International Conference on Vaccines Research & Development
The DoubleTree Baltimore-BWI Airport
890 Elkridge Landing Road Linthicum
Baltimore, USA
International Conference on Vaccines Research & Development
United Scientific Group
The DoubleTree Baltimore-BWI Airport
890 Elkridge Landing Road Linthicum

Schedule of Presentations:

Monday, November 2, 2015
09:30:00 Cancer Vaccines: Translation from Mice to Human Clinical Trials Jay A Berzofsky
10:00:00 Ebola Vaccine in 12 months, Global Village, and the Need for Speed Robert W Malone
10:30:00 Regulatory Perspective on the Evaluation of New Vaccine Technologies Norman Baylor
11:30:00 New Presentation by Myron M. Levine Myron M. Levine
11:35:00 Coffee Break
12:00:00 Immune Protection Inducing Synthetic Protein Structures (IMPIPS): The New vaccines Manuel Elkin Patarroyo
12:30:00 Lunch Break
13:30:00 PfSPZ-Based Malaria Vaccines from Concept to Licensure (Sanaria, USA)
13:35:00 Introduction Stephen L. Hoffman
13:45:00 Challenges and Successes in Developing a New GMP Manufacturing Process: Aseptic, Purified, Cryopreserved Malaria Sporozoites from Mosquitoes.
14:00:00 Creating a New, Improved, Cost-Effective Distribution System for a Live, Whole Eukaryotic Cell Vaccine: Liquid Nitrogen Vapor Phase Storage for Human Vaccines.
14:15:00 The Road Less Traveled: the Pathway to Licensure of a Malaria Vaccine for Travelers and Elimination Campaigns, Regulatory Obstacles and Opportunities Encountered on the Way.
14:30:00 Clinical Development of Plasmodium falciparum Sporozoite (PfSPZ)- Based Products: A Multistage Clinical Development Plan spanning 15 sites in the USA and 10 Countries in Africa and Europe. Thomas L. Richie
14:45:00 Using Immunology and Systems Biology to Optimize PfSPZ-based Vaccine Regimens.
15:00:00 A Collaborative Approach to Success. The International PfSPZ Consortium (I-PfSPZ-C). Peter Billingsley
15:30:00 Coffee Break
16:00:00 Oral Presentations
16:05:00 Nanoemulsion Delivery/Adjuvant for Eliciting Mucosal Immunity a Key in Protection against Respiratory and Sexually Transmitted Infections
16:20:00 Histologic Regression of Cervical Intraepithelial Neoplasia (CIN) after Treatment with VGX-3100, Therapeutic HPV16/18 DNA Vaccine Mark Bagarazzi
16:40:00 A Replication Defective Human Cytomegalovirus (CMV) Vaccine Tong-Ming Fu
17:00:00 Vaccine e Adjuvant Science
17:25:00 Panel Discussion | CEO Conclave
Tuesday, November 3, 2015
09:00:00 Cancer Vaccines & Clinical Trials Michael G Hanna, Giulio Tarro
09:05:00 Oncogenic Viruses and Tumor Associated Antigens Vaccines Giulio Tarro
09:20:00 The Provocative Issue of Tumor Genomic Heterogeneity in Immunotherapy Michael G Hanna
09:40:00 Cancer Vaccines: A Novel Approach to Cancer
10:00:00 Utility of Cpg Oligonucleotides as Adjuvants for Cancer Vaccines Dennis Klinman
10:20:00 Coffee Break
10:40:00 Generation of Donor Specific Customized Anti-Tumor T Cells and Antigen Presenting Cells for Personalized Arvind Chhabra
11:00:00 A Novel HPV-16 Immunotherapeutic Vaccine Plus PD-1 Checkpoint Inhibition Results in Induction of Heightened Cell Mediated Immunity and Anti-Tumor Responses Frank Jones
11:20:00 Epstein - Barr virus in the Breast Cancer Tissue: Friend or Foe? Emmanuel Drouet
11:40:00 Sequential Intralesional Administration with Low Dose GM-CSF and IL-2 in Melanoma Lesions Can Induce Immense Antitumor Response that Reflects on Patient Survival E George Elias
12:00:00 Development of Dendritic Cell-Based Cancer Vaccine in Japan Masato Okamoto
12:20:00 DNA Vaccines for Cancer Immunotherapy
12:40:00 Restoring Anti-HER-2 CD4 Th1 Responses Using DC1 Vaccines in HER-2 Expressing Breast Cancer Brian J. Czerniecki
13:00:00 Lunch Break
14:00:00 Resurgence of Phase I-Phase III Global Trials Multi-Dosing BCG for Autoimmunity and Allergies Denise L Faustman
14:20:00 A Tumor Mitochondria Vaccine Protects Against Experimental Renal Cell Carcinoma
14:40:00 A Novel Clinical Trials Design for Combination Therapy of Cancer Vaccines and Immune Modulators Osama Rahma
15:00:00 Intravenous Immune Globulin (IGIV) containing High Titer Neutralizing Antibodies to Respiratory Syncytial Virus (RSV) and other Respiratory Viruses (RI-002)
15:20:00 Development of Therapeutic Cancer Vaccines Targeting the Transcription Factor, Brachyury Christopher Heery
15:40:00 Coffee Break
16:00:00 A Randomized Phase II Study of the CSF-470 Therapeutic Vaccine plus BCG plus rhGM-CSF versus IFN-α2b in Cutaneous Melanoma Patients Stages IIB, IIC and III María Marcela Barrio
16:20:00 Phase I Clinical Study of a Venezuelan Equine Encephalitis Virus DNA Vaccine Candidate Delivered by Electroporation Mediated Intradermal or Intramuscular Administration Drew Hannaman
16:40:00 Live Attenuated Hepatitis A Vaccine – Long Term Persistence of Immunogenecity of Single Dose in Children – Indian Perspective
17:00:00 National Differences in Requirements for Ethical and Competent Authority Approval for a Multinational Vaccine Trial under the EU Directive Eva van Doorn
Wednesday, November 4, 2015
09:00:00 HIV/AIDS Vaccines & Influenza vaccines/virus & HPV Vaccines & Ebola Outbreak Marjorie Robert-Guroff
09:05:00 Uncovering a Sex Bias in SIV Vaccine-Induced Protection Marjorie Robert-Guroff
09:20:00 Novel DNA Vaccine Strategy to Alter HIV Immune Hierarchy Barbara K. Felber
09:40:00 Tools to Assess Immunogenicity in the Human Ebola Vaccine Trials Wayne R. Hogrefe
10:00:00 Methodological Challenges in the Clinical Development of HIV Therapeutic Vaccines Editte Gharakhanian
10:40:00 Genetic Adjuvants that Improve the T Cell and Antibody Response Induced by Virus- Vectored Vaccines Peter Johannes Holst
11:00:00 HIV Vaccine-Elicited Antibody Responses in Infants
11:20:00 Activation of Protective Innate-Adaptive Immunity Duo for Conferring Rapid-Sustained-Broad Protection of Vaccines Against Influenza
11:40:00 Universal Influenza Vaccines: Prevention of Infection Against Matched and Mismatched Strains
12:00:00 VaxArray: A New Analytical Tool for Influenza Vaccine Potency Determination Kathy L. Rowlen
12:20:00 Vaccine Escape of H3N2: Targeting the Best Strain
12:40:00 Prospects and Challenges for Delivery of Influenza Vaccines Sushma Kommareddy
13:00:00 Lunch Break
14:00:00 Presentation by Aykan Karabudak
14:10:00 An Ultra-low Dose Live Influenza Vaccine Enabling Rapid Production John Robert Coleman
14:30:00 Heterotypic T cell Responses to Inactivated and Live Attenuated Seasonal Influenza Vaccines Jay H. Bream
14:50:00 The Use of Ultra-Sensitive Laboratory Developed Assays in HIV-1 Vaccine and Cure Research
15:10:00 Development of High Yield Reassortants for Influenza Type B Viruses and Analysis of their Gene Compositions
15:30:00 Coffee Break
15:50:00 Progress in the Clinical Development of the Plant-Made Influenza VLP Vaccines
16:10:00 Mucosal Vaccination and Checkpoint Modulation for Curative Therapy of HPV Cancers Jagannadha Sastry
16:30:00 Therapeutic HPV DNA Vaccine from Bench to Clinic Young Chul Sung
16:50:00 Novel IL-4R antagonist and IL-13Ra2 adjuvanted HIV Vaccines can induce excellent high quality T and B cell Immunity
17:10:00 Advanced Wildlife Biosurveillance or Vaccinate the Camels Already!: Epidemic Preparedness at the Human/Animal Interface
3D Tissue Models
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