3D Tissue Models
Antibodies Europe
Lisbon Marriott Hotel
Av. dos Combatentes 45
Lisbon, Portugal

Schedule of Presentations:

Wednesday, October 22, 2008
08:00:00 Registration & Morning Coffee/Poster & Exhibit Set-Up
09:00:00 Welcome by Session Chairperson
09:15:00 Hucal®-based Antibodies – Innovative Therapeutics And Essential Research Tools Marlies Sproll
09:45:00 Secretion of Antibody Fragments and Target-Binding Proteins with E. coli
10:15:00 Single-Batch Production of Recombinant Human Polyclonal Antibody Søren K Rasmussen
10:45:00 Morning Coffee, Poster and Exhibit Viewing
11:15:00 Designing Antibodies to Enable Quality from the Start Taruna Arora
11:45:00 An Fc-Engineered Anti-CD19 Monoclonal Antibody with Potent in vitro and in vivo Activity against Lymphoma and Leukemia Eugene Zhukovsky
12:15:00 SlonoMax™ - A New Quality Level in Tailoring Genetic Diversity Luncheon Technology Workshop Sponsored Jan Van den Brulle
13:45:00 Comments by Session Chairperson
13:50:00 Domain Antibodies and Engineered Human Antibody Constant Domains (Nanoantibodies) Against HIV and Cancer Dimiter Dimitrov
14:20:00 Preclinical Development of Antibody Combinations and Bispecific Antibodies for Anticancer Therapy Zhenping Zhu
14:50:00 Designing Manufacturability into Antibody Therapeutics Jesus Zurdo
15:20:00 An Engineered IgG1 Mediating Improved ADCC Carl Webster
15:50:00 Balancing Power and Simplicity in Real-Time, Label-Free Characterization/Selection of Antibodies – What’s the Added Value of Biosensors?
16:05:00 Sponsored Technology Solution #2
16:25:00 Afternoon Refreshment Break, Poster and Exhibit Viewing
16:55:00 Problem Solving Roundtables
18:00:00 Networking Reception in the Exhibit Hall
Thursday, October 23, 2008
08:00:00 Morning Coffee, Poster and Exhibit Viewing
08:30:00 Comments by Session Chairperson
08:35:00 Report Back of Problem Solving Roundtable Groups
09:35:00 From Antibodies to DARPins Andreas G Plückthun
10:05:00 Immunogenicity of Humanised/Fully-Human Antibodies and T Cell Epitopes Matthew Baker
10:35:00 Generating Fully Human Antibodies that are Improved with Respect to Cross Reactivity Profile and Affinity Compared to Existing Murine, Chimeric or Humanized Antibodies Anita Kavlie
10:45:00 Coffee Break, Poster and Exhibit Viewing
11:35:00 Preclinical Strategies for Immunogenicity Assessment Philippe Stas
12:05:00 Immunogenicity Assay Development & Qualification
12:35:00 Luncheon Technology Workshop (Sponsorship Available) or Lunch On Your Own
14:00:00 Comments by Session Chairperson
14:05:00 Targeting Tumor Angiogenesis by Blocking DLL4 and Notch1 Yan Wu
14:35:00 Efficient Cell-Mediated Cytotoxicity Using Bispecific Domain Antibodies for Cancer Therapy Patrick Chames
15:05:00 MEDI-578 (Anti-NGF IgG): Isolation, Multi-Lead Optimization and in Vivo Characterization Andrew Buchanan
15:35:00 Staphylococcal Surface Display for Protein Engineering and Characterization John Löfblom
16:05:00 The Myeloid Cell Surface Receptor IREM-1: A Novel Monoclonal Antibody Target for Acute Myeloid Leukemia Therapeutics Wouter Korver
16:35:00 Closing Comments
16:45:00 Close of Antibodies Europe Conference
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