Short Course on the Genetics of Addiction
Highseas Conference Center

Georgian, Bar Harbor
Short Course on the Genetics of Addiction
The Jackson Laboratory
Highseas Conference Center
Bar Harbor

Schedule of Presentations:

Thursday, August 28, 2014
17:00:00 Registration and Reception at Highseas
18:00:00 Dinner and introductions
Friday, August 29, 2014
07:30:00 Breakfast
08:45:00 Course Overview Elissa Chesler
09:00:00 Overview of Alcoholism and Addiction
10:30:00 Break
11:00:00 Studying addiction in animal models Abraham Palmer
12:00:00 Lunch
13:15:00 Using Simple Experimental Crossing in Mice to Study Complex Traits Gary Churchill
14:15:00 Addiction Related Cognition David Jentsch
15:15:00 Break
15:30:00 Human Addiction Genetics Laura Bierut
16:30:00 Break –Cocktail
17:00:00 Discussion Q&A Panel I
18:00:00 Dinner
19:00:00 Evening Discussion: Student White Boards (5 minutes per student)
Saturday, August 30, 2014
07:30:00 Breakfast
08:45:00 Making and Using Mutant Mice Lisa Tarantino
09:45:00 MicroRNA/Molecular Mechanisms of Addiction Paul K Kenny
10:45:00 Break
11:15:00 Mouse Models of Addiction-Delay Discounting Nicholas Grahame
12:15:00 Lunch
13:15:00 Gene Expression Analysis and eQTL Shannon McWeeney
15:15:00 Break
15:30:00 Human genetic study designs and PLINK Richard Crist
16:30:00 Nicotine GWAS – Anatomy of a Success Story Thorgeir E. Thorgeirsson
17:30:00 Cocktails
18:00:00 Dinner
19:30:00 Discussion Q&A Panel II
Sunday, August 31, 2014
07:30:00 Breakfast
09:00:00 Tales from the Crypt – Do You Know where Your Data Has Been Melissa Haendel
10:00:00 NIF Maryann Martone
11:00:00 Break
11:15:00 Systems Genetics and Integrative Genomics Elissa Chesler
12:15:00 Overview self-guided tutorials DO QTL, RNA seq, GeneNetwork, MPD, GeneWever, MGI, Human stuff: Hapmap, 1000 Genomes, PLINK, dbGAP, EPIGENETICs, RNA seq data.
12:45:00 Lunch
13:45:00 Computer lab: Self-guided tutorials
15:00:00 Free time (computer lab remains open, also)
17:30:00 Cocktails
18:00:00 Dinner
19:30:00 Career Paths and NIDA Funding Opportunities for Research on the Genetics of Addiction John Satterlee
Monday, September 1, 2014
07:30:00 Breakfast
08:45:00 Pharmacogenetics
10:00:00 Behavioral Economics and the Disorders of Addiction James MacKillop
10:15:00 Genetic Findings and Refinement of the Addiction Phenotype
11:15:00 Break
11:30:00 Epigenetics Chris Pierce
12:30:00 Lunch
13:30:00 Human Intermediate Phenotypes Related to Drug Abuse Harriet de Wit
14:30:00 Break
14:45:00 Behavioral Phenotyping in the Laboratory Mouse Stacey Rizzo
16:00:00 Jackson Laboratory Tour and Training Opportunities
17:00:00 Cocktail Hour
18:00:00 Lobster Dinner
Tuesday, September 2, 2014
07:30:00 Breakfast
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