Innovations in Gastroenterology, 2017 Symposium

tel aviv, Israel
Innovations in Gastroenterology, 2017 Symposium
tel aviv

Schedule of Presentations:

Wednesday, January 4, 2017
09:00:00 Safe Endoscopy Doron Schwartz
11:00:00 Coffee Break
11:30:00 Safe Endoscopy (cont'd)
13:15:00 Industrial Lunch Symposium
14:15:00 Greetings and Welcome Nadir Arber, Iris Dotan
14:30:00 Session 2: Inventors' Corner
14:30:00 An Invention: From a drawing on a napkin to a marketable medical device: Maeir Fenster, Israel Meir Fenster
14:50:00 Check-cap: A new vision for colorectal cancer prevention: Yoav Kimchy, Israel
15:00:00 The Vibrant Capsule: An innovative chemical-free treatment for chronic constipation
15:10:00 MotusGI: Pure Vu System - a Novel Device for Achieving Adequate Bowel Prep in a poorly Prepared Colon
15:20:00 MobileODT: Mobile, low-cost, quantitative imaging of blood content and oxygen saturation in tissues
15:30:00 MBcure: New approaches to microbiome-based diseases:
15:40:00 Optical biopsy
15:50:00 Tandem Snare: Innovative snare service
16:00:00 Mingling
16:20:00 New imaging capsule: Ram Eliakim, Israel Ram Eliakim
16:30:00 Blood Test for early detection of cancer Shiran Shapira
16:40:00 Finally Hypermetylaion can detect coloractal adenomas (nucleix
16:50:00 GI View: Innovative colonoscopy; single use self-propelled colonoscope with omni-directional HDR camera
17:00:00 Fidmi: A Novel enteral feeding solution: "Low Profile in the First Place
17:10:00 Saturix: Changing the world of surgical suturing
17:20:00 A clinical study of electrical vagus nerve stimulation in biologix-refractory Crohn's Disease patients
17:30:00 Treatment patterns with biological therapy in IBD and real world capabilities
17:40:00 Why Israel is an innovative country
18:00:00 Wine & Cheese & more Mingling
18:20:00 The Ubiquitin Pathway Aaron Ciechanover
18:50:00 The Giants Debate
18:50:00 Cancer is good luck
19:10:00 Cancer and bad luck Yosef Shiloh
19:30:00 Opening Ceremony
Thursday, January 5, 2017
00:15:00 Surgeon TBA
06:00:00 New Presentation
07:15:00 Breakfast with Champions (invitation only)
07:30:00 Registration and Refreshments
08:20:00 Welcome and introduction: Dganit Avdar-Daniel, Israel and Revital Barkan, Israel
08:30:00 The elderly patients and their unique needs: Simona Bar, Israel
08:30:00 The Nobel Knowledge II Roger Kornberg
08:30:00 Session 3a: Djerassi Cancer Technology Innovation Symposium
08:30:00 Session 3b: Innovations in GERD
08:30:00 Chairperson: TBA
08:50:00 ESD - the ultimate in endoscopic team work TBA
09:00:00 Failed esophageal peristaltic contraction - chicken or eggs situation Daniel Sifrim, USA
09:10:00 Factors affecting the implementation of new accepted practices (NAP) to improve patients' safety in endoscopic units in central Israel TBA
09:15:00 Combination therapy GERD: Ram Dickman
09:30:00 Motility Monitoring - What do we gain? TBA
09:30:00 IBD-Passport: A multi-level platform to support the traveling IBD patients: Shomron Ben-Horin, Israel
09:45:00 When to stop PPI - Long term safety of PPI Daniel Sifrim, USA
09:50:00 The nurse and dietitian axis in the IBD clinic multidisciplinary team: Tamar Pfeffer-Gik, Israel
10:00:00 How high is enough? What is the evidence base for high dose PPI for GERD: Ronnie Fass, Israel Ronnie Fass
10:10:00 Advances in IBD: Henit Yanai, Israel
10:15:00 Session 3d: Gastro Nurses Satellite Symposium (08:30-12:30)
10:15:00 Session 3c: TBA
10:15:00 Discussion
10:30:00 Coffee Break
11:00:00 Treating IBS - Yes we can! TBA
11:00:00 Session 4a: Hot Topics in Hepatology Sotirios Georgopoulos, Spyridon Michopoulos
11:00:00 Hepatitis B Reactivation: prevention and therapy
11:00:00 Introduction TBA
11:00:00 Barrett's esophagus Charles J. Lightdale
11:00:00 Session 4a: Hot Topics in Hepatology
11:15:00 Development and application of Robotics in treatment of GI cancers Phillipe Chiu, Hong Kong
11:15:00 Enteroscopy
11:20:00 The value and perception of IBD patients on electronic newsletter as a mode of patient-medical team communication: Ola Haj-Natour, Israel
11:20:00 Latest treatments for Hepatitis
11:30:00 Robotic devices TBA
11:30:00 Imaging Ralf Kiesslich
11:40:00 Real life experience in GT3 patients TBA
11:40:00 Quality, safety and teamwork in the gastrointestinal endoscopy unit-2017 update: Dan Keret, Israel
11:45:00 Mini-invasive treatment of nectrotizing pancreatitis: Julius Spicak, Czech Republic Julius Spicak
11:45:00 Robotic surgery TBA
12:00:00 Endoscopic and Imaging features of CD, intestinal TB and Bechet disease: Minhu Chen, China Minhua Chen
12:00:00 Innovations in colorectal surgery: Nir Wasserberg, Israel
12:00:00 Diagnosis and treatment of fatty liver: NASH or NAFLD - does it matter Ran Oren, Israel
12:00:00 Endoscopist Thomas Rosch, Germany
12:15:00 EUS 2020 TBA
12:20:00 Peroral Endoscopic Myotomy: A new treatment for achalasia Tiberiu Hershcovici, Israel
12:20:00 Discussion
12:30:00 Session 5a: Is there a future for angiogenesis in oncology? Ronit Satchi-Fainaro
12:30:00 What is a healthy diet? TBA
12:30:00 What is a healthy diet? TBA
12:30:00 Introduction: Mario Dicato, Luxembourg Mario Dicato
12:50:00 A pathophysiologic approach to treating obesity: Michael Wolfe, USA Michael S. Wolfe
12:50:00 Immunogenicity of biologics - letting the immune system be the judge on biosimilarity: Shomron Ben Horin, Israel
13:00:00 Nurses Lunch
13:10:00 Nutrition as an aid to the suffering patient: Irit Chermesh, Israel
13:10:00 Cost and cost-effectiveness of biologic drugs: how much we spend how much we get: David Rubin, USA David Rubin
13:30:00 Lunch Symposium: The Real Life DAAS Experience Worldwide
13:30:00 Appetizers at the exhibition Ram Dickman, Jan Tack
13:50:00 IBD Symposium Iris Dotan, David Rubin
15:00:00 Session 6a: Innovations from Rome: The 4th Edition Ram Dickman, Magnus Simren, Jan Tack, Ami Sperber
15:00:00 Helicobacter pylori: The pediatric perspective TBA
16:30:00 Session 7a: Quality in Endoscopy: The Word of the Masters Erwin Santo
16:50:00 Hepatology TBA
16:50:00 Quality measures in colonscopy Jaroslaw Regula
16:50:00 Molecular biology (MSI, serrated, CIN) TBA
17:00:00 Session 6b: Pediatric Gastroenterology Michael Wilschanski , Raanan Shamir
17:05:00 IBD: Franck Carbonel, France
17:05:00 Screening high risk populations Evelien Dekker
17:05:00 Right, left and in between TBA
17:20:00 Gastroscopy quality measures - Are they as important as for colonscopy
17:20:00 GI Oncology - The world of personalized medicine Eric Van Cutsem
17:20:00 Liquid Biopsy TBA
17:35:00 Novel scopes on the block!: Cessare Hassan, Italy Cessare Hassan
17:35:00 Quality in ERCP Konstantina Paraskeva
17:35:00 Targeting genomic alterations of Colitis associated cancers: David Kelsen, USA David P Kelsen
17:50:00 Neurogastroenterology: Jan Tack, Israel Jan Tack
17:50:00 Noncodings RNAs TBA
17:50:00 Avoiding, Recognizing and Treating Complications
18:05:00 Discussion
18:05:00 Discussion
18:05:00 Discussion
18:20:00 Break
18:45:00 IGA Business Meeting
Friday, January 6, 2017
06:00:00 New Presentation
06:00:00 New Presentation
06:00:00 New Presentation
06:00:00 New Presentation
06:00:00 New Presentation
06:00:00 New Presentation
08:00:00 Business Meetings (In Parallel) Yehuda Chowers, Zohar Levi, Shlomo Vinker, Ram Dickman
08:30:00 Session 9a: Advanced Course in IBD Yehuda Chowers
08:30:00 Therapeutic approach to IBD based on disease predictors - are we there yet?
09:00:00 Espresso Break
09:15:00 In Parallel
09:15:00 Helicobacter Pylori in Europe - The European Study Theodore Rokkas
09:15:00 PD-1 and PDL-1 inhibitors Eric van Cutsem
09:30:00 Course Break
09:30:00 TBA
09:35:00 CAR cells Zelig Eschar
09:45:00 Treatment of H. Pylori in 2017: Sotirios Georgopoulos
09:50:00 Biomarkers in IBD Yaron Niv
09:55:00 The future of immunotherapy in GI malignancies - combinations? TBA
10:00:00 The other side of the bug - possible implications of mass eradication
10:15:00 Discussion Ido Wolf
10:15:00 Session 9e: Statisitcs Course
10:15:00 Discussion Nadir Arber, Shiran Shapira, Ariel Munitz, Jonathan Leor , Limor Avivi, Yosef Shiloh, Marc E. Rothenberg
10:30:00 Coffee Break
11:00:00 Colonscopy is better than FIT TBA
11:00:00 Molecular basis and genomics
11:00:00 In Parallel Zohar Levi
11:15:00 FIT screening is better than colonscopy
11:15:00 The gastroenterologist's vision
11:30:00 Novel therapies for NETs Philippe Ruszniewski
11:30:00 The future of screening modalities
11:45:00 Discussion
11:50:00 Discussion
12:00:00 The Nobel Knowledge III Ada Yonath
12:30:00 The Economics Arrangements Bill TBA
13:15:00 Closing Remarks, Awards and Grants
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