WORLD SUMMIT OF ANTIVIRALS Combating Severe Viral Infections
Empark Grand Hotel(EGH)

Kunming, China

Schedule of Presentations:

Sunday, July 20, 2008
08:15:00 Group Photo in front of the Hotel
09:00:00 Opening Ceremony
09:00:00 Opening Ceremony and Keynote Forum
09:30:00 HIV/AIDS Research: Perspectives from the Past and Prospects for the Future Robert C. Gallo
09:30:00 Keynote & Plenary Lectures Shibo Jiang
10:10:00 Infectious Agents in the Causation of Human Cancers Harald zur Hausen
10:50:00 HIV /AIDS in China-A Potential Epidemic?
11:30:00 Luncheon
13:30:00 Session 6: Omics and System Biology for Viral Infectious Diseases Xiaohua Douglas Zhang, Bing Sun
13:30:00 Session Introduction
13:30:00 Session Introduction
13:30:00 Track 4: Commemrate Symposium of HIV/AIDS Session 16: Basic Science and Technology of HIV/SIV Doris B. Tse, Tian Jin
13:30:00 Track 1: Public Health and Basic Sciences for Emerging and Major Viral Infectious Diseases Session 1: Global Plans and Multi-Lateral Cooperative for Responding to Emerging and Re-Emerging Viral Infectious Diseases Sanjib Bhattacharyya, A Prasad
13:30:00 Session 11: Drug Targets for HBV and the Corresponding Antiviral Therapeutics Hong Zhang, Ilya B Tsyrlov
13:30:00 Session Introduction
13:30:00 Session Introduction
13:35:00 Human Coronavirus SNE Protein Regulates Virus Assembly and Release via Activation of Endogenous L-type Calcium Channel Bing Sun
13:35:00 Biomarkers to Assess HIV Infection and Treatment Doris B. Tse
13:35:00 Keynote Speech: The Hepatitis B Virus: from Cloning to Vaccine Pierre Tiollais
13:35:00 Eradication of Helminthic Infections May be Essential for Successful Vaccination Against HIV in Most Developing Countries Gadi Borkow
14:00:00 Infection by Primate Lentiviruses and Innate Immunity Anne Marie AUBERTIN
14:00:00 Analytic Methods in Genome-Scale RNAi Research with Applications in Drug Discovery for Viral Infectious Diseases Xiaohua Douglas Zhang
14:00:00 Pandemic Preparedness: Community Approach Model for Strengthening National and Global Response Plan to Combat Viral Infections Sanjib Bhattacharyya
14:15:00 Hepatitis B Virus Replication Might be Upregulated by Human Body Burden Dioxin: Epidemiological Data and Therapeutic Approach Ilya B Tsyrlov
14:25:00 Transcription Factor Egr-1 Enhances the Infection and Virulence of HSV-1 Ching Li
14:25:00 Risk Assessment of Emerging Flaviviruses: High Flavivirus Antibody Prevalence in Wild Ducks Captured in Hokkaido, Japan Mika Saito
14:25:00 Visualization of CD4 and CCR5 Dynamics during the Formation of HIV Entry Complex Using Live Cell FRET and the Single-Molecule Imaging Tian Jin
14:45:00 HBV in Subsahran Africa and SE-Asia: New Subtypes, Multiple Double/Triple Recombinations, A new Genotype and Several Puzzles Claude P. Muller
14:50:00 Finding Signatures for Response to IFN Treatment in Chronic Hepatitis C Virus Patients with Genotype 1a, 1b, and 3a: a Multi Bioinformatics Approach Mahmoud M. ElHefnawi
14:50:00 The Use of MOIST HEAT as Defenitive Treatment for AIDS and Other Diseases Mohamed Samir Abdel-Rheem
14:50:00 HIV Vaccine Preparedness Studies in the Non-Organization for Economic Co-Operation and Development (Non-OECD) Countries Shayesta Dhalla
15:15:00 Using Genetic Approach to Identify Herpesvirus Pathogenic Genes Hua Zhu
15:15:00 Tea Break
15:15:00 Tea Break & Discussion
15:15:00 Tea Break
15:30:00 Human Influenza Pandemic in Waiting A K Prasad
15:30:00 MIV-210, A Promising Candidate Drug for Treating Hepatitis B Virus Infection Hong Zhang
15:40:00 Functional Switch of Dendritic Cells during Chronic Hepatitis C Virus Infection Li ZHAO
15:55:00 Collateral Effects of Antiviral Drugs - an Important Problem for the Medical Practice M Nechifor
16:00:00 HBV Treatment: Actual Clinical Updates Giorgio Barbarini
16:05:00 Workshop: Career Development-Research Opportunities for Young Scientists Title: Career in Biostatistics Misrak Gezmu
16:20:00 New Emerging Viruses: Group-Specific Antivirals would be the Answer Claude P. Muller
16:30:00 Detection of HBV Lamivudine-Resistant Mutations and Genotypes by PCR-RFLP, Touch-Down Real-Time PCR and DHPLC Assay
16:45:00 What to Target to Control the HIV Infection in South Africa? Banwari L. MEEL
17:00:00 Discussion
17:10:00 Distribution Strategies of the Limited Amounts of Antiviral Medicine and Vaccines in a Context of Pandemic Influenza. Simulation Studies Using Global Epidemic Model (GEM) Georgiy Bobashev
17:35:00 Discussion
Monday, July 21, 2008
08:30:00 Track 3: Sensitive and Accurate Diagnostic Tests Session 15: Sensitive and Accurate Diagnostic Tests Miroslav Sip
08:30:00 Session Introduction
08:30:00 Session 12: HCV Key Viral Proteins, Drug Targets and the Corresponding Antiviral Therapeutics (Part I) Thomas I. Michalak, Hengli Tang
08:30:00 Session Introduction
08:30:00 Session Introduction
08:30:00 Session 17: Anti-AIDS Microbicides & Prevention of AIDS Shibo Jiang, Gadi Borkow
08:30:00 Session Introduction
08:30:00 Session 7: Upstream Platform Technologies for Antiviral Drug Discovery Tetsuya Toyoda, Qianjun Li
08:35:00 Toward a Carbohydrate-Based HIV Vaccine Lai-Xi Wang
08:35:00 Keynote Speech: Arbovirus and Relative Disease in Mainland China Guodong Liang
08:35:00 Keynote Speech: Novel Receptor and Small Molecule Inhibitors for HCV Entry Flossie Wong-Staal
08:35:00 Keynote Speech: Molecular Diagnostics Using Mass Spectrometry of Nucleic Acids Charles Cantor
09:00:00 Perspectives of Molecular-Recognition-Based Methods in Reliable Virus Diagnostics Miroslav Sip
09:05:00 Small Interfering RNAs Targeting an Essential Cellular Cofactor of HCV Polymerase as A Potential Anti-HCV Therapy Hengli Tang
09:05:00 Innovations in Analytical Chemistry to Promote the HIV Prevention and Treatment Agenda Naser Rezk
09:05:00 Developing a Novel High-Throughput Screening Assay against Arboviruses Qianjun Li
09:25:00 Simultaneous Detection and Definitive Identification of Viral and Bacterial Respiratory Pathogens Using Resequencing Microarrays Zuwei Qian
09:35:00 Deactivation of HIV -1 in Suspension by Copper-Oxide Containing Filters Gadi Borkow
09:35:00 Elucidation of Host Factors Involved in Replication of Hepatitis C Virus Kunitada Shimotohno
09:35:00 Characterization of A Novel and Potent HCV Helicase Inhibitor zhuhui Huang
09:50:00 Chronic Enterovirus Infections: the Post-Polio Syndrome and Insulin-Dependent Diabetes Antonio Toniolo
10:05:00 Tea Break
10:05:00 Tea Break
10:05:00 Tea Break
10:15:00 Tea Break
10:20:00 Development of CAP Combination Microbicide Shibo Jiang
10:20:00 Occult Hepatitis C Virus and Hepatitis B Virus Infections: Identification, Clinical Consequences and Therapeutic Interventions Thomas I. Michalak
10:20:00 In Vitro Transcription System for Drug Screening and Evaluation of Polymerase Inhibitors. Tetsuya Toyoda
10:30:00 Speedy Antibody Generation against Enterovirus 71 Le Sun
10:50:00 Efficient Functional Protein Selection Based on Ribosome Display Technology Xiao-Ling Zhao
10:50:00 MIV-160, a Vaginal Microbicide Candidate Exhibits a Superior Anti-HIV Activity
10:50:00 Treatment of Hepatitis C after Liver Transplantation Sandeep Mukherjee
10:55:00 Applying Mass Spectrometry and Molecular Identification to Infectious Diseases
11:20:00 New Druggable Targets, Novel Anti-Flu Agents Richard Y.T. Kao
11:20:00 Neutralizing the Hepatitis C Virus Mats A A Persson
11:20:00 Highly Sulphated Oligosaccharides as Novel Microbicides Against HIV-1 and Genital Herpes Simplex Joanna Said
11:20:00 Novel Mechanisms for HIV Dementia and Biomarker Discovery Using Proteomics Loyda M. Melendez
11:50:00 Discussion
11:50:00 Discussion
11:55:00 Discussion
13:30:00 Session Introduction
13:30:00 Session 2: Etiology and Epidemiology of Viral Infections R. Palmer Beasley, Reinhard Kurth
13:30:00 Session 8: Frontier of Gene and Cell Therapy for Viral Infectious Diseases Xiaojian Yao, Jiann-Ruey Hong
13:30:00 Session Introduction
13:30:00 Session 13: HCV Key Viral Proteins, Drug Targets and the Corresponding Antiviral Therapeutics (Part II) Recent Clinical Trial Results with Host- and Specifically-Targeted Antiviral Therapies for HCV (STAT-C) Ann D Kwong, Dongping Xu
13:30:00 Session Introduction
13:35:00 Keynote Speech: The Renaissance of Infectious Diseases as a Consequence of Human Behavior Reinhard Kurth
13:35:00 Overcoming HIV-1 Vif's Blockage and Inhibiting Viral Replication by an Apobec 3G Fusion Protein Xiaojian Yao
13:35:00 Keynote Speech: How the New Therapeutic Regimens in Development May Change the Standard of Care for HCV
14:00:00 HCV Polymerase Inhibitors-1: Update of Non-Nucleoside Inhibitor Clinical Trial Results Louis Proulx
14:00:00 Protein-Based Strategies for Nucleic Acid Delivery: A Tale of Two TAT Chimeras Vijaya Gopal
14:05:00 Chronic Fatigue Syndrome Research in Latvia 2002-2007 Ludmila Viksna
14:25:00 Potency, Selectivity, and Molecular Mechanism of Balapiravir: A Nucleoside Inhibitor of HCV Polymerase
14:25:00 Knockdown of Betanodavirus Viral Necrotic Genes with siRNA Approach Jiann-Ruey Hong
14:35:00 Discovery of and Mechanistic Insight into Activation by Dioxin-Type Xenobiotics of Cancer- Linked Common Human Viruses and HIV-1 Virus Ilya B Tsyrlov
14:50:00 Side ET Toxicomanie Abdelmajid ZAHAF
14:50:00 Review Talk: Distribution of Genotypes and Impact of HCV Disease in Asia Dongping Xu
15:05:00 Tea Break
15:15:00 Tea Break
15:15:00 Effects of Nanomodified Antisense Oligodeoxynucleotides on HIV Viral Replication Hsiao-Nan Hao
15:20:00 Epidemiology and Clinical Outcomes of HBV Infection Prapan Jutavijittum
15:30:00 Review talk: The Genetic and Structural Basis of HCV Resistance to STAT-C Inhibitors Chao Lin
15:40:00 Peltophorum Africanum (Fabaceae) and its Compounds, A Potent Arsenal Against HIV-AIDS Edmund S Bizimenyera
15:40:00 Session 18: Anti-HIV Chemotherapeutics R & D Sulie Chang
15:50:00 Spectral Analysis of HIV Seropositivity among Migrant Workers Entering Kuwait Saeed Akhtar
15:55:00 Host-Targeted Inhibitors: Update of HCV Clinical Trial Results Raf Crabbe
16:05:00 Automated Docking Analysis Provides New Insights on Protease Inhibitor Selection for Antiretroviral Therapy in HIV-1 Infection
16:20:00 HCV Protease Inhibitors-1: Update of Macrocyclic Peptidomimetic Clinical Trial Results
16:20:00 Discussion
16:45:00 HCV Protease Inhibitors-2: Update of Linear Peptidomimetic Inhibitor Clinical Trial Results Tara Kieffer
17:10:00 Wrap up: Closing Remarks Dongping Xu
Tuesday, July 22, 2008
08:30:00 Session 9: Structure Based Antiviral Drug Design and Synthesis Hong Zhou
08:30:00 Session 3: Epidemiology and Virology Lu-Yu Hwang
08:30:00 Session Introduction
08:30:00 Session 19: NeuroAIDS Huangui (Hank) Xiong, Wenzhe Ho
08:30:00 Session Introduction
08:30:00 Session Introduction
08:35:00 Keynote Speech: NeuroAIDS and Drugs of Abuse Sulie Chang
08:35:00 Discovery of Inhibitors Targeting Wild Type and Mutant M2 Channels of Influenza A Guo-Chun Zhou
08:35:00 Measles Control in Guangxi, China: High Risk County Selection and its Campaign Strategy Jiatong Zhuo
09:00:00 Nucleocapsid Protein NP as a Target for Inhibition of Flu Virus Replication Ming-Daw Tsai
09:05:00 HIV and Host Interplay: A Tale of Two Partners? Shilpa Buch
09:05:00 Epidemiology and Prevention of HIV, HBV and HCV Infection among Hard to Reach Drug Users: Experiences from the Inner City Neighborhoods of the United States Lu-Yu Hwang
09:25:00 CryoEM Structural Studies of Tumor Herpesviruses and Potential for Structure-Guided Drug Target Identification Hong Zhou
09:35:00 Opioids, Innate Immunity and HIV/HCV Wenzhe Ho
09:40:00 Session Introduction
09:40:00 Session 4: Informatics, Biostatistics and Mathematical Modeling for Antiviral Researches Paolo Carloni, Georgiy Bobashev
09:45:00 Clinical Characteristics and Treatments on Cytomegalovirus Retinitis Associated with AIDS in Shanghai Ying Shi
09:50:00 Novel HIV-1 Attachment Inhibitor(s) Derived From Peptides of the Leukocyte Surface Antigen CD38 Andrea Savarino
10:05:00 Tea Break
10:10:00 Macromolecular Aggregates Containing HIV-1 Proteins Investigated by Computational Methods Paolo Carloni
10:20:00 Drug Abuse, Opportunistic Infection and NeuroAIDS Sabita Roy
10:30:00 Design, Synthesis and Preliminary Activity Assay of Influenza Virus Neuraminidase Inhibitors Wen-Fang Xu
10:35:00 Distribution Strategies of the Limited Amounts of Antiviral Medicine and Vaccines in a Context of Pandemic Influenza. Simulation Studies Using Global Epidemic Model (GEM) Georgiy Bobashev
10:50:00 Macrophages, Neuronal K Channels and HIV-Associated Dementia Huangui (Hank) Xiong
10:55:00 A Proposal of the Way to Develop Highly Active and Lowly Toxic Antiviral Modified Nucleosides Hiroshi Ohrui
11:20:00 Discussion
11:20:00 Discussion
13:30:00 Session Introduction
13:30:00 Session 10: Drug Discovery and Development on Major Emerging/Re-emerging Viral Diseases Girish J. Kotwal, Yanjie Sun
13:30:00 Session Introduction
13:30:00 Track 2: Major Antiviral Drug Discovery and Development Session 5: Targets of Respiratory Viruses Infection and the Corresponding Antiviral Therapeutics Yhu-Chering Huang
13:30:00 Session Introduction
13:30:00 Session 14: Antibodies and Vaccines as Antiviral Therapeutics Thomas R. Kreil, Vidadi Yusibov
13:35:00 Implementing a Community Based Tuberculosis Management Program in Namibia Valerie Janet Ehlers
13:35:00 Keynote Speech: Antibodies as Antivirals Thomas R. Kreil
13:35:00 Adenosine Kinase is the Primary Enzyme for the Antiviral Activity of 1-β-D- Ribofuranosyl-3-ethynyl-[1,2,4] Triazole (ETAR) against Hantavirus Yanjie Sun
14:00:00 Enveloped Virus Neutralizing Compounds (EVNCs) as Versatile Antivirals against Enveloped Viruses Girish J. Kotwal
14:05:00 Inhibition of SARS Virus Entry by Medicinal Herbs
14:05:00 Evaluation of Microgen's Intranasal Live Attenuated Influenza Vaccine H5N2 (Pre-Clinical and Clinical Study)
14:25:00 Anti-Herpetic Therapeutic: A New Approach to Treatment of Herpes Infection Guna Feldmane
14:35:00 Influenza-Associated Central Nervous System Dysfunction in Taiwanese Children and Young Adolescents: Clinical Characteristics and Outcomes with and without Exposure to Oseltamivir Yhu-Chering Huang
14:35:00 Therapeutic Vaccination against Lethal Poxvirus Infection Hubertus Hochrein
14:50:00 Secretory Small Molecule from Non-Pathogenic Oral Bacteria Up-Regulates APOBEC3 and Inhibits HIV-1 Replication Bindong Liu
15:05:00 Tea Break
15:05:00 Infectivity of Elderly Humans by Avian Influenza Virus (AIV) Julia Albright
15:10:00 Signal Transduction Pathways Specifically Triggered by Activated Epstein-Barr Virus receptor (EBV/C3dR, gp140, CR2, CD21) in Human B Lymphocytes: New Targets to Control Infection by EBV Raymond Frade
15:15:00 Tea Break
15:20:00 An Influenza N1 Neuraminidase-Specific Monoclonal Antibody Protects Animal Against Live Challenge with Homologous H5N1 Virus Vidadi Yusibov
15:30:00 New Agents for the Treatment of Viral Diseases: from Common Cold to Alphaviruses-Induced Arthitis Caterina Maugeri
15:35:00 Tea Break & Discussion
15:50:00 Experimental B and T Cell Stimulating Recombinant Vaccines for Flaviviruses Guided by Human Immune Responses Vijaya Satchidanandam
15:55:00 Newly Synthesized Ketonucleoside Derivatives are Promising Inhibitors of RNA and DNA Viruses Avrelija Cencic
16:20:00 Antiviral Activity of Hexose Glycosides Complex Mikhail Gomberg
16:45:00 Artificially Composed Herbal Extract in Cure of Hepatitis
17:10:00 Discussion
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