Lung Cancer Centre of Excellence Conference 2015
The Midland Hotel
Peter Street
Manchester, M60 2DS, UK

The 2015 Cancer Research UK (CRUK) Lung Cancer Centre of Excellence Conference will bring together world experts across a range of disciplines to discuss the latest advances in lung cancer research.

The CRUK Lung Cancer Centre of Excellence (link is external), based jointly at the University of Manchester and University College London, creates a collaborative environment for integrated lung cancer research, with particular strengths in pioneering cell biology, cutting edge drug discovery, and innovative approaches to detection, monitoring and treatment. 

Schedule of Presentations:

Sunday, December 13, 2015
13:30:00 Delegate registration
13:35:00 Session 1: Welcome and Opening Keynote Richard Marais
16:00:00 Welcome Caroline Dive, Charles Swanton
16:30:00 Opening Keynote Lectures Julian Downward
18:00:00 Drinks reception
Monday, December 14, 2015
08:25:00 Session 2: Discovery Science and Target Identification Henning Walczak
08:30:00 Trever Bivona (University of California San Francisco, USA)
09:00:00 Anton Berns (the Netherlands Cancer Institute)
09:30:00 Daniel Murphy (Cancer Research UK Beatson Institute)
09:45:00 John Brognard (Cancer Research UK Lung Cancer Centre of Excellence)
10:15:00 Coffee break and put up poster
10:40:00 Session 3: Immunology
10:45:00 Jedd Wolchok (Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center, USA)
11:15:00 Rachel Rosenthal (Cancer Research UK Lung Cancer Centre of Excellence)
11:30:00 Sergio Quezada (Cancer Research UK Lung Cancer Centre of Excellence)
12:00:00 Lunch, poster session and Meet the Expert – David Carbone (Ohio State University, USA)
13:25:00 Session 4: Clinical Trials
13:30:00 Jean-Charles Soria (Institut Gustave Roussy, France)
14:00:00 Gary Middleton (University of Birmingham, UK)
14:30:00 Roy Herbst (Yale Cancer Center, USA)
15:00:00 Coffee break and poster session
15:25:00 Session 5: Radiotherapy and Radiobiology
15:30:00 Philippe Lambin (Maastricht University Medical Centre, the Netherlands)
16:00:00 Marcel van Herk (University of Manchester/The Christie NHS Foundation Trust)
16:25:00 Session 6: Keynote lecture Charles Swanton
16:30:00 Jeffrey Engelman (Massachusetts General Hospital, USA)
17:30:00 Poster session and Grand Challenge Workshop
19:00:00 Conference Dinner, Manchester Town Hall
Tuesday, December 15, 2015
07:45:00 Meet the Experts breakfast
08:25:00 Session 7: Keynote lecture Caroline Dive
08:30:00 Roman Thomas (University of Cologne, Germany)
09:25:00 Session 8: Early Detection and Pre-Invasive Disease
09:30:00 Avrum Spira (Boston University School of Medicine, USA)
10:00:00 Nicole Sodir (University of Cambridge, UK)
10:15:00 Sam Janes (Cancer Research UK Lung Cancer Centre of Excellence)
10:45:00 Coffee break and poster session
11:10:00 Session 9: Biomarkers and Imaging
11:15:00 Caroline Dive (Cancer Research UK Lung Cancer Centre of Excellence)
11:45:00 Nitzan Rosenfeld (Cancer Research UK Cambridge Institute)
12:00:00 Hugo Aerts (Harvard Medical School, USA)
12:30:00 Lunch, poster session and CRUK Fellowships Workshop
13:55:00 Session 10: Tumour Evolution & Heterogeneity FIONA BLACKHALL
14:00:00 Ramaswamy Govindan (Washington University Medical School, USA)
14:30:00 Charles Rudin (Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center, USA)
15:00:00 Charles Swanton (Francis Crick Institute, UK)
15:30:00 Coffee break
15:55:00 Session 11: Closing Keynotes and remarks Tariq Enver
16:00:00 Brigid Hogan (Duke University Medical Center, USA)
17:00:00 Closing remarks and poster prizes Caroline Dive, Charles Swanton
3D Tissue Models
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