3D Tissue Models
The Future of Cancer Diagnostics
The Ritz-Carlton, Washington, DC
1150 22nd Street, NW
Washington, DC

Schedule of Presentations:

Thursday, August 21, 2008
08:00:00 Registration and Morning Coffee
08:50:00 Chairperson’s Opening Remarks
09:00:00 Types of Studies Necessary to Validate a Cancer Diagnostic Assay Regulatory Submission
09:45:00 So You Think You Have the Next PSA? An Overview of The Strategy and Scale for a Regulatory Submission of an Early Detection Cancer Biomarker Thomas Soriano
10:30:00 Coffee Break
11:00:00 Beyond Science: Analyzing Factors Leading to Successful Clinical Adoption of Novel Diagnostics Myla Lai-Goldman
11:45:00 Assay Development for Putative Biomarkers of Lung Cancer Progression Luncheon Workshop
13:00:00 Chairperson’s Opening Remarks
13:10:00 KEYNOTE PRESENTATION Franklyn G. Prendergast
13:45:00 Technologies for Addressing the Unmet Medical Need Harry Glorikian
14:15:00 Early Assessment of Key Challenges in Commercialization of New Biomarkers - Pre-Analytical, Analytical, and Clinical Performance Considerations Gerard J Davis
14:45:00 Highly-Sensitive Detection of Early-Stage Hepatocellular Carcinoma Using a Blood-Based Assay with Novel Methylation DNA Markers Toyoki Moribe
15:15:00 Refreshment Break, Poster & Exhibit Viewing
15:45:00 Development of Detection and Surveillance Strategies Using Head & Neck Cancer Specific Promoter Hypermethylation Joseph A Califano
16:15:00 Utilizing Urinary Protein Biomarkers for Managing Cancer Survivors Anthony P. Shuber
16:45:00 Mid-IR Spectroscopy to Identify a “Biochemical-Cell Fingerprint”: An Emerging Technology Platform Towards Cancer Diagnostics Francis L. Martin
17:15:00 Cancer Biomarkers Identified by Proteomic Analysis of Nuclear Structure Robert H Getzenberg
17:45:00 Networking Reception
19:00:00 Close of Day One
Friday, August 22, 2008
08:00:00 Morning Coffee
08:30:00 Chairperson’s Remarks
08:40:00 The State of No-Union in the Cancer Diagnostics Space: How to Maximize Strengths to Catalyze the Implementation of Clinically Useful Cancer Diagnostic Products FEATURED PRESENTATION
09:15:00 MicroRNA-Based Differential Diagnostics in Cancer Dalia Cohen
09:45:00 Sequence Variants that Create MicroRNA Target Sites in BRCA1 mRNA and Increase Cancer Risk Henry Furneaux
10:15:00 Coffee Break, Poster & Exhibit Viewing
10:45:00 Molecular and Systems Pathology in the Diagnosis and Prognosis of Cancer Carlos Cordon Cardo
11:15:00 Design and Implementation of a Systems Pathology (SysPath) Approach to the Development of Formalin-fixed, Paraffin-embedded (FFPE) Tissue-based Predictive Tests in Prostate Cancer Ricardo Mesa-Tejada
11:45:00 Spotlight Presentation (Sponsorship Available)
12:15:00 Luncheon Presentation (Sponsorship Available) or Lunch on Your Own
13:30:00 Inflection Points in Cancer Diagnostics KEYNOTE PRESENTATION Stanley N Lapidus
14:00:00 Genomic Analysis of Cancer with Next Generation DNA Sequencing Technologies KEYNOTE PRESENTATION Robert L. Strausberg
14:30:00 qRT-PCR for Cancer Diagnostics Philip Bernard
15:00:00 Blood Based and Other Screening Tests for Cancer: Prospects and Realities Peter Lance
15:30:00 Refreshment Break, Poster & Exhibit Viewing
16:00:00 Circulating Tumor Cell (CTC) Enumeration in a High-Volume Microfluidic Device Lou Dietz
16:30:00 Nanodetektor to Collect Rare Cells Out of the Circulating Blood SELECTED POSTER PRESENTATION Klaus Luecke
16:45:00 Close of Conference
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