3D Tissue Models
Virtual Discovery Europe
The Hilton Amsterdam
Apollolaan 138
Amsterdam, NL

Schedule of Presentations:

Thursday, June 19, 2008
08:00:00 Registration
09:05:00 Integration of Image-Based Cytological Phenotypes with Computational Ligand-Target Prediction to Identify Mechanisms of Action Andreas Bender
09:35:00 Targets looking for drugs: A New Method for the Development of Structure-based Pharmacophoric Models Maurizio Botta
10:10:00 Coffee & Networking in Main Exhibition Hall
11:05:00 Virtual Screening – The Road to Novel Lead Structures Wolfgang Sippl
11:35:00 Novel Therapeutics for Vascular Diseases Amit Banerjee
12:05:00 Lead Identification and Optimization of Glycogen Phosphorylase Inhibitors Thomas Klabunde
12:35:00 Lunch & Poster Viewing
14:05:00 In Silico Profiling of Lead Candidates using Parallel Pharmacophore-Based Screening Thierry Langer
14:35:00 Title to be Confirmed
15:05:00 Coffee & Networking in the Main Exhibition Hall
15:55:00 Characterization of the Inhibition of Human Immunodeficiency Virus Type 1 Reverse Transcriptase by Non-Nucleoside Inhibitors
16:25:00 Title to be confirmed
16:55:00 Drinks Reception in Main Exhibition Hall
Friday, June 20, 2008
09:05:00 Pharmacophores can Increase Hit Rates in Virtual Screening - Limited Information can have Substantial Influence Daniel Muthas
09:35:00 In Silico Modelling Of Binding Candidates And PI3 Kinase Isoform Binding Site Mapping Marketa Zvelebil
10:05:00 Coffee & Networking in Main Exhibition Hall
11:00:00 Computed Activity Discriminants for Compound Design and Virtual Screening Xincai Luo
11:30:00 Induced Fit Docking and Computational Chemogenomics Ruben Abagyan
12:00:00 Lunch & Poster Viewing
13:30:00 A Virtual Chemical Genetics Approach Interfaces the Biological and Pharmacological Spaces in Silico
14:00:00 A Virtual Chemical Genetics Approach Interfaces the Biological and Pharmacological Spaces in Silico
14:30:00 Coffee & Networking in Main Exhibition Hall
15:20:00 Early Safety Assessment in Lead Discovery Cedric Merlot
15:40:00 Design and Synthesis of Histamine H4 Receptor Ligands: From Pharmacophore Models to Potent New Compounds
16:10:00 Close of Conference
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