00:00 Guidance From Guidelines: Key Recommendations You Need to Know Sigrid Hahn
07:30:00 Observation Units - Good for Your Patients or Your Administrators? Carol Clark
08:00:00 Dealing with the Difficult Airway: When Should I Call the Anesthetist?
08:30:00 Reducing the Time to Oxygenation in Critical Airway Encounters
16:00:00 Problem Solving in the Backcountry - What to Do When All You Have is Your Wits
16:30:00 Scan or Send? Dealing With Complex Cases in a Rural ED
17:00:00 Stroke or Stroke Mimic?
17:30:00 Some Like it Cold: Neuron Preservation With Induced Hypothermia
Thursday, March 6, 2014
06:30:00 Workshop
07:00:00 Hemodynamic Measurements and Acute Intervention in the ED Revisited
07:30:00 Sick or Not Sick - Is That the Question?
08:00:00 Thoracoabdominal Trauma - Does Anyone Go the OR Anymore? Michael Gonzalez
08:30:00 Really? You Want to Put That Patient in the Unit? Disposition Decisions and the SICU
16:00:00 Mind Your Grays and Rads! Diagnostic Imaging in the ED Angela Mills
16:30:00 Cases We Hate: Uncovering Child Abuse in the ED David Turkewitz
17:00:00 Dude, That's My Skull: Concussions and Other Forms of Mild TBI
17:30:00 Fluid Resuscitation in Burns and Trauma - Times They Are a Changing! Michael White
18:00:00 Two Midnights - A Dream for All Seasons?
18:30:00 A Year in the Life of an ER: Changing Culture Via Split Flow
3D Tissue Models
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