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With the onset of the genomic era and increase in clinical molecular analysis, more and more, clinicians and researchers are clearly defining multiple disease subtypes for diseases that were once thought to be singular in cause. This is opening the door to the discovery and development of highly effective and targeted diagnostics and therapies that result in better patient outcomes and the reduction in use of generalised treatments with severe side effects. Despite these benefits the regulatory and financial systems are not yet in place to enable this revolution in healthcare to flourish and there are many hurdles to overcome before Personalised medicine can become commonplace. 

At this conferfence, you will benefit from the expert knowledge of leaders into omics and disease research who are currently working towards a future where medical interventions are more precise, more targeted and are resulting in better patient outcomes. You will hear from those that are currently discovering and developing therapies, with companion diagnostics, and from the professionals who are responsible for personalised medical products that have already hit the market. There will also be discussions involving industry and regulatory bodies on the improvements and challenges of personalised medicine and its practical impact on the future of healthcare.
The global biomarkers market showcases high growth potential in the near future with an estimated CAGR of 18.5% from 2013 to 2018, to reach $40.8 billion by 2018. Current industry trends such as advancements in discovery technologies, government initiatives, and grants for biomarker research activities, and the rising demand for Personalised medicine are the key factors that contribute to the growth of this market. However, the need for high capital investment for biomarker discovery, low benefit-cost ratio, a cumbersome biomarker validation, and testing process are a few of the critical factors that restrain the growth of the market. Biomarker professionals will gather together to answer the all-important question- how can we get biomarkers to add value? How do you develop new medicines, which demonstrate real value through predictable outcomes in targeted patient groups? The event is a 2-day strategic conference tackling these questions and providing participants with a thorough review of the use of biomarkers, their effectiveness and their potential to transform R & D.
It gives us immense pleasure in welcoming you to “Personalised Medicines & Biomarkers 2015''


    Visionaries of Personalised Medicine
    Biomarker discovery & validation - Government policies & strategies
    Personalised Medicine in the USA,EU
    Novel Applications for personalised medicine
    Changing the business model to integrate personalised medicine
    Can we streamline the commercialization process?
    Discovering successful business models - Opportunities & Challenges
    Learn about the latest findings in genomics and how to apply them to your practice
    Learn practical applications for integrating genomics and pharmacogenomics to individualize patient care
    Development and application of clinical safety biomarkers with a focus on imaging biomarkers
    Discuss strategies to overcome obstacles of implementing genomic sequencing for patient care
    Discuss how to disseminate genomic information to patients through ethical, legal and regulatory frameworks
    Companion diagnostics & Personalised medicine
    Technology & Point of Care
    Safety & Biomarkers in clinical development - How biomarkers can accelerate your clinical development
    Enabling technologies to maximise biomarker identification
    Design strategies for success in early phase trials
    Inflammatory / Immunological, Neurological, Oncology Biomarkers
    Showing clinical utility of biomarkers to improve diagnosis & make informed decision making
    See how improvements in technologies are leading to better efficiency of biomarkers
    Analyze biomarkers and their role in drug development
    Assess preclinical safety considerations
    Identifying current developments in biomarkers & ways to overcome threats
    Emerging stratified medicine via successful partnerships
    Network in our combined exhibition and catering area
    Evening networking reception for all attendees


 Senior attendees from leading pharmaceutical, biopharmaceutical, biotechnology, diagnostics, academics, government, CRO and solution provider companies will be attending. Meet Senior VPs, Directors, and Managers with the following categories:

    Pharmaceutical Company Leaders
    Personalised Medicines, Precision Medicines, Translational Medicines
    Diagnostic/Analytics Company Leaders
    Medical/Diagnostics Laboratories, Consulting, Biobanks
    Genome Interpretation Experts
    Genome Sequencing Pioneers
    Biotech Leaders
    Healthcare Providers
    Doctors & Pharmacists
    Government Leaders
    Health Insurance Executives
    Biomarkers Pharmacogenomics
    Molecular Biology
    Clinical Pharmacology Statistical Biomarkers
    Clinical Oncology
    Discovery Medicine
    Clinical and Translational Research
    Experimental Medicine
    Systems Biology
    Molecular Informatics 


Get more from the event, with a broader scope bringing the whole communications value chain together. Enjoy and make the best out of our dedicated networking drinks time, meet the leading international vendors showcasing the products of tomorrow in the co-located exhibition. Expand your knowledge of the latest business models and strategies in the high-level conference. You cannot afford to miss this opportunity to benchmark your tactics and strategies against the industry leaders who will be the first to traverse the pathway.  Devise an immediate action plan for your strategies in light of the barriers to entry, research and development costs, and regulatory hurdles, which are balanced against an enormous potential for increased profit margins.

Schedule of Presentations:

Wednesday, December 2, 2015
08:30:00 Coffee and registration
09:30:00 Morning Chairperson opening remarks Iain D. Miller
09:40:00 Keynote Address – Clinical Biomarkers 101: The logistics of quality
10:10:00 Large-scale precompetitive collaboration: key to successful safety biomarker qualification Michael Merz
10:40:00 Keynote Panel Discussion - Personalised Medicines – Opportunities & Challenges Iain D. Miller
11:00:00 Panelists Sandy Eisen, Gary Middleton
11:20:00 Morning Coffee & Networking
11:40:00 Beyond Pharmacokinetics and Pharmacodynamics – New Genetics of Cancer Chemotherapy
12:10:00 The route to biomarkers with medical utility - The role of statistics Richardus Vonk
12:40:00 Networking luncheon
13:50:00 Panel Discussion: Oncology - A frontrunner position in personalising medicine
14:00:00 Panelists Mohammad Afshar
14:30:00 Emerging commercial paradigm for personalised medicine: Recent developments and EU market access Iain D. Miller
15:00:00 Multi component biomarker signature for drug development and treatment selection Mohammad Afshar
15:30:00 Afternoon Coffee & Networking
15:50:00 Metabolic biomarker based diagnostics for heart failure and pancreatic cancer Philipp Schatz
16:20:00 Biomarkers of Idiosyncratic drug-induced liver injury (iDILI): need for improved causality assessment Andreas Benesic
16:50:00 Chairperson’s closing remarks and end of conference. Iain D. Miller
17:00:00 Networking Drinks Session
Thursday, December 3, 2015
08:30:00 Coffee and registration
09:30:00 Morning Chairperson opening remarks John Wise
09:40:00 Keynote Address – Companion diagnostics
10:10:00 Development and delivery of blood based multiplexed protein biomarker tests for patient treatment decision-making: Prostate cancer case study Stephen Pennington
10:40:00 Keynote Panel Discussion: Biomarkers – Challenges and Opportunities John Wise
11:00:00 Panelists Andreas Wallnoefer, Maria Hernandez Fuentes, John Lambert
11:20:00 Morning Coffee & Networking
11:40:00 Precision Medicine: Are We There Yet? Claudio Carini
12:10:00 Japanese Pharmaceutical Market - Pharmacogenomics and Biomarkers in Japan Mohamed Oubihi
12:40:00 Networking luncheon
13:50:00 Design strategies for success in early phase trials John Wise
14:00:00 Panelists Darren Hodgson, Chris Harbron, Malcolm I Mitchell
14:30:00 Panel Discussion: Personalised Medicines & Biomarkers – Recent legislative and regulatory developments
15:00:00 Panelists Lincoln Tsang, Maria , Manley
15:10:00 Personalised medicines – a regulatory and economical nightmare? Steinar Madsen
15:40:00 Afternoon Coffee & Networking
16:00:00 Personalisation of therapy-virtualisation of drug development: Two sides of the same coin Hans Lehrach
16:30:00 Recent Developments in Companion Diagnostics – (Virtual Presentation) Jennifer Shen
17:10:00 Chairperson’s closing remarks and end of conference. John Wise
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