Global Engage's 2nd Digital Pathology Congress
London Heathrow Marriott Hotel
Bath Road Hayes UB3 5AN
United Kingdom, United Kingdom
ollowing the success of their 2014 meeting
, which attracted over 260 delegates and 25 exhibitors
is pleased to announce
Digital Pathology Congress 
which will be h
eld on December 3
4 2015
at the London Heathrow Marriott Hotel
, UK.  The conference is part 
of  their  successful 
Personalised  Medicine 
series  which  includes  events  on  precision  medicine, 
digital  health,  s
c  biology,  the  human 
microbiome, biologics 
digital PCR.
The meeting is also the sister meeting to the US and Asian Digital Pathology meetings taking place in 
June and September 2015 respectively. 
The continuing growth and advances in digital pathology solutions is transforming the industry.  Wi
th wide ranging applications and benefits 
including  reduction  in  lab  costs,  increased  workflow  efficiency,  greater  interconnectivity,  effective  training  /  education  me
thods,  improved 
decision making is enabling enhanced patient care.  The result is that Di
gital Pathology is rapidly gaining momentum worldwide.  
industry & academic experts 
in 2015, 
working in all areas of Pathology this two day interactive meeting will provide the 
opportunity to take home cutting edge strategies, analysi
s techniques, case study examples and methods to allow you to fully understand both 
the technology and accompanying informatics and image analysis tools and utilize digital pathology to its greatest potential.
This will be achieved th
rough a vibrant exhib
ition room, 
full of technology providers showcasing their technologies and other solutions, networking 
breaks allowing interaction with your peers, poster presentation sessions, expert led case study presentations and incisiv
e Q&A panel discussions 
separate tracks which will examine the topics below.
There  is  also  a  complimentary  workshop  taking  place  on  December  2
between  12 
5pm  which  is  being  organised  by  Hamamatsu 
.  More information about the workshop can be found at the end o
f the agenda but it 
will give you the opportunity to hear about the 
current and future direction of digital pathology from Hamamatsu Photonics.  The purpose of the workshop will be to provide 
both training 
Hamamatsu and 
case studies from current users
from across Europe regarding their 
positive experiences but also about o
vercoming challenges 
of whole slide imaging. There will also be an opportunity to have hands on experience with both Hamamatsu hardware and softwa

Schedule of Presentations:

Thursday, December 3, 2015
08:00:00 Registration & Coffee
08:50:00 Global Engage Welcome Address
08:55:00 Stream Chair - Will Howat, Head of Histopathology/ISH, Cancer Research UK
09:00:00 Keynote Address : Contemporary Guidelines i n Digital Pathology Liron Pantanowitz
09:30:00 Keynote Address : Supporting digital pathology solutions by scanner contests Peter Hufnagl
10:00:00 Solution Provider Presentation Histopathology Services in North Wales: Meeting the challenge and Turning the Vision into Reality
10:30:00 Morning Refreshments Poster Presentati on Sessions One - to - One Meetings | Digital Pathology Strategy & Technology | Pathology Informatics Will Howat
11:40:00 Computer Vision and Deep Learning for Whole - Slide Tissue Diagnostics | Pathology Informatics Johan Lundin
11:40:00 A Fully Di gital Pathology Laboratory for Routine Clinical Use; How We Got Here | Digital Pathology Strategy & Technology
12:05:00 Application of Digit al Pathology to the Construction of High - Quality Tissue Microarrays for Biomarker Research: The Next - Generation Tissue Microarray (ngTMA) Approach | Pathology Informatics Inti Zlobec
12:05:00 VIRMIK: A Way to Organize Virtual Slides for Use in Teaching, Self - Studies and Examinations | Digital Pathology Strategy & Technology Niels Werner Mortensen
12:30:00 S olution Provider Presentation Global experiences from implementing Omnyx Digital Pathology Experiences from Pittsburgh with the Omnyx solution | Pathology Informatics Liron Pantanowitz
12:30:00 Solution Provider Presentation Digitalization of FISH Review, Analysis & Reporting Using Standard Web Browsers | Digital Pathology Strategy & Technology
12:45:00 Putting digital pathology into routine practice - The Coventry experience | Pathology Informatics David Snead
13:00:00 Lunch Poster Presentation Sessions One - to - One Meetings
14:00:00 The Value of Digital Histology and Pathology in Medical Education | Digital Pathology Strategy & Technology Susan Anderson
14:00:00 CAD in Pathology: Closer Than You Think | Pathology Informatics Jeroen van der Laak
14:25:00 Is It Time For a Common Data Exchange Standard for Digital Pathology and Digital Image Analysis? | Digital Pathology Strategy & Technology Gerald Li
14:25:00 Interest and demonstration of peer review (second opinion) via digital slides | Pathology Informatics Erio Barale-Thomas
14:50:00 Solution Provider Presentation Using Multiplex Im aging and Serial Section Analysis to Characterize Complex RNA and Protein Expression Patterns in the Tumour Microenvironment | Digital Pathology Strategy & Technology
14:50:00 Solution Provider Presentation PathViewer, OMERO Plus, and Bio - Formats: Enterprise Tools and Platforms for Enterprise Digital Pathology Data Access, Management, and Discovery | Pathology Informatics Jason Swedlow
15:20:00 The CADESS Consensus - Graded Prostate Tissue Dataset | Pathology Informatics James Ravenel
15:20:00 Panel Discussion – Overcoming Barriers in Adoption of Digital Pathology | Digital Pathology Strategy & Technology Keith Kaplan, David Snead, Sebastian Brandner, Liron Pantanowitz
15:50:00 Afternoon Refreshments Pos ter Presentation Sessions One - to - One Meetings
16:40:00 Solution Provider Presentation | Pathology Informatics
16:40:00 Solution Provider Presentation Unlocking the Full Potential of Digital Pathology with Integrated Analytics | Digital Pathology Strategy & Technology
17:10:00 Title to be Confirmed | Digital Pathology Strategy & Technology Samar Betmouni
17:10:00 Mobile Health & the Future of Digital Pathology | Pathology Informatics Liron Pantanowitz
17:35:00 Image Analysis and Virtual Microscopy In Hematology | Digital Pathology Strategy & Technology Christian Münzenmayer
17:35:00 Machine Learning and Computational Pathology f or Data - Driven Predictive Cancer Diagnostics | Pathology Informatics Andy Beck
18:00:00 Profiling Big Data Histopathology through Image Analysis | Digital Pathology Strategy & Technology Peter Caie
18:00:00 Morphometric Profiling for Colorectal Cancer Prognostics | Pathology Informatics
18:25:00 Chairman’s Closing Remarks and End of Day 1 | Drinks Reception
Friday, December 4, 2015
08:00:00 Morning Coffee | One to One Meetings Samar Betmouni
08:40:00 Keynote Addre ss : Histologic Image Based Risk Score: Predicting Disease Recurrence and Progression from Digitized H&E Images Anant Madabhushi
09:10:00 Keynote Address : Implementation of Full Digital Workflow Paul van Diest
09:40:00 Solution Provider Prese ntation 100% Remote Digital Primary Diagnostics of Breast Pathology in Routine Practice
10:10:00 Morning Refreshments Poster Presentation Sessions One - to - One Meetings | Virtual Microscopy / Digital Image Analysis | Digital Pathology Case Studies Samar Betmouni, Andy Green
11:20:00 Using Digital Slide Scanning as a Tool For Enabling Cross Site Intraoperative Frozen Section Diagnosis in Clinical Practice | Digital Pathology Case Studies Jonathan Bury
11:20:00 Computational breast tumour pathology for data - driven identification of quantitative features associated w ith response to chemotherapy | Virtual Microscopy / Digital Image Analysis Raza Ali
11:45:00 Quantification of Anatomical Structures fr om a Pathologist’s Perspective | Virtual Microscopy / Digital Image Analysis Katharina Wassilew
11:45:00 Quantifying the Spatial Heterogeneity of Tumour Histology | Digital Pathology Case Studies Yinyin Yuan
12:10:00 Digital Pathology, Practical Points | Virtual Microscopy / Digital Image Analysis Salam Al-Sam
12:10:00 Whole Slide Imaging in in situ Molecular P athology | Digital Pathology Case Studies Antonino Carbone
12:35:00 Solution Provider Presentation Xplore: Driving Integration & Standardisation in Digital Pathology | Virtual Microscopy / Digital Image Analysis Peter Hamilton
12:35:00 Solution Provider Presentation Our 2 Year Journey to Full Implementation of Digital Pathology | Digital Pathology Case Studies Jenny McKay
13:05:00 Lunch Poster Presentation Sessions Scheduled One - to - One Meetings
14:05:00 Digital Imaging in Management of Cancer Patients in a Multidisciplinary Setting | Digital Pathology Case Studies Catherine Chinyama
14:05:00 Unlocking the P otential of Digital Pathology – The Role of Standards and Metadata | Virtual Microscopy / Digital Image Analysis
14:30:00 Advanced Image Processing Metho ds Applied to Digital Pathology | Virtual Microscopy / Digital Image Analysis Gloria Bueno
14:30:00 Mechanistic D issection of Cribriform Colorectal Cancer - Translational Studies | Digital Pathology Case Studies
14:55:00 O n the Quantitative Digital Histol ogy: Advantages and Pitfalls | Virtual Microscopy / Digital Image Analysis Fabio Grizzi
14:55:00 Digital Pathology in Daily Clinical Practice and Optimal Integration in an LIS (Labo ratory Information System)” | Digital Pathology Case Studies Ann Cornelis
15:20:00 Afternoon Refreshments Poster Presentation Sessions
15:50:00 How Digitalization Can Improve The Organ Transplantation Workflow and Organ Procurement. The Experience of a Second O pinion by a Fast Emailed Blitz | Digital Pathology Case Studies Matteo Brunelli
15:50:00 H istopathology in the Third Dimension : 3D Reconstruction, Multi - stain and Multi - modal Analysis | Virtual Microscopy / Digital Image Analysis Derek Magee
16:15:00 D ig ital Pathology" Real Value Today is in Enabling Computer - Assisted Informational, Analytic And Diagnostic Solutions for Pathologists Jared N. Schwartz
16:40:00 Conference Close
3D Tissue Models
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