Cell-VIB Symposium: Hallmarks of Cancer
Ghent ICC - International Convention Center Location:

Ghent, Belgium
Cell-VIB Symposium: Hallmarks of Cancer
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Ghent ICC - International Convention Center Location:

Schedule of Presentations:

Sunday, December 11, 2016
11:00:00 Registration
13:30:00 Welcome and Introduction Auditorium
13:40:00 Session 1: Tumor Metabolism Auditorium
13:40:00 [KEY01] Lewis Cantley, Weill Cornell, USA Auditorium Lewis Cantley, Weill Cornell
14:30:00 [INV01] Karen H. Vousden, The Beatson Institute, UK Auditorium Karen Vousden
15:00:00 Short Talk 1 Auditorium
15:15:00 Refreshment Break
15:45:00 [INV02] Nika Danial, Dana-Farber Cancer Institute, Harvard USA Auditorium Nika N. Danial
16:15:00 [INV03] Peter Carmeliet, VIB, Belgium Auditorium Peter Carmeliet
16:45:00 Short Talk 2 Auditorium
17:00:00 Discussion Auditorium
17:15:00 Welcome Drinks Reception Minneplein
Monday, December 12, 2016
07:30:00 Discussion Auditorium
07:30:00 Breakfast
08:30:00 [INV04] Elaine Mardis, Washington University School of Medicine, USA Auditorium Elaine Mardis
08:30:00 Session 2: Tumor heterogeneity Auditorium
09:00:00 [INV05] Jan Korbel, EMBL, Germany Auditorium Jan Korbel
09:30:00 [INV06] Charles W. M. Roberts, St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital, USA Auditorium Charles W. M. Roberts
10:00:00 Short Talk 3 Auditorium
10:15:00 Refreshment Break Minneplein
10:45:00 [INV07] Charles Swanton, The Francis Crick Institute, UK Auditorium Charles Swanton
11:15:00 Short Talk 4 Auditorium
11:30:00 Discussion Auditorium
11:45:00 Meet the Editors Auditorium
12:30:00 Lunch Minneplein
13:30:00 Poster session 1 Minneplein
14:30:00 [INV08] Richard Gilbertson, University of Cambridge, UK Auditorium Richard Gilbertson
14:30:00 Session 3: Personalized Cancer Therapy Auditorium
15:00:00 [INV12] Caroline Robert, Institute Gustave Roussy, France Auditorium Caroline Robert
15:30:00 [INV10] Padmanee Sharma, University of Texas M. D. Anderson Cancer Center, USA Auditorium Padmanee Sharma
16:00:00 Refreshment Break Minneplein
16:30:00 [INV11] Alberto Bardelli, University of Torino, Italy Auditorium Alberto Bardelli
17:00:00 [INV09] Louis Staudt, NIH/NCI, USA Auditorium Louis M Staudt
19:00:00 Meet the Speakers Dinner Oude Vismijn
Tuesday, December 13, 2016
06:00:00 New Presentation
06:00:00 New Presentation
07:30:00 Breakfast
08:45:00 [INV13] Johanna Joyce, UNIL/ LICR, Switzerland Auditorium Johanna Joyce
08:45:00 Session 4: Metastasis & Tumor Microenvironment Auditorium
09:15:00 [INV14] David Lyden, Weill Cornell, USA Auditorium David Lyden
09:45:00 Short Talk 5 Auditorium
10:00:00 Refreshment Break Minneplein
10:30:00 [INV15] Angela Nieto, Instituto de Neurociencias CSIC-UMH, Spain Auditorium Angela Nieto
11:00:00 [INV16] Andreas Trumpp, DKFZ, Germany Auditorium Andreas Trumpp
11:30:00 Short Talk 6 Auditorium
11:45:00 Short Talk 7 Auditorium
12:00:00 Discussion Auditorium
12:15:00 Lunch Minneplein
13:15:00 Poster session 2 Minneplein
14:15:00 [INV17] Jeffrey W. Pollard, University of Edinburgh, UK Auditorium Jeffrey W Pollard
14:15:00 Session 5: Tumor Immunology & Immunotherapy Auditorium
14:45:00 Short Talk 8 Auditorium
15:00:00 Short Talk 9 Auditorium
15:15:00 Refreshment Break Minneplein
15:45:00 [INV18] Ton Schumacher, Netherlands Cancer Institute/Antoni van Leeuwenhoek, The Netherlands Auditorium
16:15:00 Short Talk 10 Auditorium
16:30:00 [KEY02] Laurence Zitvogel, Gustave Roussy, France Auditorium Laurence Zitvogel
17:20:00 Closing Remarks
3D Tissue Models
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