3rd Annual European Post- Translational Modifications
Holiday Inn Munich City Center
Hochstrasse 3
Munich, Germany
3rd Annual European Post- Translational Modifications
Informa Life Sciences
Holiday Inn Munich City Center

Schedule of Presentations:

Tuesday, November 11, 2008
08:00:00 Morning coffee and registration
08:55:00 Introduction from the Chair
09:00:00 Structure-function relationship of glycoengineered therapeutic antibodies Peter Sondermann,
09:35:00 Application of HPLC analysis for determining levels of glycosylation Pauline Rudd
10:10:00 Morning coffee and poster/exhibition viewing time
10:50:00 Glycoprofiling of purified recombinant protein or of complex protein Spotlight Session Manfred Theisen,
11:15:00 High-throughput IgG glycosylation profiling at the glycopeptide level Manfred M. Wuhrer,
12:00:00 New Presentation
12:00:00 Novel high-throughput method for the analysis of Fc-glycosylation of therapeutic antibodies in cell culture supernatants Dietmar Reusch
12:10:00 Lunch and poster/exhibition viewing time
13:10:00 Characterisation tools of protein-derived glycans for biosimilars Mark Schiefermeier
13:45:00 EUROCarbDB – bioinformatics resources for glycomics Alessio Ceroni
14:20:00 Premature ageing – minimising the risk Chris Gee,
14:55:00 Afternoon tea and poster/exhibition viewing time
15:30:00 Improving the chemical stability of a therapeutic monoclonal antibody for aspartate isomerisation Jun Liu
16:05:00 Update on the ‘Measurements for Biotechnology’ Programme - Glycan Analysis Smita Thobhani
16:50:00 Panel discussion Smita Thobhani
16:50:00 Panel discussion Smita Thobhani
Wednesday, November 12, 2008
08:30:00 Morning coffee
08:55:00 Introduction from the chair
09:00:00 Co-translational, post-translational and chemical modifications of recombinant antibodies as a source of immunogenicity: in vitro and in vivo Roy Jefferis,
09:35:00 Anti-inflammatory activity of human IgG4 antibodies Janine Schuurman
10:20:00 Morning coffee and poster/exhibition viewing time
11:20:00 Chemical PTM based on bis-alkylation Steve Brocchini,
11:55:00 Antibody fucosylation differentially impacts cytotoxicity mediated by different effector cells Jeroen Lammerts van Bueren,
12:00:00 PTM in peglyated proteins
12:30:00 Spotlight session
13:50:00 Plant cells as an expression system Gilbert Gorr,
14:25:00 A comparison between mAbs expressed in CHO, NS0 and Sp 2/0 Dr. Hans Peter Knopf
15:00:00 Afternoon tea and poster/exhibition viewing time
15:20:00 The complex and distinct glycosylation pattern of AGE1 designer cell lines promote specific applications in protein and virus production Volker Sandig,
15:55:00 Environmental effects on product quality: approaches to understanding and controlling glycosylation of recombinant proteins Martin Gawlitzek
16:30:00 Closing remarks from the chair and end of PTM conference
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