3D Tissue Models
20th EORTC - NCI - AACR Symposium on "Molecular Targets and Cancer Therapeutics"
Geneva Palexpo, Fondation Orgexpo
Route François-Peyrot 30, P.O. Box 112, 1218 Grand-Saconnex
Geneva, Switzerland

Schedule of Presentations:

Tuesday, October 21, 2008
13:10:00 Opening ceremony
13:15:00 Michel Clavel lecture No risk, no fun J. Verweij, P. Schöffski
14:00:00 Keynote lecture IGF-1 as an emerging target J. Doroshow, Douglas none Yee
15:15:00 Plenary session 1 PI 3-kinase: which isoform to target? B. Vanhaesebroeck
15:15:00 Plenary session 1 Molecular targets-state of the science A A. J. Murgo
15:15:00 Plenary session 1 Notch as a potential therapeutic target in cancer L. Miele
15:15:00 Plenary session 1 Met inhibition as a target in clinical oncology rationale and current achievements F.A L.M. Eskens
15:15:00 Plenary session 1 Ret S. A. Wells
Wednesday, October 22, 2008
08:00:00 Workshop 1 Animal models in drug development G. Adolf, J. L. Abbruzzese
08:00:00 Workshop 1 Opportunities for effectively using genetically engineered mice for drug discovery C. Abate-Shen
08:00:00 Workshop 1 Imaging signalling pathways in animal models A. Rehemtulla
08:00:00 Workshop 3 Pharmacogenomics in colon cancer H. Lenz
08:00:00 Workshop 3 SNPs and pharmacogenetics
08:00:00 Workshop 1 Pitfalls for drug discovery with “genetic” animal models E. A. Sausville
08:00:00 Workshop 2 Paediatric Oncology GILLES VASSAL, M. Smith
08:00:00 Workshop 2 Update on the application of the EU regulation A. Saint-Raymond
08:00:00 Workshop 2 Early drug development in the clinics in the United States of America P. C. Adamson
08:00:00 Workshop 3 Pharmacogenomics-where are we now? W. D. Figg
08:00:00 Workshop 1 How naturally occurring cancers in dogs can inform the drug development path C. Khanna
08:00:00 Workshop 2 Preclinical evaluation as a tool to prioritize compounds for paediatric development- NCI Programme P. Houghton
08:00:00 Workshop 2 Preclinical evaluation as a tool to prioritize compounds for paediatric development-the EU Kidscancerkinome project H. Caron
08:00:00 Workshop 2 Early drug development in the clinics in Europe GILLES VASSAL
08:00:00 Workshop 3 Pharmacogenomics A. Sparreboom
08:00:00 Workshop 3 Bioinformatics
10:15:00 Workshop 6 Patient enrichment strategy in phase II J. De Bono
10:15:00 Workshop 5 Inhibitors of 17alpha-hydroxylase/17,20-lyase A. Reid
10:15:00 Workshop 6 Design and conduct of phase II trials for targeted agents J. A. Zwiebel
10:15:00 Workshop 4 Experience with Phase 0 studies in non-oncology indications
10:15:00 Workshop 4 Implementation of phase 0 trials J.H. M. Schellens
10:15:00 Workshop 4 Use of phase 0-changes in cancer drug development J. M. Collins
10:15:00 Workshop 4 Industry perspective
10:15:00 Workshop 5 CYP-activated prodrugs as chemotherapeutics Russell H. Plumb
10:15:00 Workshop 5 Targeting the CYP pathway A. M. Burger, G. Demetri
10:15:00 Workshop 5 Novel Atypical retinoic acid metabolism blocking agents (RAMBAs)/CYP26 Inhibitors for breast cancer therapy V. C. Njar
10:15:00 Workshop 6 Adaptive phase II trials D. Berry
10:15:00 Workshop 4 Phase 0 trials-are they necessary? E. Leo, J. Doroshow
10:15:00 Workshop 5 The evolution of CYPs from metabolising enzymes to potential targets in cancer development L. Patterson
10:15:00 Workshop 6 Parallel phase II trials- European perspective D. Lacombe
10:15:00 Workshop 6 Using biomarkers in phase II J. Tabernero
12:00:00 Poster sessions
15:00:00 Plenary session 2 Proffered papers J. C. Soria, L. J. Helman
16:30:00 Plenary session 3 Molecular targets-state of the science B A. Awada, P. Ivy
16:30:00 Plenary session 3 Drugging the cancer chaperone HSP90: From chemical biology with natural products to active drugs in the clinic P. Workman
16:30:00 Plenary session 3 Proteasome Kenneth C Anderson
16:30:00 Plenary session 3 Death signalling E. P. White
16:30:00 Plenary session 3 Protacs K. Sakamoto
Thursday, October 23, 2008
08:00:00 Plenary session 4 mTOR and autophagy Bo Lu
08:00:00 Plenary session 4 Oncogenes and tumor suppressor genes control autophagy G. Kroemer
08:00:00 Plenary session 4 Roel of autophagy in cancer resistance
08:00:00 Plenary session 4 Targeting autophagic pathways N. Zaffaroni, R. S. DiPaola
08:00:00 Plenary session 4 Novel therapeutic targets within the autophagic pathway William N Hait
10:15:00 Plenary session 5 Her family B. Burtness
10:15:00 Plenary session 5 Molecular targets-state of the science C M.J.A. de Jonge, David M Spriggs
10:15:00 Plenary session 5 Polo-like kinases P. Schöffski
10:15:00 Plenary session 5 Aurora kinases B. Laffranchi
10:15:00 Plenary session 5 PARP H. Calvert
12:00:00 Poster sessions
15:00:00 Plenary session 6 Profferd papers T. Lawrence, P. S. Steeg
16:30:00 Plenary session 7 Exploring translation initiation as a therapeutic target J. Pelletier
16:30:00 Plenary session 7 Targeting the protein translation factor eIF4E for cancer therapy J. Graff
16:30:00 Plenary session 7 Small molecule inhibitors of the human MDM2-p53 interaction as anticancer agents S. Wang
16:30:00 Plenary session 7 Targeting protein translation and protein-protein interaction in cancer Y. Pommier, H. Newell
16:30:00 Plenary session 7 Approaches for targeting protein-protein interaction Stephen Fesik
Friday, October 24, 2008
08:00:00 Plenary session 8 Role of siRNA in drug development N. Caplan
08:00:00 Plenary session 8 RNA based technologies for target identification, validation and treatment P. Ho, E. H. Rubin
08:00:00 Plenary session 8 microRNA and therapeutic applications D. Cohen
08:00:00 Plenary session 8 Discovery of practical delivery systems for RNAi
08:00:00 Plenary session 8 High-throughput RNAi screening using cell microarray technology O. Kallioniemi
10:15:00 Plenary session 9 Imaging molecular targets J. L. Tatum, Philip Kollmannsberger
10:15:00 Plenary session 9 Hypoxia imaging K. A. Krohn
10:15:00 Plenary session 9 Apoptosis imaging H. W. Strauss
10:15:00 Plenary session 9 Update on imaging tumor proliferation with PET A. F. Shields
10:15:00 Plenary session 9 Applications of nanotechnology and molecular probes in cancer imaging T. Meade
12:00:00 Poster sessions
14:00:00 Plenary session 10 Challenges in the development of anti bodies and antibody conjugates Chris H. Takimoto, J. M. Ford
14:00:00 Plenary session 10 Genentech: antibodies/antibody conjugates in development S. Lutzker
14:00:00 Plenary session 10 Amgen: antibodies/antibody conjugates in development D. Chang
14:00:00 Plenary session 10 Antibodies/antibody conjugates in development
14:00:00 Plenary session 10 ImClone sytems: antibodies/antibody conjugates in development E. Rowinsky
15:45:00 Closing ceremony
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