Genomic Biomarkers
Loews Philadelphia Hotel
1200 Market Street
Philadelphia, PA

Schedule of Presentations:

Monday, September 29, 2008
15:00:00 Conference Registration
16:00:00 Welcoming Remarks from Conference Director Julia Boguslavsky
16:10:00 Chairperson’s Opening Remarks
16:15:00 Five Characteristics of a Biomarker to be Useful for Personalizing Medicine Felix Frueh
16:40:00 Biomarkers for What? Diagnostic, Prognostic or Predictive? Sudhir Srivastava
17:05:00 Building a Biomarker Information Pipeline and Enabling Translational and Personalized Medicine: Leveraging Industry Standards to Bring Omics Closer to Medicine Martin D. Leach
17:30:00 Opening Reception in the Exhibit Hall
Tuesday, September 30, 2008
07:00:00 Registration Open
07:30:00 Biological Variation Based Data Interpretation. Why Can This be of Value? Breakfast Workshop Gordon Kapke
07:30:00 Morning Coffee or Technology Workshops
08:30:00 Chairperson’s Opening Remarks
08:35:00 Biomarkers: Understanding the Disease Process Michael N. Liebman
09:00:00 Biomarkers for Metabolic Disease: Predicting Weight Loss From Serotranscriptomics Sujoy Ghosh
09:25:00 Ingenuity Pathways Analysis: Prioritization of Biomarker Candidates from Omics Data Based on Phenotypic Association Deborah Riley
09:50:00 Defining Health at the Molecular Level Martin Grigorov
10:15:00 Networking Coffee Break with Poster and Exhibit Viewing
11:10:00 Lost in Translation: Factors Affecting the Clinical Uptake of Molecular Diagnostics Judd Staples
11:35:00 Title to be Announced Alberto Gutierrez
12:00:00 New Presentation
12:00:00 An Automated and Streamlined Solution to Increase Productivity and Confidence in Microarray Studies
12:00:00 Disease Focused Microarrays: A Platform for Biomarker Discovery and Validation, Optimised for Use with FFPE Tissue Austin Tanney
12:00:00 NextBio - Searching Large Scale Biological Data for Metabolic Syndrome X Biomarkers James Flynn
13:40:00 Chairperson’s Opening Remarks
13:45:00 Personalized Healthcare – Where Are We Now? Ruth E. March
14:10:00 Biomarker Application in Oncology Clinical Development Michael Shi
14:35:00 Genomic Biomarkers: Examples for Discovery, Utility, and Implementation Andrew Grupe
15:00:00 Networking Refreshment Break with Poster and Exhibit Viewing
16:00:00 Pharmacogenomics Data: Transmission and Submission Joyce Hernandez
16:25:00 DNA-Guided Medicine in the Management of Cardiovascular and Psychotropic Drugs Gualberto Ruaño
16:50:00 Novel Computational Tools for Translating Genomic Biomarkers into Clinical Practice: Case for Warfarin Saeed A Jortani
17:15:00 Close of Day
Wednesday, October 1, 2008
07:00:00 Registration Open
07:30:00 Morning Coffee or Technology Workshops
08:30:00 Chairperson’s Opening Remarks
08:35:00 Discovery of Gene Expression-Based Pharmacodynamic Biomarkers in Tumor Immunotherapies Zenta Tsuchihashi
09:00:00 Noninvasive Safety Biomarkers of Germinal Center Atrophy and Infection Eric R. Fedyk
09:25:00 Genomic Biomarkers for Early Screens for Non-Genotoxic Carcinogenicity Nandini Raghavan
10:50:00 Optimal Biomarker Approach: Data Analysis Considerations of Individual, Panel or Profile Stephen Naylor
11:15:00 Panel Discussion
11:40:00 Multiplexed Biomarker Assay Development Luncheon Technology Workshop Michael Pisano
11:40:00 Enabling Drug Development Through Multiplexed Assays Luncheon Technology Workshop Pankaj Oberoi
13:10:00 Chairperson’s Opening Remarks
13:15:00 Integration of Metabolic and Transcriptomic Profiling for Understanding of Diabetes and Obesity Mechanisms Christopher B. Newgard
13:40:00 Integrating Gene and Protein Expression Biomarkers in a Systems Biology Approach to Colon Cancer Mark Chance
14:05:00 A Systems Biology Approach to Biomarker Discovery Karin Rodland
14:30:00 Connecting the Biomarker Dots in Cancer and Neurodegenerative Diseases Ira L. Goldknopf
15:00:00 Close of Conference
3D Tissue Models
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