3D Tissue Models
NYU Nature Conference on Neurogenetics
Kimmel Center for University Life

New York, United States
NYU Nature Conference on Neurogenetics
Springer Nature
Kimmel Center for University Life
New York
United States

Schedule of Presentations:

Wednesday, August 9, 2017
07:45:00 Registration Check-in and Breakfast
09:00:00 Opening Remarks Claude Desplan
09:00:00 Progress and challenges in genetic studies of brain disorders Naomi Wray
10:00:00 A statistical framework for single cell RNA sequence analysis to reveal the neurobiology of autism spectrum disorder Kathryn Roeder
10:35:00 Heritability enrichment of specifically expressed genes identifies disease-relevant tissues and cell types
10:50:00 Coffee Break
11:20:00 From GWAS to Function: tools for functional annotation and interpretation Danielle Posthuma
11:55:00 Princeton University
12:30:00 Break for lunch
13:50:00 Using massive-scale sequencing data sets to understand the impact of rare genetic variation Daniel MacArthur
14:25:00 Constellations of rare mutations generate pathology in powerful, not-sorare signaling pathways Richard Tsien
15:00:00 Dissecting de novo variants in autism using high-throughput genome engineering and rapid human cortical neuron differentiation Neville Sanjana
15:35:00 Coffee Break
16:05:00 Hunting for genes of large effect: Gene discovery in very early onset psychosis Catherine Brownstein
16:40:00 Prefrontal cortex controls sensory filtering through a basal ganglia-tothalamus pathway Michael Halassa
17:15:00 The histone modifier SETD5 in autism and intellectual disability Gaia Novarino
17:50:00 A mouse model of sex differences in intracellular signaling and cognitive deficits in neurodevelopmental disorders
18:05:00 Poster Session and Reception
19:35:00 Close of Day
Thursday, August 10, 2017
07:00:00 Close of Day
08:00:00 Registration Check-in and Breakfast
09:00:00 Somatic mutation and genomic diversity in the human cerebral cortex
10:00:00 Psychiatric genomics: An update and an agenda Patrick Sullivan
10:35:00 The genetic architecture of complex burrowing behavior in Peromyscus mice
10:50:00 Coffee Break
11:20:00 Modeling differential ALS sensitivity with stem-cell-derived spinal and cranial motor neurons Esteban Mazzoni
11:55:00 Genetic studies of late onset Alzheimer's Disease implicate microglial function Alison Goate
12:30:00 Understanding behavior across timescales from seconds to millenia Cori Bargmann
13:05:00 Break for lunch
14:25:00 The neural circuit basis for a species-specific behavior David Stern,
15:00:00 The genetic basis of parental care evolution in monogamous mice Hopi E. Hoekstra
15:35:00 Coffee Break
16:05:00 Impact of genetic variation on a molecular network map of the aging human cortex
16:40:00 Modeling predisposition to schizophrenia using stem cells Kristen Brennand
17:15:00 3-D genome reconfiguration in brain development and disease
17:30:00 Poster Session and Reception
Friday, August 11, 2017
06:00:00 New Presentation
06:00:00 New Presentation
06:00:00 New Presentation
06:00:00 New Presentation
08:00:00 Registration Check-in and Breakfast
09:00:00 Integrative genomics and network biology in neuropsychiatric disease
09:35:00 Neurogenetics in classic model systems - A call to arms Oliver Hobert
10:10:00 Joint effects of regulatory and coding variants shape human genetic variation and disease risk Tuuli Lappalainen
10:45:00 Coffee Break
12:45:00 Closing remarks
13:00:00 Close of Conference
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