EMBL Conference: Cancer Genomics

Heidelberg, Germany
EMBL Conference: Cancer Genomics

Schedule of Presentations:

Sunday, November 1, 2015
12:00:00 Registration with light refreshments
13:15:00 Opening remarks
13:30:00 Session 1: Cancer Genetics
13:35:00 Genomic spectra of biliary tract cancer Tatsuhiro Shibata
14:00:00 Neurooncology: next-generation diagnostics entering the clinical stage Stefan Pfister
14:30:00 Genomic characterisation and risk stratification of acute myeloid leukaemia Moritz Gerstung
15:00:00 Coffee Break
15:30:00 Selected talk: Anelia Horvath, George Washington University
15:45:00 Selected talk: Ludmil Alexandrov, Los Alamos National Laboratory
16:00:00 Selected talk: Jan Korbel, EMBL Heidelberg Jan Korbel
16:30:00 Selected talk: Jakob Pedersen, Aarhus University Hospital
16:45:00 Coffee Break & Meet the Speakers
17:30:00 Keynote lecture: Signatures of mutational processes Michael R STRATTON
18:30:00 Dinner
20:00:00 Welcome reception and dessert in the ATC Rooftop Lounge
Monday, November 2, 2015
09:00:00 Session 2: Computational & Systems Biology of Cancer
09:05:00 The heterogeneous landscape of mutations in Breast cancer and their association with genomic features Ewan Birney
09:30:00 Selected talk: Jimmy van den Eynden, University of Gothenburg
10:00:00 Cancer drivers and their therapeutic opportunities Nuria Lopez-Bigas
10:30:00 Coffee Break
11:30:00 Selected talk: Lynda Chin, Institute for Health Transformation, University of Texas System
11:45:00 Selected talk: Bernd Fischer, German Cancer Research Center
12:00:00 Selected talk: Abdullah Kahraman, University of Zurich
12:15:00 Lunch
13:15:00 Poster Session I
15:10:00 Session 3: Insights into Cancer Genome Biology
15:15:00 Selected talk: Peter Campbell, Wellcome Trust Sanger Institute Peter Campbell
15:45:00 Selected talk: Radhakrishnan Sabarinathan, Universitat Pompeu Fabra
16:00:00 Selected talk: Jian Bai, Beijing Institute of Genomics
16:15:00 Selected talk: Ben Raphael, Brown University Ben Raphael
16:45:00 Coffee Break & Meet the Speakers
17:30:00 Selected talk: Mei Wang, Karolinska Institutet
17:45:00 Selected talk: Jayendra Shinde, INSERM
18:00:00 Integrated analysis of pancreatic cancer Sean M. Grimmond
18:30:00 Selected talk: Ingegerd Elvers, Broad Institute of MIT and Harvard; Uppsala University
18:45:00 Selected talk: David Goode, Peter MacCallum Cancer Centre
19:00:00 Dinner
20:30:00 After Dinner drinks and dessert in the ATC Rooftop Lounge
Tuesday, November 3, 2015
09:00:00 Session 4: Cancer Functional Genomics & Epigenomics
09:05:00 Selected talk: Carlo Toniatti, MD Anderson Cancer Center
09:30:00 Selected talk: Cagatay Gunes, Fritz-Lippman-Institute
09:45:00 Selected talk: Julian de Ruiter, Netherlands Cancer Institute
10:00:00 Translating Cancer Genomics into Novel Drug Targets John Brognard
10:30:00 Coffee Break
11:00:00 Genome-epigenome interplay in medulloblastoma Paul Northcott
11:30:00 Selected talk: Andrew Biankin, Wolfson Wohl Cancer Research Centre, University of Glasgow Andrew V. Biankin
12:00:00 Lunch
13:15:00 Poster Session II
15:15:00 Session 5: Genome Medicine & Big Data
15:20:00 Big Data and the International Cancer Genome Consortium Lincoln Stein
15:45:00 Selected talk: Francesco Iorio, EMBL-EBI
16:00:00 Understanding the genomic steps from Barrett’s oesophagus to oesophageal cancer and applications to earlier diagnosis Rebecca Fitzgerald
16:30:00 Coffee Break & Meet the Speakers
17:15:00 Selected talk: Mark Mynhier, PricewaterhouseCoopers
17:45:00 Selected talk: Alexander Urban, University Medical Center Göttingen Alexander Eckehart Urban
18:00:00 Keynote Lecture: Watson and Genomics: How cognitive computing will transform medicine
19:00:00 Closing remarks and poster prize giving
19:15:00 Banquet Dinner & Party
Wednesday, November 4, 2015
08:55:00 Session 6: Workshop for young scientists: Analytics of Cancer Genomes with focus on Pan-Cancer Analysis
09:00:00 Welcome remarks
09:05:00 Modeling Higher Moments in Cancer Genomics: A Different Way to Understand Gene Regulation
09:15:00 Non-coding driver detection using site-specific regression of the expected mutation rate
09:25:00 OncodriveFML: A general framework to identify coding and non-coding regions with cancer driver mutations
09:35:00 Discussion (workshop session 1)
09:55:00 Estimating the impact of cis-regulatory variation in cancer genomes using enhancer prediction models and matched genome-epigenome-transcriptome data
10:05:00 Pan-cancer transcriptomic analysis associates long non-coding RNAs with key driver mutational events
10:15:00 Discussion (workshop session 2)
10:30:00 Coffee Break
11:00:00 Allele-specific copy number estimation from sequencing - ACEseq
11:10:00 Exploring the impact of natural and aberrant structure variations in oncoprotein-mediated signaling networks through structural bioinformatics
11:20:00 Predicting the mechanistic impact of mutations and modifications on molecular interactions
11:30:00 Discussion (workshop session 3 & concluding discussion)
12:15:00 Busses leave & packed lunch
3D Tissue Models
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